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August 12, 2017 18:06

Wooden bath : the pros and cons , especially the shape and wood

Bath made ​​of wood
  • Benefits
  • Disadvantages
  • workflow creation
  • Prices
  • Baths of wood as a decoration object
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  • wooden tub with his hands

hygiene has long been worried about our ancestors.They made water treatment in wooden barrels, mostly in oak, as a natural part of a wellness way impacted on the human body.

With the development of technological progress people began to move to more stable and functional variety of this kind of sanitary appliances, such as steel, cast iron, acrylic and even marble.But wooden bath also continue to be popular and be not only functional load, but also be used as an independent object of decoration.

Wooden tub

The use of wood in our time in different areas of the decoration is due to all the great desire of people to natural and harmless raw materials.

Bath made ​​of wood

Many believe that the wood building materials can only be used for the manufacture of the floor, but this belief is erroneous. Bath, created from wood, always looks exclusive and quite rich.


It is believed that water and wood are not compatible with each other.But in reality this is not so, because it would not be in the nature, like all living without water trees.Moreover, there is a wood treatment method as it soak for a long time, after which the timber becomes strong enough.The cost of the material after this treatment is quite high.

People taking water treatments in wooden tubs are a great representation of how well they can relax.

This is due to the fact that the wood emits a special evaporation of natural ingredients that positively affect the human and ozdoravlivayusche.No other materials from the bath will not be able to recreate a positive effect.

Curative effect of the bath made ​​of wood

Bath wood enough environmentally friendly and durable. main thing - to hold the right for her beauty treatments, and it will last for many years.For example, a bath made of wood can not leave for a long time without water, because it can crack from dryness.

Also an important factor is the visual attractiveness of the trees, which not only delights opinion, but also conducive to relaxation.

Wooden tub


disadvantage of this material is that such a tree can cost quite a tidy sum.

Also disadvantage is the fact that you need to carefully take care of the timber, in such a bath can not bathe the animal and wash things as the tree in the future will begin to deteriorate due to tiny particles and impregnated with harmful substances, which may adversely affect human health.In addition, capital

washing in a wooden tub is discouraged, as it is believed that the wood products perfectly absorb fats from the body, which spoil its surface.Therefore, a good addition to this unit is a shower.

workflow creation

baths made of wood of various shapes and sizes and also differ in quality.In their manufacture are used trees certain moisture resistant varieties, which now will be discussed.

Domestic manufacturers mainly uses as raw material timber such as oak, cedar, walnut.

Foreign woods not far behind in quality from our own.Such as teak, wenge and zebrawood are highly durable and resistant to moisture, which contributes to long-term operation. In this regard, there are cases the use of wood for the construction of a variety of vessels.

Bath wenge wood

Nowadays wood raw material learned to carefully handle the various antifungal agents, due to which the adoption of water treatments was harmless to the human body.Also due to this increased and protective properties, which protect the bath from damage and leaks, maintaining a bath in its original form for a long time.

Manufacture of wood bath

Production begins with the fact that small-sized wooden planks tightly attached to each other.It allows you to create various forms of baths.Further there polishing surface and applying a protective lacquer having no hazardous substances.

Over time, wood treatment processes is increasingly improving, which helps not only to protect it from destruction, but also to keep the original look.

Enamel bath made ​​of wood


Price range depends on the raw materials used.High-quality bath timber costs a lot more cast iron or acrylic.This is due to the fact that this type of plumbing is an elite and unique, because it is created virtually by hand.Neither of which the mass factory production, and not talking.

Stylish bath made ​​of wood

When choosing a bath of tree species must take into account its moisture resistance.

best material is considered to be wood species wenge, teak, mahogany and larch. wonder of these materials since time immemorial create ships and boats.The cost of such baths can vary more than 10 000 dollars, while the baths more democratic species such as walnut and birch, will cost much cheaper.

For example, a bath made of larch can be found in about 50 000 rubles, and teak -. 100 000 rubles.

Baths of wood as a decoration object

There are many interesting design models tubs of wood of rectangular, oval and round up to the variations in the shape of a ship.

This type of plumbing positive fit in almost any style. The most common bath even acts compositional center of the interior.This attribute equipment always looks stylish and harmonious.

Amazing wooden bathtub will look in the interior in the style of minimalism or oriental.

room should be maintained in natural motifs, close to natural.The ideal would be a combination of wood font with the same kind of shell or wood paneling.

interesting design solution is to install a bath on the kind of the podium, which gives it a unique charm.

Using the plumbing of precious wood very well in demand by designers as it brings its own flavor to the interior.

The combination with an interior bathroom
Bath made ​​of wood in the style of minimalism
Bath with a podium


baths can have many different forms, not least popular are rectangular with built-in bed, as they are quite original kind.In a rough-looking bath, a bed of smooth lines gives the opportunity to relax and unwind.

Variety designs of wood has a large number of simple trays, shower enclosures to the decorative design of the walls.The bathroom in wooden tones reminiscent of the nature of man, which is always nice to be in.

bochonochnogo type baths are very common and have different variations, for example they may be oval or round, etc.

Bath canned type of wood

In the houses of the castle looks very aristocratic wooden tubs in the form of barrels, as in ancient times.

Spa as barrels are made of tightly fitted wood and reinforced with hoops of copper and brass can be used instead of copper.

This form generally have a jacuzzi with underwater massage function.

baths are also available in the form of ships. there is some connection between the tree and the ship, there was even a case when the Italian builder of swimming facilities changed its production to manufacture wooden tubs.These baths are very nice look and are the main decoration of the bathroom.

Bath in the form of a ship

wooden tub with his hands

If a person has the skills and the builder is able to handle the tools, if desired, everything can happen.

bathroom Manufacturing is quite a daunting task, but it is achievable.It is better to use for this purpose a rectangular shape, since they are easier to manufacture and have good tightness.Such a bath, if much hard work, can be planed solid wood.Of course, without special technical equipment, in this case can not do.

The picture you can see a drawing of a larch bathtub, her height, length, volume and weight.

Bath larch - dimensions and characteristics

Consider a rectangular bath.The main thing - at its manufacturing component parts fit exactly to each other, to avoid cracks and gaps.Otherwise leaks will be broken, which is fraught with constant leaks.

Bath from a tree with his hands

It is important to conduct a thorough polishing of wood, to the adoption of water treatment was safe and enjoyable.

The interior of the baths is not lacquered, but only polished.The outer side of the cover is appropriate protective coating for long-term operation.

Made bath with his hands

Admission water treatment for many people is the ordinary and regular employment, but for some it becomes an enjoyable pastime.For such persons, a wooden bathtub will be an indispensable attribute of the interior.