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August 12, 2017 18:06

Warming of the floor expanded clay

Most construction companies and individual artists are accustomed to using only one type of screed - cement-sandy or concrete.However, a good alternative is a concrete screed floor screed and insulation using expanded clay.


expanded clay insulation, which is also a floor leveling agents commonly used in homes or premises where there are substantial differences in elevation or foundation slab.

Moreover, such alignment insulation and very effectively if your floor surface at any tested communications, for example water pipes or sewer pipes.


usual set to run dry floor screed with expanded clay is:

  1. skirting tape.

    The edge tape -photo

    skirting tape - Photo

  2. Thick plastic film.

    Polyethylene film

    Plastic film

  3. And actually itself expanded clay.

Advantages of expanded clay pi insulation and screed floor

Expanded clay is widely used for insulation and floor screed

Expanded clay is widely used for insulation and floor screed

main advantage of expanded stones used for leveling and insulation of the floor - it is a complete ecological safety for humans.At any temperature change in the interaction with any substances keramzit emits no harmful substances.

Secondly, concrete block has excellent heat and sound insulation properties.

Third - expanded clay mainly composed of ordinary clay, which is burned in special furnaces of rotating, and is quite durable material.Period of continuous service layer insulation and equalizing of expanded clay will be in your home for at least ten years.

preparatory stage

the preparatory phase you have to disassemble the old floor and hold it a thorough cleaning.Remove all previous floor structure and walk to a solid foundation.As a rule, the primary base is reinforced concrete slab.

Clean the surface of the accumulated debris and dirt.To do this, you can use metal brushes and metal scrapers.

Clear the floor surface

floor surface to be cleaned

After mechanical cleaning sweep the floor, it can vacuum industrial vacuum cleaner and rinse with water.

We remove any excess debris from the floor

We remove any excess debris from the floor

Available surface defects - cracks and holes must be sealed with a special glue or of the same concrete solution.

Gloss over any defects

gloss over any defects

gloss over any defects.

All the cracks are sealed using foam

close up all cracks using foam

Fix the communication

In order to prevent damage to passing through the communications room - they must be carefully fastened.This can be done in two ways.

can make all the winding tubes or wires with plastic wrap, then formed communications wiring can be attached to the floor with tape.

You can also use a special plastic or metal and plastic sleeves in which the bundles of communications posted.

floor Waterproofing

Gidroizoliruem floor surface before laying expanded clay

Gidroizoliruem floor surface before laying keramzita

In the next phase insulation and floor leveling expanded clay you need to seal the surface of the slab.You can use a waterproof mastic or thick polyethylene which is laid overlapping strips with fixing tape.

The process of applying mastic

process of applying mastic

Apply the paste can be using a wide paint brush or roller.its drying time is three hours.To get a better insulating effect mastic be applied in two or three layers.

Getting laid damper tape along the walls

start to stack damper tape along the walls

On the wall to the height of about ten centimeters you need to paste a special waterproof tape.After drying screed, the insulation forms a tie between the array and the wall a flat slot, which will prevent heat deformation.

Laying damper tape

Laying damper tape

Set beacons for floor screed

Making the horizon

Make horizon

Installing beacons with insulation and floor leveling expanded clay is similar to the process of installation for conventional concrete screed.

Note that when using expanded clay as the backfill material is recommended to use only metal lighthouse T-shaped.

first set of rake lighthouse located in the Seine opposite the entrance door.

Installation Beacons - photo

Installation Beacons - photo

distance between the rails of metal lighthouse in the formation of ties of expanded clay should not exceed one meter.Beacons are fixed on the floor surface by means of self-tapping screws or using a cement-sand mortar.Horizontal Alignment beacons is done by using a spirit level wedges.Note that you need to tamp wedges under both sides of the rack beacon.

Typically, the thickness of the layer of insulation expanded clay is not less than 8 centimeters.

Fill or backfill ties

first layer of expanded clay insulation screed can be filled as a dry method, and combined with the use of the concrete screed.

When using the dry method simply pour concrete block.

Fall asleep keramzit

Fall asleep keramzit

Then lay on the surface of the elements of dry sex.

Sample floor backfill claydite

sample of expanded clay backfill floor

However, it is possible to insulate the floor and using expanded clay concrete screed.

Laying of expanded clay on the floor

Laying expanded clay on the floor

This approach gravels screed poured in two consecutive stages.

The first stage mix concrete block with concrete solution in a proportion of about "1 to 5".

lightweight aggregate screed

claydite - concrete screed

thickness of the first layer should be two centimeters lower than the upper edge of your exposed lighthouses rails.

As the concrete block has positive buoyancy, then every step you need to fill using a trowel carefully utaplivat concrete block in the solution.Once it will absorb moisture from the solution, he plunged into its mass.

The next stage is filled with normal concrete screed.Its thickness should be not less than two centimeters.This layer is poured on top of a layer of expanded clay, the upper edge of the exposed strips you beacons.

After casting the top layer with a long rule, start to pull the remnants of the solution, protruding above the beacons from the walls toward you.

screed drying time of expanded clay is about four weeks.In the course of its drying her also necessary to make care and be protected from direct sunlight.

Video - insulation of expanded clay floor