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August 12, 2017 18:08

Crate for PVC panels - anchoring in good faith

Crate PVC panels - what will be discussed?

addition to commercial and residential premises, crate makes it possible to mount panels in rooms with high humidity, temperature fluctuations in the ground and unheated rooms.It is not subject to deformation and can be used in reusable, since it is not damaged.

can make crate of wooden slats or purchase plastic, on which panels are fixed with special clips.Moreover, now many began to use metal profiles for mounting frame.

In practice, it became clear the tree is not the best material for the crates.Since PVC joints between the panels is almost not visible, any gap at the carcass deformation becomes very noticeable.

Differences plastic crates of wood:

  • allows you to make fast installation, the panels snap clips to the rail;
  • resistance to moisture, does not form mold and fungi;
  • can be used as a conduit for wiring;
  • fireproof.

Create crates - preparatory farewell

To make the crate, you need to follow some tips.

  • necessary to keep the distance between the slats.Ideally, it should be 30 cm but not more than 50 cm.
  • rail must be installed perpendicularly with respect to the plastic panels.If the panel is mounted vertically, then the bar should be positioned horizontally, and vice versa.Positioning
  • it is necessary not only at the beginning and end of the working surface, but also around window and door openings.

for mounting frame is no need for surface preparation.To make obreshetnik PVC panels, it is necessary to prepare the necessary tools and materials: electric drill, screwdriver or electric screwdriver, builder's level (to align the rails in the vertical and horizontal planes), a hacksaw on a tree, plumb, square, miter box, roulette.

Material should be next : straight wooden slats or beams 30h10 (for internal work) and 30x20 (for facade work), metal profiles or special PVC profiles, drill with a tip to a diameter dowels, screws, chalk (for marking).

Crate under the PVC panels - Getting Started

Mounting frame for fixing the panels is the most important stage of the type will depend on the linearity and accuracy of load-bearing structures.If you are using wooden slats, they must choose without knots, the most direct, and the humidity should be no more than 18%.

If the room humidity, then rail is required to make small cuts in order to allow air to circulate.Once everything is ready, you can proceed to the perimeter of the markup.It must perform as well as for other kind of frame, starting from the most protruding points.

Using chalk, tape measure and straight rail, it is necessary to put contours, which will be established under the PVC sheathing panels.Next, using a plumb, level, and an electric rail mounted and secured with screws and dowels to the work surface.The distance between the slats on the wall should be 40-50 cm, 30-40 cm from the ceiling.

If the wall is uneven, the crate is aligned with the help of wooden or veneered pads.Usually between the wall and the frame is a space that can be filled with the desired insulation.It will provide heat and sound insulation of the room.After installation is complete, the frame may be attempting to install the panels.