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August 12, 2017 18:06

What is the best metal or corrugated board

as roofing in the construction or repair the roof is often used metal profiled sheets: metal or corrugated board.They have a whole list of advantages - the mechanical strength, durability and elegant appearance, ease of use and high level of fire safety.When choosing a builder coating often wonder: what is better, metal or corrugated board, apparently because these materials differ only in the form of the profile and the price?

What is the best metal or corrugated board

What is better metal or profiled

Indeed, it may seem to the untrained eye, it is the same material having a different profile, and select one of them as possible, relying solely on personal preference.However, despite a similar technology and the materials used, the differences between these materials is still there.

Features metal

Metal seemingly looks like a traditional clay tile, and this contributes to not only the shape of the profile, which has longitudinal and transverse waves, but also a special coating, which creates a matte, soft shimmering sheen.The coating of metal - polymer dye caused by baking.It is resistant to scratches, however the fault may form rust pockets, so you need to immediately cover them with a special spray paint.

thickness of the metal, as well as the wave height usually varies within a small range, and on roofs with low slope ramp rise once the transverse wave can create a zero-bias.This will worsen the conditions of water runoff and snowmelt from the roof.It is therefore not recommended for roofs with a slope of less than 15 degrees metal roofing.

Sheet metal

Sheet metal

Construction of metal roof requires kontrobreshetki device on top of the rafters, as well as mandatory gidroparoizolyatsionnogo layer.Otherwise, the bottom side of the metal will form condensation and frost, the removal of which due to the transverse waves is difficult.

Installation of metal on the complex shape of the roof, having abutting to the walls, the valley, the pipe is rather complicated.The amount of waste in this case can be up to 40% of the total amount of material, so if you purchase the material need to order payment from the experts, taking into account adjustment of the wave.Sheet metal has a strict focus "top-down", which also increases the amount of waste, particularly at the hip roof.

metal sheets are up to 12 meters, weight ranges from 4 to 10 kg per meter.Given that this material is fairly easy, carrying it is difficult because of possible cross-flexing.The rigidity of the sheet metal is generally less than that of corrugated board.

Metal, with similar dimensions and thickness, always more expensive sheeting, which may also be a deciding factor in the choice of material, especially for a large area of ​​the roof.

Despite all the above features and the complexity when working with this material, professionally laid metaloocherepitsa able to make the home a truly stylish and long life makes this material is deservedly popular.

Tile on the roof of the house

Tile on the roof

Features corrugated

Decking, unlike metal, it has one direction of the waves - longitudinal, but a different geometry of the waves, the sheet thickness and type of coating.From the geometry of the waves usually depends on the appointment of corrugated board - it is not only the roof but also a wall, and is also used for the construction of fences and floors.Wave height ranges from 8 to 60 mm, and the higher the wave, the greater the stiffness of corrugated board, so you can easily choose the brand of profiled sheet for roofing with any slope ramp and possible snow load.Greater stiffness allows mounting on profiled crate with a big step.

Variety of corrugated sheets

Species corrugated sheets

With no transverse waves profiled less flex when carrying it has the best conditions for water drainage.This facilitates its transportation, installation and commissioning.It should be borne in mind that for the same reason with the sheeting often sudden snow melts, so avoid accidents must install snow guards.

sheeting coating is also different.There are three main types: profiled galvanized, powder coated or polymer having a protective layer on the zinc coating.The third option is the most resistant to corrosion and has a very attractive appearance, rich bright color and luster.Galvanized corrugated board also has a high degree of protection against corrosion, but not everyone likes it glitter and reflective characteristics.After several years of zinc tarnishes, becomes gray tint, however, it is easy to update the application of a special paint for galvanized surfaces.Less corrosion resistant profiled with one protective layer of powdered dye - any damage leading to rust within a year or two.

Waste mounting corrugated board is much smaller - there is no need to fit a longitudinal wave, a leaf is not a strict orientation of the "top-down", it is easier to attach to the crate.At equal thickness of the corrugated board is almost always cheaper metal.

The disadvantages compared to corrugated metal tile may include one of his feature: on the roof with a large angle corrugated board does not look very good, giving the structure a pronounced vertical elongation.However, this problem can be solved by installing snow guards or other elements that give the roof finish.

The roof of corrugated board

roofing sheeting

In general, the choice between the metal tile floorings and depends on three factors: design solutions, financial capabilities and skills builders.Both of these materials are able to make the roof of a beautiful, practical and durable, provide high hydroprotective properties and fire safety.