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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to make your own hands pergola - types , choice of material and assembly order

5 This design is good because it can be built from almost any material and installed anywhere.The main purpose of pergolas - protection from the sun, creating a shaded area.The literal translation of this term from the Latin - the canopy.

pergolas can be either freestanding or adjacent to any construction, being its organic continuation or a kind of extension.In contrast to the common "green" tunnels, they provide shade all year round.

Key features pergolas

  • Transfiguration site design, its architectural decoration.
  • reliable support on which climbing plants are developed.
  • Creating a recreation area.
  • protection sector specific areas (paths, playgrounds, swimming pools) from the direct rays of the sun.

Actually, pergolas type is selected on the basis of what kind of problem it must solve.But the clear design feature - a few at a certain interval from each other arches, united by a single light roof (canopy, awning, not necessarily continuous).Or a series of columns, beams fastened on top in a single structure with a covering (monolithic or trellis) over the entire area.


is probably no need to explain dear reader, how to mark the territory, digging wells and properly (are firmly fixed in the ground) to establish support.It's so basic things, there is nothing new here longer than you can imagine.From the article will be much more useful if it consider options pergolas, their specific characteristics and some features of the choice of materials.


One of the most simple structures, which is mounted along the fence or the site (for example, if a picket fence and the area can be seen from the outside), or directly on it (inside) in order to separate certain areas.

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or mounted adjacent the house, or as a stand-located building.In the latter case may provide shading and parking for cars, a playground, an artificial pond and so on.

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As a rule, such a construction is mounted along the garden paths, at the same time protecting them from rain, and "masking" of the territory when you have something to hide from view.


Typically, these light mounted pergolas to protect the house windows, situated on the most illuminated side.In this case, you do not have to cover up their blinds (blinds), disrupting the natural circulation of air flow.They can be covered and a bench, there are mini-recreation area.


Some installation rules

  • design, irrespective of the raw materials, should create an impression of lightness, a "weightless".The massiveness of the "monumental" is unlikely to add an attractive element to this design.Passion excessive dimensions pergolas to anything good will not.
  • There is a limit on the height of construction, as it can "sail".Mount pergola more than 2 - 2.5 m up is not recommended.Before making a final decision, you should determine the direction of the prevailing winds and maximum gusts typical of the area.
  • Match size with the parameters of the territory and other buildings.Pergola must not by its shape and size to make a dissonance in the overall design of the site.

From which to build a pergola?The question is both simple and complex.



It can also be used as supports for the ceiling elements.Its advantage - aesthetics.Even in winter, when there is no portion of greenery, such a structure does not lose its attraction (provided that the material is well processed and assembled).If the pergola is installed on the local area, probably, this option is preferable.

But we can not forget about the shortcomings of wood.If not for her constant care, it hit the fungus or gradually (moisture) "lead."Consequently, the need for major repairs, if not, it will be partially provided.In addition, even the most rigorous observance of all timber processing regulations does not guarantee its longevity.This design, and even in the open air, will last no more than 10 years.

kostruktsii - pergolas

Metal Material

more reliable, although its value is much higher.But the "iron" is different.For example, if you have the opportunity to organize the excavation (digging pits), it is possible to dispense pipes (as pillars) of the corresponding section.As an option - screw piles, which are sufficiently screwed into the ground in the designated points.

disadvantage - welding machine will need to build the entire structure.If the individual elements of bolting, there is no guarantee that the wind gusts, under the weight of snow, it gradually shattered.The second "minus" - the need for regular color.Although there is a significant "plus".Such pergolas can be decorated with various metal patterns made of wire, strip or individual pieces of sheet metal.

Plastic Plastic pipes as supports may be used for mounting a light canopy arch type.But as a topcoat polycarbonate fit perfectly.In commercially available sheets of different sizes, including large and, at their attachment and self-tapping screws does not represent any difficulty.

The conclusion from all of the above can be done is simple - a single recommendation, scheme, arrangement technology pergolas not.It all depends on the dimensions of the site, its design, as well as imagination and master skills.