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August 12, 2017 18:05

Repair LED lamps with their own hands - step by step instructions with video

believed that the simplest luminaire easier to throw.Fortunately, those products are not a deficit and an assortment of them on the market more than extensive.But when you consider that the LED lamp is approximately an order of magnitude more expensive than a filament, more appropriate to try to extend her life.Is it possible to repair the LED lamps, and if so, how?Here are this and face it.

Although it is meant for the repair of any equipment or devices, but should be recalled.Before replacing the LED lamp, make sure the voltage on the cartridge contacts.

Not all types of LED lamps (about them here) beyond repair.But if the body understands, it's worth a try.


Visual inspection

In particular this applies to a board on which is assembled the whole scheme.Since the external damage it will not get any, then you need to pay attention to the panel itself and mounted thereon circuit elements.Even a small temperature deformation of at least one of the parts (eg, melting of the capacitor body), especially burnout on the board with damage to the tracks will be immediately noticeable.Since these petite build, it is better to inspect with a magnifying glass.


most common fault LED lamps - the failure of the power supply.This often happens when significant voltage drops, systematic phase imbalance (especially in areas of intensive development).That's it and you need to examine very closely.


schemes They are collected in different ways, depending on the manufacturer of LED lamps.Some details may vary in size, appearance, face value, location on the board.But all the same basic elements: bridge rectifier - limiting (current) resistors and capacitors - the actual lamp (unit).


What is recommended to do

Replace C1 (C2). Firstly, the capacitor (s) still have desoldering, otherwise check.Second, it would require a special device.Or multimeter with such a function.But even in this case it is possible to make a mistake.For example, when measuring the magnitude of the leakage current.


In setting the new capacitor is necessary to pay attention to its operating voltage - not less than 400 V.

Check all diodes (breakdown) and resistors (for open wiring).The method known - "continuity."

Ensure the integrity of the LED unit. One of the signs of failure of any of them - darkening (burnout) board about p / n device.More accurate functional test is carried out from the source of 1.5 V, which is incorporated in a circuit limiting resistor 150 (± 50) ohms.Or at 9 (for example, "Crown"), but after a resistance of less than 1000 ohms.

the LEDs when applied to their legs begin to burn voltage.If out of order p / n devices are many, they should be changed for analogs of segment LED strip.Only they have to solder directly to the tracks, ie, on the back side of the board.And it thus, turn the front headlight assembly.

For a man who knows how to handle a soldering iron, multimeter, useful tips are enough.Key elements of the scheme are marked, so finding the faulty part is not too difficult.By the way, some of the LED lamps in the process of repair and can be improved.But this is - is another matter.