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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to make your own hands waterproofing inside the basin - from material selection to check

Decorating this part of the whole basin structure should be given special attention.And first of all for the reason that it permanently (by definition) is water.But before considering the procedure of sealing the inside, it should understand that it is best used to create a protective layer.

Materials for waterproofing

pool_ relevant product assortment impressive.We mainly focus on such indicators usefulness of products, as an opportunity to do all the work with his own hands (and, preferably, without the use of special / equipment) and the cost of goods.Still, you must first specify a number of points related to the peculiarities of operation of the pool.This will help with the choice of an optimum variant of waterproofing.What


in the water, no matter what it may pre-deployment training was held, inter alia, and chemical / cleaning, always contain impurities of different compounds, some of which are corrosive and can react with the waterproofing material.When interior design bowl is particularly important, since by definition it is this part of the pool will almost always have a direct contact with the liquid.

Specificity of functioning of the hydraulic structure is that the water must be periodically updated.It is necessary, first of all, in terms of sanitation.Hence, it will be followed by a regular filling drain bowl which is because of this will be subject to not only static, but also dynamic loads, and very significant.And they directly affect the integrity of the waterproofing.Based on this particular operation the pool, it is advisable to use materials which, after mounting create a monolithic (seamless) protective layer.

dynamic loads, as well as periodic fluctuations in water temperature impose a further requirement for waterproofing - flexibility.Otherwise, this layer will crack - it is only in time, but sooner or later there will leak.

Maintainability.Much depends on the size of the reservoir.If they are impressive, then when choosing the material necessary to consider whether there is an opportunity to eliminate the defect of the protection of a "point" method.It is clear that the replacement of the entire layer (monolithic "web") in the pool with a large linear parameters - an event both complicated and expensive.



These materials include rolled products made of polyethylene, which have universal application in the private sector.They are used for waterproofing, and to cover small areas to create the greenhouse effect.The price is almost the lowest among peers.

example, 100 m fabric width of 3 m will cost from 2050 rubles .The film of polyvinyl chloride are higher by 600 - 700 rubles / roll.

But they have drawbacks.First, the slightest damage to require replacement of part of the waterproofing layer.Secondly, the need for finishing bowl butt strip that is inevitably the formation of compounds from within suture.

Bol quality, but are expensive and waterproofing materials membrane.Their advantage is that they are available in different sizes, so choose the size of the web so as to cover the entire bowl a single layer, it is easy.But then again, if damaged it will have to replace the entire membrane entirely."Spot" the repair of such products (at least, with his own hands) are usually ineffective, as the patch will last a long time.

Estimated cost - 250 rubles / sqm.


mastic compositions

This waterproofing refers to the categories of "Obmazochnaya" and "penetrating".One example products under the brands of "Penetron", "Ksaypeks", although it is not the only means, which are commercially available.People without enough experience, and even "spurred" advertising, guided by the advantages of these materials and use them for finishing the inside of swimming pools.Indeed, working with mastics and simple, and convenient.

But it is worth mentioning that these formulations are not recommended for arranging basic protection from liquids.They should be used or in combination with other materials (eg, membrane), or "spot" repairs.

Estimated price - from 135 rubles / kg.



This material is fairly common, especially in the private sector, for waterproofing pools should not be used.Suffice it to point to a number of significant drawbacks.Firstly , low adhesion, therefore, based on the protective layer will be held is not steady. Second , chemical composition, so it is likely release into water of certain hazardous substances. Third , the fragility of a waterproofing.

That is why, in spite of the diversity of the use of bitumen in construction and repair, is not recommended for finishing the inside of its pools.

Liquid rubber

This is probably one of the best options.About all the advantages of such compositions (and there are many) can be found in an article on the characteristics of the liquid rubber.Suffice it to point out that the layer is completely harmless from the point of view of ecology, seamless, and the installation of any complexity is not.And several options - by spray or daubing (roller or brush).And excellent maintainability.

liquid rubber price - from 53 rubles / liter.



falls into the category of coating materials.Unlike pastes, a thicker layer applied.But they are relatively expensive.Plus, their application only after laying the mesh reinforcement.

paste Price - from 265 rubles / kg.

There are a number of other materials that relate to the waterproofing - Mats bentonite, water glass, and a number of others.Those interested in performance and price, will find relevant information on our website.But from the point of view of "their own hands", as well as due to a number of weaknesses it is unlikely to use such products at a bowl finish inside the pool.

Procedure waterproofing

Specificity of work with a particular material is determined by the manufacturer and all relevant information is contained in the attached instructions.Therefore, it suffices to consider only the algorithm of actions for installation of waterproofing.


solution Already at this stage it is necessary to take into account the recommendations, if we talk about an integrated waterproofing swimming pools.By the way, it is considered the most reliable.

  1. Given the significant burden on the cup brand of cement shall not be lower than the M400.
  2. The solution should be to introduce additives (plasticizers), which reduces the ability of the artificial stone to moisture absorption.
  3. The filler materials should be used with fines.This will then align the higher quality (smooth) the inner surface of the pool.



Decorating the inside of the pool is done only after full curing (drying concrete).If the use of roll (film) is assumed as a waterproofing material, the surface of the plaster layer must be perfectly aligned.The slightest protrusion can further lead to rupture of the coating.

If the pool is located in the territory, before starting work on it must have at least a temporary canopy.

Construction waterproofing

In accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer of the material.For greater reliability it is recommended not limited to a single layer.

Quality control

After fully prepared, he filled the pool with water, and completely.At its edge on the edge you need to put a label (eg, a marker).If after a couple of hours, the water level has remained unchanged, it can be assumed that a reliable waterproofing.And in case of crack formation and leakage is high will be seen immediately.


Nothing complicated in this work do not.The main thing - to choose the right material for waterproofing with all the features of a particular pool (its size, mounting location, etc.).