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August 12, 2017 18:05

How and by what process the materials under the floor joists ?

should be understood that the lag, unlike many other wooden design elements of the house, are not affected by external weather "surprises" (rain, snow, sunlight).Yes, and the dampness on them does not act so much, if they do not fit into "right at the base of" the future of the floor, the more so because hardly anyone does.

However, the tree - a material susceptible to rot and mold.And under the floorboards, even if it provides good ventilation system, to some extent there is a so-called "greenhouse effect".And different insects make their "contribution" to the destruction of this material.Therefore, in the arrangement of the sexes lags underfloor pretreatment should pay close attention to prolong the life of your building floor as long as possible.

Uniform recommendations on the means of processing of wood there.Firstly, the different types of wood used for joists.Secondly, every building, under the floor, set its own microclimate.However, some general points on the issue of protection of the lag should be noted.

joists under the floor ,

Processing from rotting

Feedback from those who have already tried out in practice, a variety of ways, a very good effect gives application of funds "Senezh".Compositions it are different, and hence the difference in the application and, accordingly, in cost.For lag recommended "Senezh fire-bio" that will be the best and for the price, and on the proposed protection of wood.

is believed that impregnation lag hot transformer oil significantly increases the service life.The oil penetrates into 3 - 4 cm, and so how to embalming timber.But the use of used motor oil is accompanied by reviews "practitioners", an unpleasant odor resistant.The same applies to the popular once creosote, which is impregnated railway sleepers - from the smell then it will be difficult to get rid of.

from insect infestation

considered a universal remedy resin.She (hot) coated with the usual lags paint brush.After that, to the tree will not be able to get no insect.There are chemical agents.However, it should be remembered, for example, allowed to evaporate, so the choice should be done very carefully.