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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to create your interior a small bathroom - practical tips with photos

stal_bathroom in most of our homes (mostly still "Soviet" construction) bathroom has such dimensions that the thought of the possibility to make any innovations in its design for the established (usual for us) stereotype somehow did not appear.But to do so is quite capable to anyone, even not particularly versed in matters such as the combination of colors, forms of influence on the interior, and the like.

main thing - to pay attention to some things (everything else tells own imagination) and not be afraid to experiment to create the interior of your small bathroom.What


  • Do not live on the bottom of the notions "yesterday."The modern market offers such a vast range of products, including sanitary and that choice is always there - in size, shape, color, method of installation and so on.In addition, many elements of the furniture, even the plumbing devices (eg Shell) are available on the individual sizes.This greatly facilitates the compilation of all necessary when planning bathroom design.
  • If earlier there were some difficulties with plumbing fixture, lockers, etc. to the wall (floor, ceiling) associated with the disparity of strength base and weight of products, and now such a problem does not exist.In specialty stores a large variety of different devices (racks, racks, frames) and fastener elements, with which you can fix all the surfaces that you want, irrespective of their degree of wear and the material, whether it is w / w, brick, wood or "loose"aerated concrete.
  • If necessary, reinstall the utilities it also will not cause difficulties.In commercially available tube made of plastic and metal and plastic (and corresponding fittings), through which one can lay a "thread" of any configuration.
  • remains to add that the problem of drilling large diameter holes (even in hard materials) also need not worry.The appropriate instrument is more than enough (borax, crowns and the like).

Now it becomes absolutely clear that "the flight of our imagination" can be truly limitless.Uniform guidelines for interior bathroom can not be - it draws each at its own discretion.It makes no sense, "paint", what does it matter to us - everyone has their own perception of the world.But some of the tips and photos, perhaps the reader and useful.


For areas with small dimensions the best option - installation of the corner bath.Most often purchased Acrylic (how to choose a bath), as they are characterized by such a variety of forms that pick up something not be suitable labor.

can do in a different way - to install a shower, and angular performance.In many cases, it is even more convenient, as some people (such as old age, with disabilities) to use the traditional bath (given the height of the flanges) is quite difficult.

The decision relative to the dimensional attributes of this room will give significant space savings.And if its pan deep enough, it will be a good alternative to the bath "sedentary" types (there are).

As for the toilet, in the cramped premises it is advisable to install a suspended model type.There is a corner model.

Shells also are different.For example, "extended", which is mounted directly above the bath.And it is often used as an additional shelf to accommodate different vials, tubes and the like.

Using towel warmer with established shelf partially solve the space shortage problem.


must take into account the time 2 - excessive humidity and an abundance of sanitary ware (and, hence, metal).Therefore, it is desirable to select bathroom furniture items from plastics, as with respect to liquids (and thermocline) it is completely inert.

should give preference hinged models that can be placed anywhere in the room, choosing the optimum mounting height.Beneficial will look different metal hooks, hangers, racks, which find a comfortable place is not so difficult.


Here we can talk only about the washing machine.It should be chosen for the 2nd parameter - type vertical and top loading.This will allow you to set more compact, and inconvenience when using the bathroom, it did not create.


Someone is satisfied by one, but all the same, the more of them the better.Variants enough - installed separately (on the walls, even the ceiling), or 1 - 2 + large mirrored doors in cabinets.

Finishing materials

For ceiling best option - PVC fabric.Its easy to clean, it does not appear fungus and mold, and in the event of flooding from the top (from neighbors) suspended ceiling will withstand up to 130 - 150 buckets of water.

For walls, it is desirable to choose a tile.This is advantageous in terms of ease of cleaning and hygiene.One of rational decisions - alternating mirrored and white models.

And you need to pay attention to the size of the tiles.Small "mosaic" more visually increases the size of the room that is important for a small room.

lighting and color

One of the fixtures is desirable to arrange so that the light from it fell directly on the mirror.This will significantly reduce the amount of non-illuminated areas (e.g., in the corners).Read more about bathroom fixtures mentioned in this article.

traditionally recommended more white and "metallic" for the bathroom.While on this subject, there are different points of view, and therefore leave it to the discretion of the reader.

few tips

Interior 3D Before the implementation of their ideas, it is necessary to make the bathroom a plan outlining all contours (including niches, ledges) and denoting the linear dimensions.It will help to place all necessary and determine the dimensions.

On our site there is a possibility to do a virtual design of your bathroom in a comfortable 3-d planner interior.Work with the program is not difficult, as this will help the appropriate prompts.If there is a spatial imagination, we can well do without the services of a professional designer.

Bathrooms establish connection point E / appliances (washing machines, electric / razors and so on) is not recommended.But if necessary, it is necessary to consider the following. First , socket set only concealed (recessed) method. Second , it should be "waterproof" performance.Thirdly , place for it is selected so as to be as far from the bath (shower), and other plumbing devices.Harness (for example, for the booth) - only gated (necessarily ripple) or box.

Sometimes to increase the size of the room it is advisable to dismantle the wall between it and the toilet.This will give more opportunities for the rational use of space.

Given the modest size of the bathroom, should make maximum use of the wall for the rest of their height.