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August 12, 2017 18:06

The sofa in the living room - choose the style, color and transformation mechanism

What is guided by the majority of customers when choosing a sofa?Of course, emotions!It is best to buy a model with an unusual form of bright upholstery.It is not always convenient, and they are suitable to the interior of the room, so the list of requirements for this piece of furniture you need to make before shopping and consider it a lot of details.


Before buying you need to ask the question: why do you need a couch?You will sleep on it every night or to receive visitors, displaying only from time to time?Do you like to snuggle in front of the TV in the living room, or spend a little time?Or maybe he is chosen for the kitchen or the children's?The answers are very important, as they will depend on the choice of a particular model.

Sofa 3

usually sofas, which are very comfortable to sit, not too suited for sleeping, as they have soft and sloping seat.If you need a full-fledged sleeper will have to make compromises.The choice is influenced by many small things, such as, for example, the growth of family members.High will be difficult to get up from a low seat and sleeper should be long enough.

sofas for children's, on the contrary, should be quite low, with no protruding sharp corners and edges, with extremely wear-resistant coating.If the furniture is purchased for recreation, pay attention to the fact that she had a wide seat, upholstered backrest and armrests.


The style sofas can be divided into classical, baroque, modern and minimalist.Classic differ with soft contours, and an abundance of drapery buttons, Baroque - intricate patterns on the fabric, carved armrests and high legs.Minimalist models have a rectangular shape and ascetic design, often they do not have armrests.

The choice depends on the style of the room itself.If in doubt, it is better to stay at a neutral model, since it is a long-term purchase and diversify the interior is possible by means of covers or pillows.

once right - select - sofa

size and shape

easiest way to choose a sofa for a spacious room.In this case, you can only push off on the number of people that you want to put on it.The most common triple model Dina about 2 meters.If you often get friendly company, or do you like to communicate with your family, buy a sofa with 5-6 seats.Its additional advantage - a large and comfortable bed.Large sofa would eliminate the additional seats and chairs in the living room.

unusual option for a large living room - semicircular sofa.It will inevitably center of attraction of family members and guests.Also, it is convenient to install in front of a home theater - all viewers comfortable viewing will be provided.AND angled and semicircular models can serve as dividers that separate studio apartment in the living room from the dining room or hall.

Sofa 2

When choosing a sofa for a small room of its size can be critical.It should not block the entrance or access to cabinets or balconies, not to clutter the room.It is best to draw a plan of the room and a sofa in scale, to ensure that the capabilities and convenience of its location.In addition, it is necessary to make sure that the furniture can be made to the room, and then decomposed.The best choice for a small room - a straight sofa for 2-3 places.

sofas can be divided into fixed and modular.The last produced and sold in the form of individual elements that can be selected and be based on the needs.


mechanism of transformation

When choosing a sofa that is used as the main bed, you need to carefully choose the particular mechanism of transformation.Manufacturers are now offering a lot of options, each of which you can find pluses and minuses.Conventionally, a method for folding sofas can be divided into those in which the bed parallel to the wall, and those who serve the headboard rest.

Book , its modern name of click-clack, one of the oldest versions.The seat of the couch is raised until it clicks, and then falls.The result is a smooth double.Advantages of this mechanism: the speed of the folding and assembly, the use of spring unit as a filling.Minus - must remain a certain distance from the wall, so you can expand the sofa.


evroknizhka - an improved version of the previous engine.The seat is pulled forward and leans back in his place.Obvious advantages: the strength associated with the simplicity of the mechanism, the ease and speed of folding, smooth place to sleep.Evroknizhka - great for everyday use.

Euro- book

Sofa unfolds simply, extends the lower part, and then it converts the seat, which is folded in half mattress.The design is simple and reliable to use it comfortably.

Dolphin - a relatively new mechanism.sofa seat stays in place, and the second half of bed is pulled by means of a loop, and then as if "emerges" from under him.First, you need to prilovchilis this design, but in the future will use it just as easily and conveniently as usual options.Another shortcoming - the lack of drawers for clothes.The mechanism is equipped with most of the dolphin angular sofas.


withdrawable mechanism - the easiest and cheapest option if you want to get a great sleeper, which is perpendicular to the wall.The lower part of the couch rolls forward, and in the resulting groove laid out cushions or mattresses, reaching complete.The sleeping area is located quite low compared to other models.Despite the strength of the mechanism, it has a small flaw.If a sofa is a carpet, then over time it will be on the track wheels.To avoid this problem is by replacing the wheels from the manufacturer to the soft silicone.


Accordion also expanded perpendicular to the wall.The seat is raised until it clicks and is pulled forward, followed by the rest, which consists of two parts.Plus, the design - the opportunity to gain a broad place to sleep at a small couch.Weak place - the loop, which may eventually become loose and out of the frame.In the resulting "bed" is not a headboard, and folded it hard enough.


American clamshell completely hidden under the seat.This mechanism allows you to bed as close to a full bed, as the basis for a durable metal frame and a thick mattress.Another advantage - a wide sofa seat in the folded position.


French clamshell - more compact and lighter version of the "American".More suitable as a spare or guest option.

French clamshell

When buying a sofa is necessary to check whether it is easily decomposed, if the mechanism is jammed.There are models in which the armrests are arranged on the principle of click-clack.Recommended load on them - no more than 50 kg, which means that an adult to sit on it is not worth it.As practice shows, such armrests are easily damaged, although at first look very attractive.

frame and filler

frame - a skeleton of the sofa, attached thereto mechanisms, padding, filler.It must withstand the weight of the number of people, which provides a sofa.The best material - wood beams, reinforced by metal elements.The cheaper models can be used partially or chipboard plywood in those parts, which account for a minimum load.

cheapest filler - polyurethane foam, or foam.Seats from it with heavy use are pressed quickly, and sleep uncomfortable.The best option - spring blocks Bonnell or snake.They are used alone or in combination.Berth with filler Bonnell in convenience can be compared with an orthopedic mattress.Top box spring covered thermofelt, a layer of horsehair or coconut.


upholstery material Upholstery

vybiraem_obivku have to withstand a great deal: the claws of animals, children's games, fidgeting and puddles of tea.No matter how well looked white suede sofa in furniture store, in a real living room, he quickly loses its shape.Choose upholstery material must be based on the intensity of use, the presence of children, animals and the habit of eating it.The most resistant to the effects of material - leather.Dark leather sofa years retains the original appearance.However, it can be uncomfortable to sit on it.

All fabrics are divided into price categories.The cheapest - the first, the higher the category, the better and more expensive fabric.Most budget option - flock, followed velor and mikrovelyur, tapestry, chenille, jacquard, imitation leather, Alcantara and leather.Flock may seem pleasant to the touch, but its wear resistance is extremely low.After 1-2 years the sofa view significantly deteriorates spite of very limited use.

optimal choice - Jacquard or Chenille kind.They are resistant to abrasion, durable, long time not fade and easy to clean.


Sofa - one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in the average apartment.Its value depends on the size, transformation mechanism, filler and upholstery.Also affects the manufacturer and country of manufacture.The simplest model of the flock-coated, filled with polyurethane foam length of 180-200 cm of Russian production, folding on the basis of the book, are in an area of ​​6 thousand. "Evroknizhka" and "Dolphins" with more interesting design, the spring block and upholstery fabric 3-4 categories will cost 10-15 thousand Simple sofa with similar characteristics -.. 13-20 thousand, and in the upholstery of jacquard fabric in combination with kozhzamom - from 30 thousand and above..Upper price threshold is not present, the value of Italian Leather models of hundreds of thousands of rubles.

Sofa - long-term investment.Its quality will depend on your rest and sleep, the atmosphere in the house.Do not try to save money on buying it at the expense of their own comfort and mood.