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August 12, 2017 18:06

Vinyl floor tiles - a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of the material

vinil_yazz The market building (finishing) of materials PVC products have long been known.Many of them are used, inter alia, and as a floor covering.The most glaring example - the traditional linoleum (not to be confused with a natural!), With which we are confronted almost daily.Even if not in his own house, in the various institutions and organizations for sure.What is so remarkable as vinyl tile flooring that she should devote a separate article, given that the various materials of PVC written more than enough?

way, correct it - "quartz-vinyl".Its many advantages due to the fact that the production technology provides for the use as a component of the marble chips or sand.Naturally, quartz.Let us not after the "advertisers" to repeat the already "beaten" and order overexposed formulations that can be basically applied to most materials.It is easy to verify, if we compare the description of some of the same type (for field use) products - durability, environmental friendliness, fire safety and the like.It is unlikely that the mere listing will not only be interesting but also informative.

therefore evaluate all the pros and cons of the product from the point of view of the master-practice with "decoding" of certain provisions.We note immediately that the main feature of vinyl tile is that it successfully combines many characteristics of completely different materials.In this regard, it is universal in application.


Easy finishing floor

  • All products are characterized by a strict geometry, so their installation, adjustment difficulties is not.Dimensions linoleum paintings as standard, but they work much harder than with single-piece material.It does not require proof.
  • material is easy to cut the usual knife.
  • elasticity allows to lay vinyl tiles, even where "hard" types of coverage can not use.
  • An important factor - the "substrate" is not required for high-quality installation, the base material can be any (with rare exceptions).
  • not have to make and the floor screed.It sometimes becomes a big problem, because it is not always convenient or engage in it, or you can (after all, this is an additional burden on the overlap).Fixing
  • products can be made in different ways, depending on the type of tile - "landing" on the adhesive interlocks.There is an option "adhesive", when the composition is already applied to the back side and covered with a protective film which is removed immediately prior to installation.

kvartsvinilovaya - tile

durability and increased strength

These qualities can "boast" is not all of the materials for flooring.The mere fact that some manufacturers give a guarantee on their products for at least 30 years, says a lot.

comfortable use

If we compare these products with ceramic tiles, which are often spread in bathrooms and toilets, the advantage is undeniable.Quartz-vinyl - "warm" (as in its polymer structure), and they feel our feet to "ceramic" the floor, everyone knows.Particularly "nice" to him to attack after receiving treatments in the bath.Perhaps extremals and most times, but most people have to use a variety of "litter" (mats, floor mats, grilles).And this is - the additional trouble and dampness, as regularly picks up moisture and dirt under them.PVC Tile eliminates the need to cover the floor with something else.


can with sex do anything - washing, brushing, vacuuming.In addition, the products are protected by an outer layer ( "antistatic"), therefore, dust to accumulate in the joints of plates will not.



Who changed the damaged panel, board or strip of linoleum, knows what it's worth, especially at the site cluttered with furniture.Products in terms of the replacement piece is much more convenient.


This can not be said about each material to "finish" the finishing of floors.In this regard, to the vinyl tile any claims can not be - feet on it will not slip.Considering the dimensions and products are very convenient, for example, for laying on the stairs.

Resilience to external shocks


It is insufficient indicators for moisture resistance limits the choice of materials for the "finishing" floor finish in rooms with excessive humidity.Vinyl tiles can be laid in the kitchen (as well as moisture-proof laminate), in the bathroom, sauna, swimming pool - anywhere.


vinyl Talk about any and all materials makes no sense.But as home of "chemistry", acids, alkalis, then against them inert vinyl tile.Of course, if it's a quality product, and not counterfeit.Tested in practice.

Thermal effects

First , no such thing as "thermal deformation" to "quartz-vinyl" does not exist.Consequently, in operation the gap will not occur between samples effect or "warpage" cladding.

Secondly , the proportion of minerals (including, sand) may be up to 75%.And they are known, do not burn.

Third , unlike many of the materials at high temperatures, no harmful vapors.

mechanical action

defects such as chips, scratches, dents - are excluded.Unless specifically try.


Vinyl tile is not "burn out" in areas which fall sunlight.Therefore, the coating is always homogeneous.

Large assortment

Sales have patterns that imitate almost any material - wood, stone, plastic.The surface is solid, textured or patterned, different colors.This greatly simplifies the selection of optimal variant of the floor finish.

should take into account the fact that vinyl tiles are also divided into categories - for domestic use, commercial and so on.This greatly expands the possibilities for the selection of finishing materials.

Obvious "pluses" more than enough.And this despite the fact that the price of vinyl tiles quite acceptable.Approximately 1 m will cost 500 - 1 500 rubles, while "elite" samples can be more expensive.


«Cons» tiles

Disadvantages can be found everywhere and in everything, especially if you try.Still, it is worth paying attention to such moments:

  • necessary qualitative alignment of the substrate.Tile is elastic, so all the "bumps" and "depression" are visible, since the thickness of their products will not hide;
  • on the surface of concrete (cement screed) it is not necessary to glue, because there are problems in the event of need to replace one or more samples.Therefore, in such cases it is better to buy the product with fastening "tongue and groove".