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August 12, 2017 18:06

Modular ceiling Armstrong - characteristics , description and application

Such ceilings, Armstrong classified as suspended.They can be mounted in virtually any environment, as are available in several designs.They represent the team structure consisting of mineral-fiber boards modules.Most often used for decoration of "public" buildings, but on the specifications Armstrong can be used as decoration for a country house and city apartment.

products Base - mineral wool.The various substances used as additives and binders include clay, gypsum, starch and others.Depending on their ratio in the final product is dominated certain properties.For example, the use of "Armstrong" in rooms where the humidity level is much higher than normal, use boards, a structure in which an enlarged latex content.

Armstrong - ceiling


  • simplicity and speed of installation.Installing suspension frame does not take much time;
  • does not need putty, primer, paint;
  • hides all the flaws of the ceiling slab, in fact - in the space between it and "Armstrong" is easy to lay cables and wires (electricity, telephone, internet, etc.);
  • repair is only in individual boards replaced (if necessary);
  • improving the quality of heat and sound insulation floor decks;
  • the use of lighting devices of any type, elements of fire-fighting systems and alarms;
  • large variety of designs (smooth, textured, specialized models).

Key Features ceiling Armstrong

  1. Standard sizes of plates - 120 x 60;. 60 x 60 cm Thickness -. In the range from 0.8 to 2.5 cm of one - in the range of 2.5 - 8 kg.
  2. The configuration of end faces are divided into 3 types: MicroLook, Board and Tegular.Therefore, different width plates are used for mounting.If the Board of plates with smooth edges, the width of the elements necessary harness 2.4 cm, for MicroLook, the edges of which are made in the form of narrow steps apply only strips 1.5 cm. Tegular edge tiles have a wide view of stage.For their installation requires the same suspension as for the Board.
  3. Moisture - 70% to 95%.
  4. reflective capacity - up to 90%.
  5. Sound absorption - coefficient of 0.2 - 0.5.


should be added that the harness straps may be of different colors and are decorated in gold, chrome, metal.However, the standard version - white.The suspension can be in two versions - a hidden and visible.Locks, fastening plates, and there are two models - brass (with higher strength) and tselnoshtampovannyh.

use of such ceilings is universal.They can be equipped with both production facilities, and facilities for health, education, social sphere.Equally, they are suitable for laboratory and office space, shops and classrooms, gyms and swimming pools, saunas.Features of each brand into account the basic requirements for a particular room.For example, to ensure good acoustics and resistance to sudden temperature changes.The main thing - to make the right choice.