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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bath concrete block with his hands

For centuries, the only material for the construction of the bath was a tree.But with the development there was a great alternative to a wooden frame building materials manufacturing technology - claydite.He, like a tree, well removes water vapor, does not contain harmful and toxic impurities, it does not rot and insect damage, able to withstand heavy loads and are not destroyed by freezing.

Bath concrete block

bath concrete block

What claydite?

Claydite represents blocks of expanded clay - sintered pellets of clay, with the addition of sand and cement.They are obtained by forming and further vibrocompression.The blocks are larger than the brick, which simplifies and accelerates the process of laying.The density of lightweight aggregate concrete blocks depends on the size of the fraction of expanded clay - bigger than it is, the easier the unit.Tighter blocks are commonly used for the construction of foundations, lightweight and hollow - wall and partitions.

lightweight aggregate blocks

lightweight aggregate blocks

Claydite gained popularity among developers because of indisputable advantages:

  • Low price;
  • Easy erection and low consumption of masonry mortar;
  • strength of the material, the ability to withstand heavy loads;
  • Claydite does not accumulate moisture, due to the porous structure of expanded clay granules natural he removes it from the inside of the structure, without increasing the humidity inside the bath;
  • has low thermal conductivity, it does not require high insulation costs;
  • refractory material, which is important when installing furnaces and heating equipment;
  • material is absolutely environmentally friendly, unlike the cinder block;
  • Claydite has a high frost resistance, and does not crack, even when wet;
  • Baths of keramsit easy finish both inside and out.

All these quality building material can successfully use it in the construction of baths and saunas in every area, especially popular claydite where wood is a rare and expensive material.

Building the foundation for a bath

basis for baths of lightweight aggregate concrete blocks melkozaglublenny usually a tape or pier foundation.As the material in an independent building blocks is convenient to use with the fine fraction of expanded clay - they have a higher density and strength.The foundation laid by sand-gravel base, its thickness depends on the type of soil at the construction site.For a small bath is sufficient to establish the pillars of the foundation blocks in the corners and at 2 meters beneath the walls.Above the columns is fixed piping of channel or corner, and her erect walls.With the construction of the bath with a swimming pool, a bathroom, and facilities for recreation appropriate to make a continuous belt foundation weakly deepened.

Foundation for a bath concrete block

Foundation for a bath concrete block

  1. removed from the site, designed under the bath, the top layer of soil.Mark out the corners of the future structure and line the walls with the help of pegs driven into the ground, and the rope stretched between them.The foundation is needed not only on the outer walls, but also by capital barriers.
  2. Dig a trench under the tape base depth of 0.4 m and covered with a layer of crushed stone her, then sand.The layer thickness of 0.2 m. The backfill ram, spilling water.
  3. Stack on filling a double layer of waterproofing roll - roofing.It is necessary to prevent capillary rise of moisture from the soil.
  4. Spread of corpulent aggregate concrete foundation blocks.The number of rows depends on the required height of the basement, under a small bath usually lasts three or four rows.
  5. Laying lead with ligation at the cement-sand mortar, seam thickness - from 0.7 to 1 cm in order to increase the tensile strength between the rows laid reinforcing mesh..When the clutch is necessary to use a level as errors in laying the foundation will affect the quality of the walls of the whole structure.
  6. After laying the foundation of waiting 1-2 days to complete the setting solution and produce basement waterproofing using asphalt mastic on all sides, and the upper horizontal plane in addition waterproofing roofing material.

masonry walls masonry walls

bath is not very different from the masonry foundation, the only difference is that typically use hollow expanded clay blocks for cost savings and reduce the weight of the bath.

The process of masonry walls

process masonry

  1. Install beacons on building corners, pull the string and put the usual masonry blocks with ligation.Cement-sand mortar with a trowel applied to the bottom row, align it and put on top of the unit, pristukivaya his rubber hammer handle or a trowel to remove air from the seam.Excess solution was removed immediately.
  2. Every two or three rows further strengthen with the help of wire mesh, pre-slicing it on the block width.The mesh is coiled and rolled as masonry utaplivaja its solution by about half.
  3. over door and window openings are placed overlapping of the concrete slab or a channel.If necessary, use half-size blocks.
  4. In the lower and the upper row of masonry perform pockets under the floor joists and ceiling beams in that stack of timber 100x150.The ends of the beams are treated with antiseptic and dried, after which the layer is applied surface waterproofing.Beams secured in pockets with a metal bracket.The gaps in his pockets filled with mineral wool insulation.
  5. last row spread from corpulent blocks, which at a distance of 1.5-2 meters fixed anchor bolts.These screws will be attached mauerlat in the construction of the roof.
  6. After the erection of external walls establish the internal walls of hollow blocks.
bath design scheme

scheme design baths

Erection of roof bath

roof is usually carried out at a bath Shed or gable, some projects involve the construction of baths attic floor and lounges.In regions with significant snow load is the most efficient conventional gable roof.

  1. is attached to the predetermined blocks in anchor bolts mauerlat - support bars 100x150 mm.These will subsequently be fixed truss system.
  2. bath of lightweight aggregate concrete blocks does not give a significant shrinkage, so truss gable roof system perform naslonnogo type - beams that act as rafters rely on the ridge beam, mauerlat and additional racks and struts.
  3. laid on the rafters parogidroizolyatsionnuyu film, then packed kontrbruski, sew the roof battens and put roofing.For roof bath is better to choose non-combustible coating types: corrugated board or metal roofing.
  4. When the device in the attic of the heated space is also necessary to insulate the roof.

Warming and bath decoration

bath, used in summer, as a rule, does not require insulation - claydite quickly warms up in the warmer months.If you plan to heat the bath in winter, you need to warm it.The best material for the thermal insulation of the bath can be considered a mineral or basalt wool in the form of dense mats: they are excellent at keeping you warm, not raise dust, do not emit noxious and toxic gases.

to warm bath, unlike at home, it is better from the inside.Steam should warm up quickly and retain heat inside the steam room.If you perform a warming outside in a heated zone will include the walls, which in the winter time can be greatly is frozen.Their warm-up may take a long time.Therefore produce insulation inside heated rooms, and outside perform hydro and wind protection and decoration.

interior finishing steam is performed using natural wood - that it is an environmentally friendly natural materials to create a healing microclimate in the steam room.When you finish using steam deciduous types of wood: linden, aspen, alder.Washing compartment appropriate to decorate tiles and finish at lounges and locker rooms, you can use any materials.

Decorating the inside bath

finishing inside the bath

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