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Suburban Area Design

August 12, 2017 18:06

Landscape design suburban area on the slopes

area difference on the slope of a smooth landscape is that its development requires careful study and consideration of the natural features that are directly related to the topography.

Design suburban area on the slopes

design suburban area on the slope

have inclined sections, there are undeniable advantages - as a rule, there should not be a problem of high groundwater, and this site can not be called boring, and some disadvantages.These include a large number of required excavation and less freedom in choosing locations for buildings.To the result of a landscape design to please you for years, you need to approach its creation thoroughly.

particularly important to consider the following characteristics of the terrain:

  • · The orientation of the slope on the sides of light.
  • · The angle of the slope.
  • · The direction and strength of the prevailing wind.

The first item in this list will tell about the area of ​​illumination.It is a light mode, set your slope, will play a decisive role in the choice of plants.The southern slope is illuminated by the sun from morning to late evening.Here the snow melts early, but stronger than the soil dries out, and many of the plants in the southern latitudes suffer from scorching heat.North Slope - the least exposed to insolation, and this limits the use of light-loving plants.Western and eastern slopes are rather favorable for placing green areas, only take into account the direction of the shade is necessary.

slope angle is largely dictated by the site and zoning, and the need for ladders device, terraces, retaining walls.These engineering structures not only make the site harmonious and comfortable.The higher the slope, the more soil erosion, when the upper fertile layer is washed away down.Create stages interferes with this process.

unpleasant feature sloping terrain is on a slope movement of air masses.Cold air flows down zastaivayas naturally or artificially created, hollows.In these places are possible late frosts.Warm wind, rising up, dries up the soil in the hot months.Positioning structure and relaxation area on the slope on the site should be based on the prevailing wind.

Where to start development of the slope

site design layout

site design layout

Present in the intricacies of the inclined portion, simply by drawing his plan on paper, it is very difficult.It is much clearer to create its volumetric layout.This can be done using a conventional clay.Giving the layout of the site closest to the reality of the shape and angle of inclination of the relief, you clearly see its characteristics, identify the most suitable location of the house and other buildings, sidewalks, parking areas and rest.At this stage, the relief correlating with the trajectory of motion of the sun, it is necessary to consider the optimal location of the garden, tall trees, garden area.Be sure to decide the question of organizing the movement of people on the site - you may need to make a ladder.And now it is to plan the most advantageous location for rockeries or alpine garden, a dry creek - these elements decorating the most appropriate and very advantageous to look at sites with difficult terrain.

Design suburban area on the slope - photo

design suburban area on the slope - photo

Then comes the turn of communications design.Particular attention should be given to water and sanitation.Slope does not necessarily imply the existence of secluded, hidden from view angles, so all engineering structures must be aesthetically perfect.At this stage to decide whether to drain the organization.Water flows need to send in a specially reserved for them at the bed, or over time, the relief will undergo changes.Some sites are located on the slopes, at the bottom of swamped.This problem is solved pond landscaping or digging ditches.

proceeds to lay the terraces.They are flat areas of different widths, bred at different levels.Bottom terrace can be bordered by a specially erected retaining wall, but large areas of terracing and sometimes dispense without them.In this case, the sharp slope between terraces should protect the geotextile.

Features selecting plants

Plants for the site located on the slope

Plants for the site located on the slope

Of course, the final choice of plants for green spaces dictated by the tastes of the owners of the site.But be sure to take into account the compliance of selected trees and shrubs climatic characteristics of the area and to give preference to the most hardy species with well-developed root system.These are the principles of plant selection for slope:

  • · Sophisticated plot involves relief and complicated species composition of plants.This means that on a slope have to find a place, and coniferous and deciduous trees, low shrubs and level lawn.This diversity will give a portion of naturalness.
  • · In addition to decorative, plants perform reinforcing the slope function.Thick sod keeps the soil across the slope bush prevents occurrence of landslides.
  • · Plants living on the slopes, have to put up with a lack of moisture.Choose the species under natural conditions populate the hills and slopes of the mountains.

If we talk about the sites located on the hills in the central part of Russia, there is a good feel conifers - pine, mountain pine, juniper, spruce species.Of deciduous trees should be preferred birch, hazel, microbiota, in humid climates - willow.Shrubs suitable for growing on the slopes, a lot.For example, barberry, dogwood White, lilac, elderberry, broom - a variety of shapes and colors have will create a beautiful composition.Indispensable deciduous flowering plants - hosts, daylilies, irises.A beautiful lawn turf fescue create.And, of course, retaining walls will decorate all sorts of plants for rockeries - sedum, stonecrops, zhivuchka.

Interesting design suburban area on the slopes

Interesting design suburban area on the hillside slope

, for all its complexity, to create a unique and distinctive design of the site.The main thing - to take into account environmental factors, overcome soil erosion, creating a pleasant zoning and populate the site with suitable plants.

Video - landscaping the site on a slope