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August 12, 2017 18:06

Making slopes of plasterboard on the window - the instruction and technology

Purchase and installation of new glass does not mean the completion of all measures to repair the windows.It needs to create more appropriate and decoration of the window opening, according to the latest standards and requirements in terms of design and energy saving level.The first is to attend to the installation of suitable slopes.

Slopes on the window of plasterboard with their hands

slopes on the windows of plasterboard with their hands

most practical material for arranging slopes drywall is considered having an excellent combination of low cost, ease of handling and perfect plane surfaces.With these qualities, this material is most often becomes a choice of home masters.In this case, you can apply one of the two appropriate technologies: planting slopes adhesive or mounting frame.

Bonding slopes of plasterboard

whole procedure landing slope to the adhesive composition can be divided into several stages.

  1. Cleaning window opening.Here, the main task is to prepare the surface of the aperture so that its surface is able to provide reliable grip with adhesive.For this opening is treated with a stiff brush or a brush, and special attention should be given to those places where there are traces of old paint or damaging the plaster.The result should be absolutely clean surface from which alone can not break away any particles.

    Preparation of the window opening

    Preparation of window opening

  2. Purified ground surface carefully.
  3. Now measure the depth and width of the space in the window opening, which is required to close the slopes.The obtained size on drywall sheet drawn silhouette of the slope and then on the silhouette is cut directly the window element you want us to. To perform this task, we need the following set of tools and instruments:

    - Roulette;

    - rule;

    - special knife for Drywall.If such was not at hand, then replace spetsnozh wave method and an ordinary stationery knife blade breaks off.

    to leaf was cut off as much as possible exactly, you will need to adhere to a specific sequence of actions that are recommended once finishers specialists and producers themselves drywall:

    - after tracing the contour of the slope on the canvas usually tightly pressed against the planned lines, and with the push of the wire alongits working faces in such a way that the top sheet of cardboard has been completely cut through to the plaster layer:

    - sheet is inverted to the opposite side (if you do not apply in this case too much effort and do not make sudden movements, you can not be afraid of self razvalivanie sheet in the area of ​​the incision);

    - became available to Parties to make exactly the same incisions;

    - you can now press a rule to the border of the notch and lift the sheet at one edge.Drywall crack perfectly straight cuts on the line.

    The process of cutting drywall

    process of cutting drywall

  4. Gluing.Prepared by the manufacturer's adhesive mortar should be applied on the reverse side of the adhesive slope.At the same time we can not allow the adhesive layer obtained solid.Some intervals clean surface is required in order to after pressing the slope to the surface of the window opening adhesive could flow freely and fill in all the micro-cracks and irregularities.If the adhesive is applied in a continuous layer after overlaying it repose will "float" on this adhesive layer, not giving any last tightly grips nor completely dry for a long time.

    All work on the adhesion of slopes should be completed not later than half an hour after the preparation of glue.If the set time is exceeded, the glue starts to set and have become unfit for use.

    Apply the adhesive on drywall

    glue application on plasterboard

  5. Inclined slopes.When installing these slopes to fill free space only one glue is strongly discouraged.If the width of the gap near the window frame up to 3 cm or more, at this point must be glued on the window opening in the wall of the same strip of drywall, which will be glued and further the slope itself.
  6. horizontal slopes in the upper part of the window opening.To complete the setting until the glue horizontal slopes are not trying banal fall off, they should fix the vertical struts.As such spacers can be used wooden slats or bars, which are the easiest way to adjust the length.They can abut either the sill or the floor.

Mounting slopes to the frame of the profiles

Current models of plastic windows in most cases, are made on the basis of frames, structurally involves the installation of a special profile for fixing the slopes.In this case, you just do not forget about this profile when buying windows, install it into the appropriate slot on the frame and insert a previously cut from a sheet of drywall slope.Technology cut from whole leaf slopes drywall in this case will not differ slightly from that discussed above.

If the window frame structure is not possible to use profiles for the slopes, they are easy to make yourself.As a basis reap use galvanized or plastic L-shaped profiles.These profiles should be fastened to the inside of the window frame on the lines on which the slopes are in contact with the window.

Driving slopes mounting frame of the profiles

Installation diagram on the slopes of the frame profiles

on the outer edges of the plasterboard is fixed to the edge of the escarpment wall or screws, or by adhesive, depending on the type of the walls surrounding the type of finish other similar factors.It should be borne in mind that before the final fixation of the slope need to fill in all the assembly foam cavity formed between it and the surface of the window opening.

Video - installation slopes of plasterboard on the window with his hands