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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to pour the floor on the balcony - step by step instructions

not know how to pour a floor on the balcony?This article will help you understand all the features and intricacies of this interesting work.

How to pour the floor on the balcony

How to pour the floor on the balcony

repair their own hands is possible, if you follow the step by step instructions that can be obtained from professional builders or people who have a lot of experience in one or another form of repair.This is especially true of such a difficult and demanding care activities like pouring the floor on the balcony.

In order to repair the room looked efficiently and accurately, you must take good care of flooring.Create a cozy and comfortable on the balcony, you can by using the filler floor.This method allows you to make the surface of the floor level, stable and reliable to any influences, typical balcony space - a change of temperature, humidity, etc.

Typically, fill balconies made of concrete assistance.This is the best option, which will help to achieve maximum results.

measurements terrace area

As with any other form of repair, before proceeding to the construction and repair work necessary to carry out measurements.From literacy measurements depends on whether you purchase the right amount of building materials.So how do you make the right calculations?First, measure the area of ​​the balcony.For this measured width and length of the balcony, and then the results are multiplied by each other.

Fig.2 Metering floor on the balcony

Fig.2 floor Metering

on the balcony to get the number in turn is multiplied by the desired height of the floor covering.The final result - this is your reference point for the future the number of kneading solution.

Prepare the work area

Before you begin kneading the material to fill the floor on the balcony, you must carefully prepare the surface for future activities.Of course, you should bear all the extra things that are stored on the balcony.Next is to start dismantling works, that is, get rid of the previous coverage.As a rule, dismantling is a rather dusty and dirty activity, therefore it is necessary to take care of its security - to wear goggles and a dust mask.

Preparation of the working area

Preparing the work area

Construction dust can seriously affect your health, so Treat protection issue responsibly.After training, you can proceed to the destruction and elimination of the old coating.To do this, you will need to prepare a number of these tools, without which the dismantling is simply impossible:

  • scrap;
  • hammer;
  • claw;
  • chisel;
  • and Iron shovel or spade.

It should be noted that the removal can be complete or partial.It depends on the quality of the old coating.If it is in more or less good condition, it can be safely used as a basis for the new coating.But professional builders recommend to get rid of the effects of the previous repair work in order to achieve the desired result of spectacular, that will last for years to come.

useful tips for a more comfortable dismantling: before starting work, moisten the floor and the balcony wall of water.This will help settle the dust and dismantle will be much more convenient.

The prepared surface for screed

prepared surface for screed

  1. Linoleum on the balcony with a knife cut into strips.Each of them is removed from the floor scraper or spatula.
  2. Ceramic floor tiles demountable hammer.
  3. old floor joists are dismantled using nail puller.
  4. If on your balcony was laid dry screed plates of the cover can be turned out all the screws, after which plates are dismantled and expanded clay poured into a bucket with a shovel.
  5. All existing coatings and primers are removed with solvents.

After the liquidation of the old coating is absolutely necessary to remove the repaired area.This is done not for aesthetic reasons, and in order to fill the floor has been effective.The fact is that if the solution is poured concrete foundation at the dust, this will lead to the fact that the building material can not be fixed firmly.So you should carefully prepare the space for the next phase of renovations.


on the balcony floor slab is necessary to lay a layer of film with a tie-in to the wall at least 10 cm. If the balcony area is large, can be put under the roofing metal mesh with small cells.

Applying conventional boundaries

When all the surfaces will be clean, be put on the wall mark the conditional - limit reference points of the concrete pouring.To do this is to think in advance, what height the floor you would like to see on your balcony.This parameter can be influenced by many factors: the total height of the balcony, his planned workload, the presence of furniture, etc.After considering all these issues, and defining the desired height, you can proceed to the application of labels.This is done in several places on each wall of the balcony.

Typically, the balcony floor is a reinforced concrete slab, so it is relatively even-tempered and does not require additional measures to equalize.But if you want to get the perfect result of their work, it is recommended to use this popular tool builders in charge, as the level.Combining with the help of all the marks made on the walls, you can determine if they are at the same distance from the floor base.

Installation guide beacons

According markings, install beacons to guide screed, which are perforated metal (or wood) profiles, mounted on a small pile of cement mortar.The distance between the rails is taken equal to the length of the rule (for leveling screed rails).The profiles are aligned horizontally with the help of a spirit level and rubber hammer.When the cement under the beacons grabs, you can start kneading the solution and fill.

Preparation Mixing concrete solution solution

can be done in two ways: using an electric drill with a "mixer" or ordinary shovel.

Mixing the solution

Mixing solution

Preparation of the solution

Mixing concrete solution can be achieved in two ways: using an electric drill with a "mixer" or ordinary shovel.

Balconies are a small space, so you need to knead it Fill tool, you can without the help of electrical appliances.

important is the question of the proportions.To mix a solution of the correct composition and consistency, it is necessary to carry out this work in the following proportions: 2 parts sand, 1 part cement and 1 part crushed stone.

Application of cement mortar to the balcony

application of grout to the balcony

also used for mixing and water.She added after the connection of all the ingredients.Adding it is small portions, because you can inadvertently make the solution too liquid and not suitable for the planned works.

surface reinforcement for improving the quality characteristics

reinforcement to increase the surface quality characteristics


ties implicated solution, you can begin to fill.Note that to start to do it is from the far corner to the end of the work you were near the front door and could easily get out without damaging the new surface freezes.

  1. Fill solution between beacons.
  2. Take a rule (the bar) and displace the excess cement without taking the rules of the lighthouses.
  3. thus fill the whole terrace area, moving toward the door solution and achieving a perfectly smooth surface.
  4. for three days continuously moisturize the surface screed to prevent cracking (you can sprinkle tie sawdust or sand, and a week to sweep them from the surface of the screed).
  5. After about 5-7 days of the tie can be removed beacons and formed to fill the grooves with cement mortar.But this procedure is only at the discretion of the owners balcony.

Since balcony slabs are not designed for excessive load, it is recommended to replace the standard mortar on modern lightweight fast-drying the mixture with a high content of gypsum or foam inclusions.

if all stages of the work correctly and according to the instructions, the result of your work will please you for many years.

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