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August 12, 2017 18:05

Laying laminate their own hands

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offer you the basic rules of the laminate stacking.installation process is generally simple, but there are some nuances that you need to consider performing a laying his hands.


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laminate stacking technology

Before you lay a laminate, you must thoroughly clean the surface, ideally -vacuum, to her left any debris.The first layer - polyethylene film, the second - a special substrate.Between them, these two layers are secured with tape so that they be given a tight and did not disperse the weight of laminate panels.Recommended substrate stack at once, but in the process of laying the laminate, so as not to litter it.Proper laminate stacking technology is presented on video later in this article.

first row of laminate is laid at a distance of 10mm from the wall.You can adjust the gap by means of special spacers or wedges unnecessary scraps laminate.The same gap observe around all the obstacles that are in the room - pipes, doors.Even if eventually the laminate panel will change its size, preserved the gap will not allow them to rest against the wall and across the blistering of the coating.With such a problem faced anyone with the apartment door set made of wood.Differential temperatures or high humidity affects the size of the door leaf, and it ceases to be closed, or vice versa - to become smaller doorway.Approximately the same processes take place in the wooden laminate.Proper laying laminate on

photo help you thoroughly understand all the nuances and subtleties of the process.

The two panels are connected at an angle, tight joints and sink to the floor.If there is such a need - the locks can be lubricated with silicone.Initially side locks are fastened, after which they were combined with a number.

laminate stacking scheme is simple enough: the panels are inserted into each other at an angle, tight joints and sink.If necessary, do not forget promazyvat hermetic locks.First fasten the side locks, and then connect with a number.Each subsequent row mounted shift 20cm.Proper packing laminate begins with the corner of the room, where the battery and the tube.To cut a pipe turned out neat and beautiful, it is necessary to drill a hole of small diameter and make an incision on the pipe level.Thereafter, the laminate panels are stacked chosen method, and the resulting gaps around pipes simply close the special plastic strokes.

for laminate laying manual says that if the doors are opened inside the room and they are already installed, the installation process should start from them, or simply remove the door leaf from its hinges.You also need to pay attention to the width of the panels to the final at the door number was unsuccessful narrow.This defect will spoil the whole picture of the beauty of your floor covering.

Last laminate panel to fit the size, minus the required clearance.Generally, it is necessary to trim panels with lengthwise side walls.Most often, the walls in the apartments are not very evenness, because before installing the last row of the laminate, make all the necessary calculations and measurements.Otherwise, you might get a big gap in the wall.

Laying laminate your own hands is completed installing baseboards of plastic.Budget options skirting mounted to the wall using screws or dowels.More expensive - put on a special attachment, bolted to the wall.If you are in the room will be any communication, we recommend buying a plinth with cable channel.Expansion joint at the junction of the two rooms is hidden under the special doorsteps.

So laying laminate made with their own hands. Video detailed visual instructions can be found below.

Videos laying laminate own hands

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