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August 12, 2017 18:06

Combined heating boiler

Combined heating boiler

to the house was comfortable and cozy in the winter, you need to think through the heating system, which will work under all conditions.

becoming increasingly popular combined heating boiler, which is capable of operating in two or more types of fuel.

In case of shortage of one of them, it can automatically switch to the other and vice versa.

Combined boilers have the following advantages:

  • protection disruptions supply of one type of fuel;
  • savings due to the flexibility of the heating mode;
  • A high efficiency (over 90%);
  • It is possible to automate the heating process;
  • Current models allow you to connect more than one heating circuit;
  • Combined boilers can have a different configuration, structure, some models can operate on four types of fuel.


However, such a universal device is too expensive, so consumers most popular equipment working on two types of fuel:

  1. Firewood-electricity;
  2. Firewood gas;
  3. gas-electricity;
  4. Firewood - electricity.

most popular among potential buyers - combined wood heating boilers - electricity.

quite practical and clever design allows you to install such equipment in a small storeroom private residential or holiday home.

From traditional data models have only one significant difference: the heat exchanger inside the tank installed an additional heating element - PETN.

Most models are equipped with automation, which facilitates the operation of the equipment and performs a series of operations:

  • change the mode of operation of the boiler;
  • Adjusts power;
  • Switches between the used fuel.

modern combination boilers for heating houses, working with wood and electricity, have a simple and sophisticated design at the same time.

recoverer for solid fuel, usually located at the bottom.

top of a heat exchanger through which the coolant transported in the system.When it comes inside, it receives heat transmitted from the furnace.


inside the heat exchanger is installed a heating element - PETN.When switching the heat source, it begins to heat and maintain the desired temperature in the automatic mode.

widespread heating boilers combined two-circuit, allowing to connect at the same time, for example, home heating and floor heating system, it can also be used as a backup source of warm water in the pipeline.


  • Firewood - Gas
  • Gas - Electricity
  • Where to buy and what price?

Firewood - Gas

Not less popular combination gas heating boiler - wood, presented on the market as imported and domestic manufacturers.

The furnace for solid fuels can be put not only wood, but also peat briquettes, coal and pellets.

Structurally combined gas heating boilers are divided into two types:

  • Placed on the floor;
  • -mounted to the wall.

first type - it is quite bulky equipment, which has a large capacity and is designed for heating large areas.

This boiler is made to install in a separate room.The second type - compact models designed for heating private houses.

most popular among buyers are Finnish combined heating boilers, for example, the JAMA manufactured.

Most models allow you to connect more than one loop and used as a heating element for heating and hot water supply.

Benefits boilers gas-firewood:

  • operability does not depend on gas and electricity;
  • emissions level in the atmosphere is reduced to a minimum;
  • High efficiency - over 90%;
  • ability to automatically switch between the used fuel;
  • easy to maintain and do not require specialized care.

Gas - Electricity

Despite the low popularity among consumers, combined heating gas boiler - Electricity is the most versatile among the proposed market models, working on two types of fuel.

From the title it is clear that such equipment is not designed to lay solid fuel.


Benefits, which has combined solid fuel heating boiler that runs on gas and electricity, are obvious:

  • Versatility (use of two types of fuel);
  • work in automatic mode (since there is no need to make manual bookmark solid fuel burning and destruction of its waste, the switching process is completely automated and requires no human intervention);
  • Economical and high efficiency.

However, this equipment has a number of significant drawbacks:

  • sophisticated design features;
  • Installation and maintenance work carried out only by a professional craftsman;
  • The efficiency depends on the availability of gas and electricity.

Most are set such combination boilers for heating garden where seasonal residence underway.

They eliminate the need to carry the workpiece and store solid fuel, which eventually syreet and becomes unusable, and the probability that both will not operate the system gas and electricity is low.

Where to buy and what price?

Market annexed to buy a combined heating boiler from different manufacturers from domestic (Raton, Metromash) and import (Viadrus, Ferroli).

They all have advantages and disadvantages.Each of the manufacturers offer their equipment in two variations: wall or floor.

recommended to give preference to domestically produced brands, as they are designed to operate reliably in the harshest operating conditions.

choosing the boiler, it is recommended to carefully read its main characteristics: power, linear dimensions, power consumption (for models with electric Tan), the number of connected loops.


on proposed heating boilers combined rates vary in a very wide range:

  • Single loop - from 300 in.f .;
  • Multiple loop - from 500 in.f .;

cost expensive models can reach 1.5-2 thousand dollars.Boilers combined industrial type can reach 5-6 thousand dollars.