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August 12, 2017 18:06

Making attic ladder with the hatch with his own hands

Making attic ladder with the hatch with his own hands

attic stairs with the hatch is easy or difficult to manufacture?

seems that the ladder is very difficult to do, but in fact it does not require the construction of overwork.

independent designing landing ensures that she is in this picture, perfect size to designated place for it in the apartment.


  • Varieties of stairs to the attic
  • Terms construction
  • buildings Construction ladder in one march
  • Construction elementary folding ladder
  • As off and closed folding stairs?
  • Construction hatch

Varieties of stairs to the attic

Suitable for individual construction are the stairs:

  • unmovable;
  • mobile;
  • drawers.

more appropriate to construct a fixed, non-movable structure, if the attic space is used as a dwelling, or there are things for which you often have to climb.

These stairs can be odnomarshevymi or screw.

To make the connection between the floors with their own hands, they have had little experience as a carpenter, it is better to choose, as in the photo, a simple ladder with one march.


Extension or mobile ladders - an option for the rare passage to the attic.Here there is a risk of falling and damage the hands or feet.

This ladder is best considered as time used for repairs.

very popular retractable mechanism, reflected in the photograph.It is used when in the room, leading to the attic, the shortage of space.


main advantages - elementary devices, operation guarantee and compactness.

Terms facilities construction

main rule of building stairs with his hands is considered the safety of its use.It provides durability and reliability design.Equally important are the correct size.

is important to keep the right balance between the angle and the occupied area.More angle - more used area.This indicator causes and ease of operation.

considered suitable and convenient angle of 65 degrees, plus or minus 5 degrees.But if the rise in the attic is used continuously, the best angle - 45.

Standard size steps height - 15-20 cm, depth - 25-30 cm.

flight of stairs should be comfortable in width, so that it could rise by an adult without problems.Approximate flight width - 70 cm

traditional march width should be in the framework Mezhuyev 65 and 110 cm, height also can not be more than 3.5 meters..

With these parameters, the design will not be tight and accidental fall will not result in serious injury.

correct to make 10-15 degrees with the distance between them is about 19 centimeters.Steps make thickness slightly more or less than 20 mm.

retractable staircase must have these dimensions to support the weight of 150 kg.Understand the installation stairs with their hands to help the drawings.


Simply make their own hands a wooden ladder.The most popular wood - pine, which is easy to obtain and handle.And yet it is unpretentious in operation, and is not expensive.

If you plan to install the staircase, it is necessary to take these tools:

  1. handsaw, but better - circular saw;
  2. electric drill;
  3. hand-mill;
  4. drills of all sizes;
  5. bits to fit the fasteners.

ladder construction in one march

easiest ascent to the attic - fixed in place odnomarshevaya staircase.

for its construction with their own hands take the 2 long boards to make the desired oblique angle.Better to take the board thickness of 50 mm.

steps can be fastened by string or kosoura.

side ropes are made in the side of a router board slots.A stringers - a cut in the board horizontal platform on which and put stage.

The final stage of mounting - screwing screws.

Secure each power in its place a metal screw stud.This process is detailed video demonstrates.

to the stairs was comfortable to go down, make sure to advise the railing.To build them is very easy for a fixed wooden ladder with your hands.

material for railing serves as a long polished bar.It is installed at the edge of the ladder from the bottom to the top.

To add reliability to the design vertical beams connected with stairs.Place the ladder assembly and its shape is determined whether or not she will be surrounded by a handrail on both sides or not.


Construction elementary folding ladder

Rollaway ladder, made his own hands, save room area and reduce the loss of warm air from the house, because the attic hatch is always closed.

This is the winning option if you have to climb up to the attic occasionally.

Construction of the ladder structure does not take much time and is produced easily.

First, if a standard ladder made one march.Its total length must be greater than the height of the ceiling only 40 centimeters.Steps can be mounted on the bow or kosour.

Under the bottom of the hatch to the ceiling anchors mounted beams of wood.This will allow him to safely rest my ladder.Then, as shown in the following video ladder is divided into two parts in a ratio of 1: 3.


Finished elements are weaved with each other loops.The upper part of the ladder is mounted hinges upward to timber made in advance.

requires proper installation of eyelets.They should make their own hands so that concisely ladder element leans against the floor adjacent to a wall.

for enhanced fixation mechanism folded to the wall using a metal or a rope loop.
The main disadvantage of this design, a retractable accordion - obligatory placement against the wall.

The assembled fragments of the ladder will still be visible, it can not quite fit into the surrounding interior.

Luke may have a size equal to the upper ladder segment, or a little less of it.During use, the upper part of the ladder it distributes weight on wide-open lid.

for hardening dismantled ladder to the hatch is mounted further lever hinge.

As off and closed folding stairs?

mechanism of folding and stretching staircases reminiscent of spring.Also the process of opening and closing the ladder is comparable to the way put forward fold-out book.

To open the door, you need to send down the attached cord.So design unfold evenly.When the lid is lowered the attic, staircase splits.This technique is shown in the photo.


The opposite sequence occurs folding ladder.First, all sections come together and rise up, then fires a spring mechanism, and the door closes automatically.

coordinating spring tension, you can control the regularity of the process of opening and closing, as well as the down force hatch.

When the ladder is installed and all the hardware is adjusted, disassembled design specifically to produce its design details.

on the steps and the string is applied 3 layers of wear-resistant color-coating.We need to paint the ladder with care, ready to match the mechanism of selling analogues.

Construction hatch

essential point is the installation of on-site open hatch opening.

If he does not covered, the opening of the house will penetrate the cold air mass, as a result of the room temperature will be reduced.Because

ladder to the attic will certainly accompanied by a hatch.Make the hatch opening on the site just need to arm themselves with only the materials: bars measuring 50 by 50 mm, and plywood.


  • Defining room for the hatch and its size.They add about 8 mm to hatch sank without diligence and scratches;
  • bars cut into 4 pieces of desired size and their edges cut out small holes;
  • sawed grooves smeared with glue, the boards are combined and bonded by means of screws;
  • diagonal to be stuck in the side gussets are screwed;
  • then attached sheet of plywood;
  • After fitting the hatch in the free opening latch crashed into it;
  • for a smooth opening of the hatch cover using the handle, which is mounted in the hole and that presses down on the latch.

Ready hatch shall very simply swing open.In order to prevent any minor errors, and installation was well made, it is better to get acquainted with all of the video.


attic stairs to the hatch has some peculiarities.If the room is at the top of the cold and is not heated, closed the hatch opening it is necessary to insulate.

Warm hatch - the key to a comfortable temperature in the house.

thermal insulation and vapor barrier material layers are applied after the plywood.Good insulation will rockwool or polystyrene.

After that, once again securing the insulation film.

then insulated hatch needs only decoration.hatch finishing performed in the same manner as the finishing of the ceiling.

Although sometimes hatch trim other materials, to create contrast and accentuate attention on the hatch.

In that case, if you did not wooden, and metal hatch, it can be painted durable protective layer of paint.