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August 12, 2017 18:06

Tips for connecting the water heater Thermex own hands

Tips for connecting the water heater Thermex own hands

Following the acquisition of the boiler, you need to think about how to connect the water heater Thermex own hands.

On how to correct will be its installation depends on the quality and duration of work.


  • heater Choice
  • preparatory work
  • Set water heater
  • When connecting to the water heater
  • water supply When connecting the water heater to the electricity?

heater Choice

Specialty stores offer a wide range of units that heat water.

combination of high quality and affordable price accommodate a «Thermex» water heater brand.

They are produced and the cumulative flow type.

Accumulation units have a solid design, they can set a person with no experience in such a case.

This heater can be installed anywhere in the home, apartments, cottages.It enables the simultaneous supply of hot water to the kitchen faucet, bathtub, shower on.


In the event of any fault, work safety valve built into the system.

Instantaneous water heaters Thermex assembled from quality parts, so long service life and high quality of their work.

on them as well as on the collecting units, the safety valve is present.With it comes the protection device is damaged.

Before you give preference to any kind of boiler, it is necessary to analyze the capacity of the tank, the conditions under which will be operated appliances, exterior.

can use the services of specialized companies to connect the water heater.

installation will not take much time, but will cost a lot of money.The cost depends on the type usually water heater.

worth noting that only the main activities for installation are included in the cost of installation.All additional procedures will have to pay extra.

There is another option - installation of the boiler with his hands.For installation was successful, you must have experience of work with running water.

By following the sequence of work, the water heater will be installed correctly.

However, you can purchase these benefits:

  • will be saved in cash;
  • can acquire new knowledge and skills that will help solve the problems in the event of failure of water heater;
  • when the unit damage will not need to call the master, to dismantle the cylinder.

To install the boiler with his hands, you need to have the necessary tools and additional elements.To measure the distance between the holes will need a tape measure.


Tank Installation is carried out on the anchor bolts, for which the necessary holes in the wall.To make them, you will need a hammer drill with the desired diameter.

addition, will need wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters.

recommended to use hemp, a special paste or fum-tape for sealing joints joints.You can use modern silicone sealants.

need to buy in advance shut-off valves, and to them the appropriate amount of tees.

Do not forget flexible connection hoses and the required number of meters of plastic pipe, if the need to change the water in the house.

for new wiring device is to buy a three-wire cable, the length of which should be not less than the distance between the boiler and the shield.In addition, the need and the socket on the machine panel.

preparatory work

Installation of water heater requires determination of the place where it will hang or stand.For rooms with a small area, you can install a small boiler, which will hold 50-80 liters of water.

Such tanks often hung on the wall.You can pick up the heater with any diameter and design.

If you want to install a capacity of 220 liters, then hang it on the wall can not.For such tanks need to pick a place on the floor.


When attaching the water heating tank on the wall, you should choose for this bearing wall, so that it can withstand the weight of the unit.

To secure the tank, you need to have available the anchor bolts.In some models, they are supplied with the tank, sometimes you need to mount purchased separately.

for water heaters, which are arranged vertically and have a capacity of 30-100 liters, you will need 2 anchor bolts.

If you need to install a horizontal unit, whose volume of 50-100 liters, you will need to have 4 mounting element.

place to house the boiler, must meet the requirements:

  • To water heater need to provide access during his lifetime;
  • Installing the tank on the wall provides the ability to withstand a load equal to twice the weight of the water heater;
  • It is worth checking the wiring, it must withstand a working heater.If the wiring is old, it will need to be replaced;
  • necessary to check the condition of the pipes in the room should be set up connections for the water heater.

Set water heater

Flowing water heaters Thermex, due to its size, can be installed over the sink, which significantly saves space in the room.water heating occurs in the flask from the metal.

Due to the use of powerful heaters for flow-through water heater is make a separate machine.

Thus, the total wiring in the house, the apartment will always be intact and not affected by switching on the unit.

scheme of installation of the heater may be transient or stationary.In the first case water with cold water is connected to the tee, and then combined with the water heater.

stationary installation scheme involves the creation of a parallel system of water abstraction and supply line of the liquid.

tees should be embedded separately for hot and cold water.For tees installed shut-off valves.

Inlet flow water heater must be connected to the water pipe with cold water.

The outlet is connected to the crane, which serves the already heated water.

tightness system checked without fail at a time, a steady connection.The scheme of installation of the heater

To do this, turn on both the hot water tap in the shower, in the bathroom, in the kitchen.If no leaks, it is possible to include electricity.

storage water heaters Thermex not impose to the wiring requirements such as flow.

Installation and connection requires the use of the scheme, in which the water supply can be carried out simultaneously in the tap, shower.

Installing this type of boiler own hands is simple, if you have the right tools.On the wall is applied to the markup, which will be located a water heater.

on the marked spots installed fasteners.

, install a relief valve after the tank is fixed to the wall will need to connect the water.

When connecting water pipe is to make sure that the valve was closed.After the installation of the entire system will take place, conducted by operation of the heater Thermex.

When checking all the connections parts of the pipeline should be sealed, and tap warmed water should go.

To see clearly what the water heater installation diagram Termex own hands, you can watch the video in this article.

How to connect the heater to the water system

To connect the flow, storage tank was right, you must follow the step sequence.

most often in each set has a diagram which describes the boiler installation.


information for each model:

  • number of holes that need to be done in the wall;
  • types and number of fasteners;
  • detailed description of the connection pipe;
  • which aggregates equipment useful to tank installation was correct.

To connect with your hands Boiler Thermex, you need to do the following.

worth an inspection of water pipes.If they are worn out, it is recommended to replace them with new ones.

permitted to install pipes of any material: metal, plastic, steel and copper.

Be sure to install a safety valve on the boiler.Its role - to protect the equipment from excess pressure.

Installation should be carried out on the pipe where the fed cold water.Foum-tape, sealant is required to ensure tightness.

on pipes which are connected to the water heater, set the ball valves.Thanks to them can be adjusted in the water supply tank.


On the pipe with cold water is recommended to install a pressure reducer.He will adjust the inlet pressure.

The output water will be supplied with a constant pressure.This device is essential when the boiler is being installed in multi-storey buildings where the pressure in the water system skips.

After water pipe installation is complete, open the valve to the water supply to the tank.Once it is filled, the tap should go to a good warm water.

This phase checks the tightness of all connections.

How to connect the water heater to the electricity?

Thermex Water heater is a device that has an increased capacity.

It is important to check before connecting the wiring throughout the apartment and assess its capabilities: the size of the wire cross-section, from which it is made, the maximum load on the wire.

If weak wiring, but the wire is in good condition, it is not necessary to change it completely around the apartment or house.

In this case it is possible to lay additional cable from the heater to the shield.

So Thermex boiler will operate without breakdowns and failures.