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August 12, 2017 18:06

Lessons repair washing machines Ariston

Lessons repair washing machines Ariston

practice of recent years has shown that the repair Ariston washing machine with his own hands as possible.

Each artist who is engaged in repair of household appliances, held a special training course.

In this course we study the functional and schematic diagram of a washing machine Hotpoint Ariston.

Currently, this machine is very popular among consumers.This is due to the washing machine versatility and ease of use.

Almost every major city and even in rural areas are service centers for maintenance and repair of these units.


  • Features washing machine
  • Common Problems
    • clogged drain hose
    • repair drainage pump
    • Replacement heating element
    • replacement bearings and seals
    • Replacing the electronic module
  • fault Prevention

Features washing machine

washing machines Hotpoint Ariston appeared on the market of home appliances for many years.Today, analysts account for almost eighty models that are successfully carrying out their functions.

Every new model brings an extra feature that makes it easier to wash or process makes it more qualitative.


Among the advantages of the models of this brand should be noted the following:

  • high quality washing;
  • quiet;
  • safety of operation;
  • ergonomic design.

With easy operation and high reliability, repair of machines Ariston requires a consistent and accurate approach.

Common Problems

When installed in the bathroom washing machine Hotpoint Ariston properly perform its functions, it is very often no action for its maintenance is not performed.

And only when there are any faults, draws attention to the condition of the machine.In order to determine the nature of the damage, it is necessary to imagine the general scheme of the unit.

The circuit of the washing machine

If you draw a simplified diagram of the washing machine, it will consist of the following components and assemblies:

  • tubular electric heating element - PETN;
  • electric motor;
  • drain pump - pump;
  • valve waters of the bay;
  • bearings and seals;
  • sensors and timers.

This is a partial list of the devices that make up the washing machine Hotpoint Ariston.

However, it gives an idea of ​​how the machine works and what links exist between the individual instruments and mechanisms.

Initially, any model is designed in such a way that the economical use of water and electricity.Particular attention is paid to the flow rate of the detergent.

All of these resources are combined in such proportions as to provide a gentle wash cycle.Products from various tissues are cleared differently.

washing modes are set by means of special sensors and control devices.

clogged drain hose

Self Repair washing machine should start with an assessment of the fault.

When the machine works fine in all modes, but the quality of the wash is reduced and spinning is almost not met, it is necessary to examine the drain hose.

Waste water flows into the filter through the outlet hose.The video shows how the recess and filter cleaning.This is the standard operation.


In such a situation it is necessary to clean the filter, not only, but also all the adjacent nozzles.

Even in the case where large objects such as coins, buttons, key rings do not fall into the filter, the dirt is accumulated over time.

repair drainage pump

If cleaning the filter output and the hose from the washing machine Hotpoint Ariston did not produce results, then we have to remove and repair the drain pump.It is easy to remove by hand.

Typically, impeller wound threads, which are separated from the laundry.This reduces the number of revolutions of the impeller, and even deformed.

As a result, the impeller starts to hurt for cover.And this crack is seen as a signal of serious damage.

In this case, in order to eliminate the defect, the impeller can be neatly trimmed with a knife or scissors just 1-2 mm.

Replacement heating element

normal operation of the washing machine Hotpoint Ariston largely depends on the quality of water.

Despite the fact that tap water is purified and mitigation, there is a certain concentration of salts.These salts are deposited under heating on PETN as scale.

Over time, the heating element loses its original characteristics.

water is heated slowly and the quality of the wash is reduced.

To remedy the situation, you need to either replace the heater or clean it from scale.

In the video you can see the sequence of operations when replacing an electric heating element.Repair is easily done yourself.


replacement bearings and seals

bearings are considered the most loaded elements in the design of a washing machine Hotpoint Ariston.

first sign that the bearings are worn out, a knock during the spin cycle to wash laundry.

before taking over the analysis of the machine and replace the bearing, it is necessary to eliminate all possible problems that lead to the appearance of knocking.


And only then begin to repair their own hands.The hardest part of the replacement procedure, Pulling out a worn bearing.

It must be removed from the landing nest without disturbing the integrity of the drum.It uses a special mandrel or hammer and chisel.

Replacement electronics module

washing machine Hotpoint Ariston control panel is equipped with a set of LED indicators.

When a fault occurs in a certain unit of this signal is applied to a particular LED.The panel in the new generation of machines, electronic display is attached.

error code, error or warning message is displayed on the display screen.

electronic display module can fail for various reasons.

This often occurs as a result of mechanical damage.Replace it yourself is not difficult.It is important to purchase the service center is the same pattern that is suitable for this model.


Fault Prevention

Washing machine Ariston brand is considered to be reliable household appliance.Depending on its model value is sufficiently high.

This means, we have to call the master of the service center when a fault occurs.Years of experience shows that the challenge to master in the house have to pay.

If the tariff for a call to add the cost of spare parts, you get a substantial sum.

To prevent unnecessary expenses, you need to perform all possible actions to restore the operability of the machine with his own hands.

Self Repair Ariston washing machines to start with the most simple actions.

Before disassembling the machine and remove the drum or the electronic unit, it is necessary to clean all hoses and filters.

It is important to carefully study the operating instructions, which describes the possible problems and their solutions.

often after a simple action of the machine operation is restored.


In order to extend the trouble-free service life of the washing machine, you need to perform all the prescribed treatments for the units and apparatus care.

The video shows the sequence of actions before and after washing.Self Repair is always preferable than buying a new car.This rule is proved in practice.