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August 12, 2017 18:06

What is better to choose - glass ceramic or tempered glass ?

What is better to choose - glass ceramic or tempered glass ?

Oh well plate in the kitchen every woman dreams of, because there is a reasonable question: what is better - glass ceramic or tempered glass on the surface of the cooking kitchen stove?

in a huge selection of plates that have different cooking surfaces, can be easily confused.

Hob made from a wide variety of material, it has a varied color scheme.

properties of the cooker element affect the taste of food, which is prepared on it.

plates are gas and electric.If your home is supplied with a central gas supply, then the cooker in the kitchen there is a gas.If the house is not supplied with gas, then take on electric stoves.

new electric stoves often equipped with coating, based on glass-ceramic or tempered glass.

surface of these materials creates a hole intended for the burners.These plate elements can be hidden and a glass barrier.

Ceramic Glass: its pros and cons

indisputable advantages of the glass-ceramic - is:

  • immunity to shock;
  • high degree of resistance to temperature;
  • nonsusceptibility effects of sudden changes in temperature;
  • high rate of heat resistance.

The disadvantages of this material is considered:

  • weak degree of confrontation one-point mechanical stress;
  • high probability of imminent cover scratches the surface;
  • rather big price tag.

Stove ceramic glass is expensive, but has a lot of advantages.

main advantage - resistance.This material is not afraid of loads up to 25 kg per square centimeter.

But there is a caveat: in the cooking glass ceramic surface can not use utensils made of aluminum, because there will be difficult stains.


In addition, dishes must be thick-walled bottom without flaws.

As for the size of pots and pans, there are no limitations - the heating zone is allowed to change.

Hot burners are only closed glass plate remaining portions can be burned without fear of touch.

Only one time can cause trouble: sugar, accidentally spilled on a plate of glass ceramic material negative impact on its performance.

Tempered glass: advantages and disadvantages

irrefutable advantages of tempered glass:

  • excellent resistance to thermal stresses;
  • relatively good degree of flexibility;
  • fortress material imperceptible mechanical shocks.

truth in this material has hardened and imperfections:

  • edge of the surface exposed to the appearance of chips;
  • ban on glass after quenching treatment, because it is impossible to drill and cut.

So how to make this material makes it very durable, because it was heated to a maximum temperature, and then was subjected to sudden cooling.

Because tempered glass can not be broken down, it can only damage the metal object.

Because of this it has become a popular material for creating partitions in the office and window glazing.

glass cooktops do not need special care and sophisticated look.

for their cleansing is not necessary to clean the burners and difficult to extract adhering dirt sprinkled droplets can be wiped from the top without zeal.

Standing at the stove, the owner does not risk to get burned - glass pane is not heated.It is worth it's not expensive, with no way inferior in quality ceramic surface.

Selection criteria: general and distinctive in the properties of the ceramic and tempered glass

What better stop - on ceramic or tempered glass panel?The views of different experts in this apart.

When choosing a material it is necessary to proceed from its scope and purpose.

Most often these two materials - glass-ceramic and tempered glass sheets used in the production of slabs for the kitchen.


As the one and the other raw materials has its advantages and disadvantages, you should find out which of them is best cooker in the interest of buyers.

Where there is a risk of fracture of the glass panel, it is better to use a hardened material.

But if the panel will suffer the extremes of high temperatures, it is necessary to give preference to the glass ceramic panel.

Features ceramic glass and tempered glass surface are different because of the methods of their manufacture.

quenched glass panel is obtained by heating to the melting temperature and the momentary cooling.Thus, the voltage within a given raw material passes recombination.

outer layer becomes very strong, and the internal structure does not lose viscosity.

This production method gives the panel the properties of heat resistance and impact resistance to the uniform.

However, such material is not in any way be subjected to treatment, the voltage inside he is able to crack.

The same point can cause the load.But this feature is just needed for the manufacture of glass in public transport.

It is necessary to break a window with a hammer during a road traffic accident and not wounded.When manufactured

glass ceramic panel are fused to one another clay and glass.As a result, this material is obtained more resistant to thermal stresses than tempered glass panel.

Glass ceramic materials can be processed safely without fear of spoiling it.

The hob is made ​​of tempered glass

material having such characteristics has become very popular.He spent on the construction of parts for motor vehicles, ships and aircraft.

Furthermore, this raw material is widely used in the chemical and medical industry in the construction of houses, furniture, and semiconductor products.

Tempered glass is a great option if the buyer does not have more resources, wants to buy a stove that is easy to daily care and is not afraid to loads of heavy objects.

only, such a device would require careful hosts - cooking surface made of tempered glass can be covered with scratches due to the uneven bottom of dishes and cracks due to impacts on the surface.

Experts advise not to wash a plate abrasive detergents.

glass ceramic choose when they want to use the cooker for many years without any problems.Therefore, the material cost is much higher.

But, in fact, it does not matter what will be the choice.Both options are nearly identical in their main characteristics, and they will give the kitchen a noble and sophisticated look.