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August 12, 2017 18:06

Laying floorboard with their hands

Laying floorboard with their hands

If you follow strictly compiled plan, significant difficulties during the work on laying the floorboard with his hands should arise.

popularity of this material is explained by a wide variety of reasons, among which it is worth noting:

  • It is much more resistant to the impact from the outside than the natural tree;
  • surface of the plant is impregnated with special protective compounds and does not require additional treatment;
  • cost much less than that of wood or natural flooring;
  • not require sanding.

This list of positive characteristics can be continued for a long time, but, like any other building material, from wood flooring there are some drawbacks:

  • texture strap has a one-sided, so you have to forget about the styling curly;
  • material is not enough water resistance, therefore it is necessary to take additional measures to protect it.


  • Technology and instructions
  • Application Method
  • Tools Required
  • notes and recommendations
  • Prices for services

Technology and instructions

Any technology laying wood flooring is much simple,It does not require significant material costs and may be carried by his own efforts.

At first, preparatory stage, you need to calculate the area of ​​all the rooms and, given the size of the one board to buy building material by 5-10% more than the required amount.


If the flooring will be laid on the diagonal, the cost will increase by about 8-10%.

next stage, which contains instructions for installing wood flooring - training grounds.All potholes, bumps and other irregularities must be eliminated.

The maximum slope of the base must not exceed 1 mm per meter.If any of these conditions will have to fill in a new tie.

thickness of the screed must be at least 50 mm.However, it is based on sand-cement solution mark of not less than the M300.

For minor defects, you can take advantage of special substrates or fill the base of the plywood, placing them under the waterproofing layer.


But regardless of the type of substrate, the rules laying parquet boards that are described later in this article will be very similar.

Application Method

If we talk about what are the ways installing floorboards, there are two main varieties:

  • Landing on the adhesive;
  • Floating floor.

most widely began to receive floating laying floorboard way.

Firstly, it is carried out several times faster, and secondly, there is no special need for applying adhesives.

On one side it has a groove, with another - a thorn.However, it is called "click-system".When you move to a new home flooring can be removed and put again.

If travel is not planned and you need a high degree of strength and stability of the base, is made installation of wood flooring adhesive.

important to remember that it is forbidden to use water-based formulations.They distort the inside cover.

Connection also takes place through the "click-system", but on the lower grooves glue is applied.Laid diagonally conducted exclusively so.

recommended laying floorboard to tie when the surface comprises a plurality of irregularities.

It should be remembered that a concrete solution should dry well and be strong to break.In addition, it carried out waterproofing.

All these types of laying parquet boards are between a few differences.


Tools Required

To achieve the goal you will need a tool for laying parquet boards, which should be in every host at hand:

  1. Jigsaw (alternatively - hacksaw with a fine tooth);
  2. level and typically 1.5-2 m in length;
  3. Rubber Mallet small size;
  4. tamping plastic bar;
  5. Plastic wedges and restraints;
  6. clamp or metal clamp for fixing the last panel.

also require stacking floorboard diagram drawn on paper.

It should be specified the estimated number of bands of the location relative to each other.

necessary to determine the direction of installing floorboards.

Select one of the following options:

  • Direct styling - is produced along the walls;
  • in a "herringbone" - the snake is laid out across the room, forming a pattern resembling a Christmas tree;
  • square (diagonal, well or Vietnamese);
  • Art - the most expensive, luxurious and sophisticated styling.

last three easiest ways made laying parquet on plywood boards.

It guarantees equal basis on which the flooring will not "play" on the sides.

work can organize yourself, but it is better if the installation of the array of wood flooring will be a professional.

This will avoid unnecessary problems in the future.

notes and recommendations

Produced laying floor of the floorboard at a temperature of 18-24 degrees.

Thus, the humidity in the room should vary within the range 30-60%.In such circumstances, the coating will serve as long as possible.

When is laying solid wood flooring around the walls, for each 1 m wide leaves 1-1.5 mm gap.


wood has properties to expand when the temperature changes.This will avoid its swelling cases at joints and edges.

strongly recommended that the substrate under the floorboard laying, which serves several very important functions:

  • not prevent the movement of the board at the base;
  • provides an acceptable sound insulation;
  • Smooths defects subfloor.

In addition, laying the floorboard to the substrate is much easier and more reliable.There is no need to use adhesives.


services these days the price of laying parquet boards is dependent on the selected method.

The cost of floor covering is not included, since it optional master of the house.

cost of installing floorboards on the floating floor will be from 9-10.e. per square.Similar work on the cement screed will cost the customer in 13-14 y.e.

This is due to a large number of required materials (plywood, glue for fixing it, nails).