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August 12, 2017 18:06

We provide thermal insulation of walls prefabricated house inside and out

We provide thermal insulation of walls prefabricated house inside and out

If you have tortured the cold, we suggest you to join us to deal with the question - how is the wall insulation panel house?

These houses were built in Soviet times, when the warming of thought very little.

As a result, winter temperatures in these apartments often falls to the level of 12 degrees, and there is also the drafts!

Immediately it should be noted that in such a residential area insulation can be done in two ways - inside and out.

more effective is the second option - outside.

Thermal insulation is carried out using foam or mineralnovatnoy plates, which are airtight materials.

If warm inside - the wall will still freeze.That is, from the cold of your home will be demarcated only insulation boards.If

produce insulation from the outside, it turns out that the wall will be protected from freezing.

So that your home will be protected from the cold and heat-insulating plate, and the wall itself!

insulate the wall outside

External wall insulation House panel held by two methods - the method of fixing insulation to the wall with a thin layer of plaster or by a hinged facade.

For single versions easier and cheaper it will be the first.

most important thing - first to analyze the possible separation wall plaster layer.If you stand, then you are ready to go!

Warming panel walls on the outside begins to mount the waterproofing material.

desirable that it was a reinforcing layer, i.e. that does not transmit moisture inside, but vents.

Mineralnovatnaya grid - is a good option.It can be attached by means and staple gun.


Next wall insulation outside the House panel continues mount foam or mineralnovatnoy plate (which is also called glass wool).

Strengthen There are two options - dowels, or polyurethane adhesive.

possible to combine these methods.This will be important in the event that the foam density is very high (it uses foam front).

Insulation of exterior wall panel building finishes applying the decorative layer.And it may be - decorative plaster, decorative foam (with decorative carvings), siding.

last option the most urgent, but the quality and reliable siding will cost you is not so cheap.

Most importantly, when the insulation is made of panel walls - is to try to provide ventilation heat insulation layer.Therefore

between waterproofing layer, as well as thermal insulation, air space is created in the width of 3-5 centimeters.No more and no less.

Thanks to occur within a draft - will there be output excess moisture.

Keep in mind that after the insulation is desirable to equip the building in the ventilation system.Why?

because the walls lose their water vapor permeability coefficient, so the inside humidity level will be raised at home.A mounted ventilation will equate it to the required level.

And most recently - closed type, use dowels to prevent moisture could penetrate inside insulation.

If you will be using open-type anchors, it will be necessary to penetrate through the cracks.

insulated inside

Wall insulation from inside the House panel held in cases where this work can not be carried out.

This situation will certainly arise when the housing office will not give permission to carry out works, or simply you will not be able to hire industrial climbers - their services nevertheless are not cheap.

Warming inside less effective than external, but still quite effective.


Start wall insulation panel inside the house should be possible to remove all the gaps.But they tend to occur in the front door windows.

Go to these places with a lighted match.If the light starts to falter - then there is a draft.

For warming the front door using double-sided adhesive foam.For windows - just stick with the slot.If you can - set the modern plastic windows.

can further proceed to mounting insulating plates.It is mounted on the wall with glue.

first laid waterproofing (mineralnovatnaya plate or plastic film), and then with glue fastens the same foam.A

insulation front walls prefabricated houses can be performed in a similar manner, but it is recommended all the same to strengthen the finished hinged facade.

Do not forget that on the balcony and the windows need to mount fireproof slopes of mineralnovatnoy plate.

If you live on the first floor, you can still try to hold insulation from under the basement.This will require the permission of the housing department, and they give it away is not always the case.

But if you hold insulation basement ceiling, the floor in your apartment will be noticeably warmer!

After warming the inside - definitely carried ventilation.Otherwise - the walls will soon be covered with a layer of mold, mildew.

And external wall insulation panel house is different from the internal order that is necessary to insulate much smaller area.


Inside - should be warm and from the balcony, together with lights.If you warm up you out - this is not required.

If you do all of the above work, even in a panel building chill you no longer disturbed.

the room temperature will not fall below an acceptable and drafts disappear, which undoubtedly will benefit your health and your loved ones!

And the last question: where to mount the access to the ventilation?The most "wet" rooms, which include a bathroom and a kitchen!

In that case, if you have a two-storey apartment is required on each floor have at least one solution, but better - a few.