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August 12, 2017 18:06

Fixing and laying on the floor joists

Fixing and laying on the floor joists

Perform laying on the floor joists with your hands is quite simple, if you know the correct sequence of actions and all the details that accompany this process.

The most common material for the arrangement of the floor - this tree.

If the installation carried out correctly, then the board will last a long time, and their cost, especially for independent work, will be low.

the top floor you can install laminate or hardwood floor.

Raising walls of brick, sooner or later all the same there is a need to put a floor.In most cases, installation of suitable lag followed by decking boards.

Logs are used not only as a material that is easy to put a floor or laminate.And they are used as rafters, and intake structure.

In addition, the material is often included in the strip foundation or prefer poles of them.There are logs and metal - that they are used for welding fence.


  • Installation on different floors
  • concrete or earthen base: what to do?
  • step selection and other details in the flooring
  • How to style your logs - step by step

Installation on different floors

Often there are situations when it is necessary to put logs and boards on various floors.For example, when the ceiling are made of wood, there is no guarantee that the beams will put exactly.

Therefore, when laying the floor boards and the necessary preparatory stage.Independently achieve a flat surface is difficult - often lag occurs mount the side of the wooden beams.


On the terraced site can be laid special processed materials for the street without a heater.

main advantage of this consolidation - is that the styling does not require changes in the height of articles and coatings.To ensure the connection between the materials used screws.

It is best to choose a partial product, that is, having a diameter of 6 millimeters.

Using the hardwood floor to floor has its own nuances.

Handle with wood must be very cautious, because it is in the initial stages can not sustain and erection works.

For example, when you try to install the screws, floor boards may crack.

To avoid this it is better to make small holes in the locations where the screws are screwed, but a couple of millimeters smaller than their diameter.

If the beam pre-packed with a big step, then we also need a second layer of lag.It would be right to place it perpendicular to the first, but take a smaller step.

You can also do the finishing layer of thicker boards to correct the situation.

Methods of laying a floor

If it is necessary to do the installation on concrete floors, you must consider more nuanced.So, if the floor is placed on a surface, in any case need a layer of waterproofing.

If it is not, the floor very quickly begin syret, swell from moisture, mildew and fungi appear, and laminate and bulges to rise.Next, you need to lay a layer of insulation.

layer and make noise insulating materials if necessary.

When the floor dries, then we can put the logs, and on them are placed the finishing layer, which can then be paved with laminate or other materials that easily do with his hands.

Logs do of boards which have a length of more than a couple of meters.If the boards are too short, their ends are placed.

joints in rows must not move more than 50 centimeters in relation to each other.Lags can do packing only if the pre-made tie.

Otherwise - in the house will always cold, and the floor can rise or, on the contrary, sag.

Even if the screed do not, then exactly the waterproofing should be done when a wooden surface.

If carried lag styling for the fence, then there a lot depends on corrugated board, its height and width.

design rafters in this case should be a definite step, but the main thing to calculate how deep and how far to dig poles.

Depending on how the buried supports, choose a distance to lag.Keep in mind that even the slightest step supports the fence should be no more than three meters.

welded lugs by welding, as shown in the video.


concrete or earthen base: what to do?

What do people in a typical house or apartment, where most often the foundation made of concrete?For example, in step it has a concrete floor construction, without any overlap.

may be made strip foundation or construction favored poles - does not matter.

Moreover, on a concrete foundation is easiest to lay logs and subsequent flooring, even with their own hands.

concrete floor it is necessary align (for example, to conduct laying screed) and cleaned of debris and dust.

It should be dry if moisture remains, it is removed and the dried coating, the same requirements are put forward for the heater.It is necessary to make a layer of insulation, but first and foremost - waterproofing.

often selected as a conventional insulation film is thick, which is used even in the home.It is laid directly on the concrete overlap (about 15 centimeters).


also held stacking water-resistant plywood.It can be attached with screws like, and nails.

Laying plywood on the joists, and beneath them - the reliable option to extend the life of your wooden floor.

There are also situations where there is not even a concrete screed and laying should be carried out directly on the ground, for example, on the terraced area.

First of all you must understand that any ground here will not work.Moreover, it is important to remove a layer of dirt, grass, plants, and so on.You can even remove the ground plane by about 10 centimeters.

for decking surface the most important thing - the thickness of the product, they must be as reliable and thick.

Further, the recess need to fill up the gravel.Its layer should be approximately 5.10 centimeters, it is distributed evenly with a shovel.Then gravel and tamped evenly.

at him pour concrete around the same layer.Further procedure is virtually the same as with the laying of the concrete base.

In some cases, especially if you stay in the house will be a constant, it can be a simple strip foundation or give preference to the posts.

Whichever option is chosen, it is necessary to do again laying waterproofing screed to do, wait until the floor is dry, and only then do the installation log rafters and floor.

On the way to prepare the surface for installation are available on video.


step selection and other details in the flooring

doing all his own hands, many do not give the distance between the lags much attention.You can do a project space, calculate the amount of concrete, wood and other products.

Then, to calculate the distance, it is necessary to take into account the strength of the future of the wooden floor in the house and fixing the lag.

Logically, if the finishing part is very reliable, and the laying of the lag can be carried out with a big step.

What to do if the board is too thin for the sex?Considered thin articles which have a thickness of less than 20 millimeters.In this case, you need to take a step equal to 30-40 centimeters.

When a thickness of a few centimeters, the distance between the beams can be taken and about a meter.

Often in the house take the board thickness of 5 cm and the distance step - 80 centimeters.

Whatever the house, and what would not be the foundation, mounting lag is only possible on the cleaned, prepared and primed surface.

If you want to make in the house of a sufficient sound insulation, there will be a little high fence (reducing the noise of the street) and the thick windows, it is also important to make soundproofing floor.

The material can be used sand, chipboard, remains of wooden products in the form of chips and so on.

Check horizontality

After laying all the layers of their own hands, including the insulation, and installation log, it is essential to check whether even turned the floor.

Otherwise the floor in the house is curved, and it will be hard to fix.Laghi and help align skewed strip foundation.

You just need to fill up the sand under construction rafters.With this process are available on the video and do the work with their own hands.

laminate on a flat surface lies perfectly, not allowing the beam sag.

better to prepare in advance all the tools.

will be needed:

  • level;
  • rule;
  • jigsaw;
  • ax;
  • punch;
  • drill;
  • wrenches;
  • nails;
  • screws;
  • material that will be used as a heater;
  • themselves logs and planks for the floor.

options for laying

Also, when it comes to the construction of the fence, it is necessary to build on its height.So, for the average intake is usually a good distance meter and a half between the joists and about half a meter from the ground.

If you do fencing for the terraced site with a standard trim, here itself fence height may be half a meter.Therefore, it is correct to make only one, instead of two rafters lag.

How to style your logs - step by step

Draft flooring is laid only on soundproofing material, as well as observing step for rafters.The metallic surface smoothness measured level - it is easy to hold hands.

To attach the joists to the bottom surface, if it is made of concrete, using bolts.For all other surfaces use dowels.

Also, the distance between the rafters is filled with material for insulation.As a heater used foam, mineral wool or basalt fabric.

Laying boards

Laying begin with the corners of the house.The first row with the help of the tongue is mounted to the wall.However, it needs a small gap between the surfaces of the rafters and walls.

laying the lag on the foundation step by step instruction looks pretty easy, it is based on the simple principle that the next row is laid offset about two logs along the ceiling.

The bottom layer, which is not visible due to the coating, can be those boards that are located along the walls, secured with screws from above.Because then they will close a plinth.

After all the logs will be installed and aligned, you can put yourself floor.Each of the boards fastened to lag, and the joints of the material should be in the middle of the rafters.

The floor is laid wood or prefer plates, but this is much less likely to choose - it is economically disadvantageous.

Fastening wooden log as well as the boards themselves, operate with screws.Only when the device metal fence correctly to choose the bolts.


laying work is not completed.It is necessary to align the floor and remove roughness.There will grinding.

Of course, the laminate floor can be paved with and without this step, but then there is a possibility that the bottom of the floor will rise moisture.

correctly will carefully handle the floor sander.This is especially important for the decking, which will not be covered further parquet, and which will not lay laminate.