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August 12, 2017 18:06

Construction of wooden houses with their own hands

Construction of wooden houses with their own hands

How to start the construction of wooden houses with their own hands?

course, with the creation of the project.Usually, however, standard designs to very few people fit.

Someone wants to build a house for permanent residence, and someone needs a quiet haven to rest from everyday city life.In the layout of the house affect any detail.

future house project can be found on the Internet, or to draw a project yourself as you would like to see your house.

then the architect will complete an individual project, based on customer requests.With the help of the project, you can monitor the progress of construction, and avoid many mistakes and inaccuracies.

By the choice of building materials should be approached very seriously.One should not forget about the engineering-geological studies, without which it is recommended not constitute the foundation of the project.

Once the project is created, the estimate is made, construction materials purchased, you can start the construction of a wooden house.Starting with the foundation of the device.

for wooden houses suitable foundation belt type.Under the first row of logs at the foundation should pave the waterproofing and attach it securely.

Waterproofing separates the log walls of the concrete foundation, and protects them from decay.From laying the first crown depends largely on the stability of the remaining structure of the house.


next stage of construction of wooden houses with their own hands - the construction of the wooden walls of the framework.Today you can buy a ready kit for wooden frame.

This kit consists of beams for ceilings and floors, obsadov for doors and windows, pillars, roof rafters and ridge beams.Logs or laminated veneer lumber need to be laid precisely into the grooves.

log walls during installation are subject to mandatory insulation in cups and crowns.

As a heater used moss, hemp or jute insulation.

All wooden elements are necessary to process bio - and flame retardants to protect them from the wood beetle, rot, fire and other misfortunes.

After the walls being built roof.On the rafters stuffed crate, laid Roofing waterproofing and only then has made the installation of the roof.


After the erection of the roof, proceed to the laying of utilities - heating, heating, plumbing, etc.

Finishing a wooden house, which consists of finishing the ceiling and floor, installation of doors and windows, decoration of rooms, kitchen and bathroom, installing a fireplace and plumbing, and ventilation devices is the final stage of construction.