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August 12, 2017 18:06

Original versions of the interior of the house of laminated veneer lumber

Original versions of the interior of the house of laminated veneer lumber

The original interior of the house of laminated veneer lumber will make your home attractive, not only outside but also inside.

wooden beam houses look quite attractive and, moreover, have high quality characteristics: such houses are environmentally friendly, safe for people to have a good sound and heat insulation.

All this makes the house from a bar an excellent choice.However, when the house was built, the question arises, how to decorate the interior design.

wooden construction is quite specific, and therefore need a suitable design.

In this article you'll learn about the most appropriate design options houses from glued beams inside and see a photo that will help you re-create your favorite design in your home.

design options

There are many variants of interior decoration design home from a bar.Let us examine the most popular ones.

If the house of laminated veneer lumber is small, and you do not live there permanently, and use only the holiday season, it will be an interesting option to turn an ordinary building in a real hunting lodge.

Style hunting lodge

design options can be as simple as: rough wooden benches can be covered with animal skins (you can take and artificial), add a wooden table and a bedroom on the second floor - and you get a completely original and habitable house hunting with an interesting design.

can choose a more complex option: buy a dark leather furniture, tables and chairs and wood.

very important part of the decoration is a fireplace - you can buy a real stone or an electric fireplace with a stone finish.

more budget option - to make a false fireplace yourself.Walls of the house can be decorated with hunting trophies and weapons.

This variant design house is very good for small houses - see how it looks in the photo.


Mediterranean style - the original solution for large buildingswith large rooms.It will help to create a light and emphasize the presence of the space in the house.

main distinguishing features of this style - design floor and wall tiles and stone.

It may seem a bit unusual for a wooden structure, but this design looks very impressive at home - can see in the photo.


better to opt for home decoration materials monochromatic light colors and shades.Supplement the design can be white curtains made from natural fabrics and wicker furniture easy.

Try not to clutter the room, becauseThis style involves a maximum free space.

If you place it right, then, going to the house, it would seem that he is somewhere on the beach rather than in central Russia.

but not necessarily execute in the style of the house - can be limited and some rooms.For example, very good it will look like in a spacious bathroom or hallway.

country style - classic and easily reproducible option for home decoration.

its attractiveness that are used for the decoration of objects and decoration materials of wood, which fits perfectly into the design of wooden buildings.

Country style involves a fairly simple no-frills design.Furniture - only necessary, decorative elements - at least.


is best suitable furniture "antique"or the most simple furniture.The main thing - to avoid the modern materials, such as plastic, metal, etc.They are in this style did not fit.

If you want to add decorative elements, it is better that it was not the paintings and photos on the walls, and wooden beams on the ceiling, the curtains with floral patterns and wooden figurines.

Overall Impression house should produce light and airy, so avoid large amounts of dark colors.

If you want to make sure the tree in the house was dark, then choose the English style.

It is distinguished by a craving for luxury, so you have to spend money on high-quality finishing of precious wood.

furniture English style requires a lot, and all of it - comfortable and cozy sofas, ottomans, recliners, large roomy closets, etc.

rooms of your house should be large enough to accommodate all the furniture.Alternatively, you can arrange an English-style one room only.

Let it be Bedroom: give it the English style will help you wallpaper with a floral or patterned coloring, large comfortable bed and a few decorative elements.

use photos, they will help you re-create the English and any other style in any room of your home.


choice of furniture and materials

Choosing furnituredepends, of course, the design choices in your home.

However, there are some general rules: for example, do not buy cheap plastic furniture or arrange a house in high-tech style, which involves a large number of metal objects.

This design is not well suited for the house of laminated veneer lumber.

The more natural materials you choose - the more organic and richly will look your home.


can experiment with different styles, and to draweach room in its own way: let the bedroom is in the English style, living room and bathrooms - in the Mediterranean, etc.

However, there is a risk that your house is not in the end will look like a single unit.

Therefore, if you are not confident in their abilities decoration, let you help a designer who will take into account all your wishes and realize them in the rooms of your home.

There are some elements that are suitable for every wood construction: fireplaces, wooden furniture, objects, carved, wooden stairs.

All this you can make or buy and not have to worry that these items are not suitable to the interior.

However, often wooden furniture is massive enough, so try to keep it was not too much, especially if a small room in the house - would be enough, and 1-2 pieces of furniture.

For example, for the bedroom enough beds and mirrors, or you can add to it as a chest of drawers, if there is enough space.

With special care approach to furniture and decorative materials for the kitchen.It is desirable that she repeated the interior of the house.

refrigerator, cooker hood and other appliances can be closed with wooden panels which are organically fit into the design.

Or, if the kitchen is large and is combined with the living room, you can simply demarcate it on the areas - let work area will be in a contemporary style, with an abundance of modern technology and metal elements, and a dining area - a classic wooden design.


And so they were combined with each other, you can use similar elements in the design - for example, the stone floor.

choices of furniture, decoration materials and design for the house of laminated veneer lumber is not less than the rest, so its design should not be a problem for you.

Use photos and magazines to choose a design and estimate, what furniture and materials you'll need to bring your chosen interior in the house - so that you get a professional finish premises without the involvement of expensive specialists.