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August 12, 2017 18:06

Glazing in the balcony Khrushchev

Glazing in the balcony Khrushchev

Many owners of apartments in older homes are trying to hold the glazing of balconies in Khrushchev to slightly increase the living space and make it more suitable for living.

It is known that Khrushchev considered one of the most common types of housing, which is still home to a huge number of people across the country.

These apartments are distinguished by their relatively small size, and so the owners of such housing is desperately struggling, practically, for every meter of usable area.

It glazing of balconies in Khrushchev allows you to make a house more comfortable.

It should be noted that the balconies in the houses of this type has its own characteristics.In the first place, as well as the apartment itself, balconies have such a small area.

In addition, they are very often in a state of disrepair that makes choosing the glazing most lightweight materials.

For these balconies suitable French windows, glazed aluminum profiles, as well as wooden.

There are a variety of options that can be carried out glazing of balconies in Khrushchev, and, if desired, all the work can be done by hand.

In the photo, which is placed below, you can see some types of balconies in Khrushchev, made with glazed.



  • A variety of glazing options
  • Using aluminum profile
  • Glazing French type
  • Tips &recommendations

Variety of options for glazing

Before you decide on the glazing option should initially think about how you plan to use the room in the future.In

if the glazing is performed to prevent excessive noise, as well as adverse weather conditions, it is possible to perform an aluminum profile.

In economic terms, the cost of materials will be minimal, and the necessary work can be done with his own hands in a fairly short time frame.

If you plan to use the balcony Khrushchev, as an extra room, you will have to perform a so-called warm glazing.

It is better to use PVC material, but at the preliminary stage will have to spend an additional strengthening of the balcony construction.

Recently gaining popularity with the removal of glazing options abroad balcony and extra reinforced roof.

balcony Warm option will place on its territory quite comfortable sitting area.

In this case, the temperature control can be maintained at a high level even when the temperature outside drops below zero.

should be noted that the cold and the type of glazing will protect the space against drafts and deposits, respectively, and on the balcony of the temperature will be higher than on the street.Related species

balcony glazing Khrushchevki can be divided into several types, depending on what kind of material will be the basis of its design.

Currently carried out often enough glazed aluminum or PVC profile.

You can also meet and wooden frames and glazing with the removal of the French design and the reinforced roof.

Some options glazed balconies in apartments Khrushchev can be seen in the photo, which is available below.


Using aluminum profile

One of the best options to perform glazed balcony in Khrushchev - is to use the aluminum profile,which has a relatively low weight.

In addition, there is the opportunity to aluminum frames convenient sliding type, which will give all the functionality of the design.

Since Khrushchev balconies do not differ in their size, aluminum frame sliding type enable at the opening does not take too much extra space.

Typically, such a window frame inserted up to four millimeters thick.

design of this balcony is quite simple, and in the presence of all the necessary materials to conduct glazing can be their own hands.

balcony glazing using an aluminum profile can be seen on photos in this article.

Glazing in the balcony Khrushchev their own hands with the help of aluminum profiles, makes the whole construction durable.

This material is non-corrosive and does not deform under various external influences.

addition, it is not afraid of fire, and has high strength, even though that material is thin enough.


Aluminum excellent withstand various external influences such as wind, thunder, rain.

systems created on the basis of aluminum, quickly and easily installed, with their own hands without assistance.

The disadvantages of this type of glazing is the fact that if you do not perform additional insulation, a balcony will be cool, in addition, aluminum profiles, compared with other similar materials that have a relatively high price.

Glazing French type

French glazing frames characterized by the removal of the surface of the balcony, which makes it a little more.For Khrushchev - is the best option, which helps a little to win a seat.

As a rule, this type of glazing is further settling a separate roof.

French glazing involves the installation of frames outside the plate design on special brackets with a small removal.

In addition, in this method, you can get the job done without the use of frames that will make room for the balcony lighter.

In this case, provided the installation of special construction, the main element of which is solid and thick glass.

This type loggia to protect the glass surface is recommended to equip the roof with a small removal.

In addition to these types of glazing, balconies in the Khrushchev can be done with their own hands and using wooden frames.

However, in this case it will be necessary to check the strength of the carrier plate, as the tree is heavy.

also use wooden frames in a small space is not very convenient.More preferably, it looks to work with their own hands with the help of PVC profile.


installation of plastic windows make the space allows the loggia and warm enough to use it as a full room.

For convenience, windows you can swing type, in addition, the frame can be taken outside the loggia space, as suggested by a French windows.

Tips and tricks

In the case where the structure is located on the top floor of Khrushchev, on a mandatory basis during the work it will have to additionally equip a separate roof.

For these purposes, it is best to assemble the frame of the metal, and on top put a relatively lightweight roofing material, such as metal roofing.

This is mandatory to consider the load on the plate, which is best to strengthen and refurbish.Do not forget about the installation of drainage systems, as well as canopies and window sills.

Of course, it is better if all the work will be performed by professionals, but with the right approach and compliance with all the standard rules, the work can be done independently.

In any case, this type of work requires a special approach and attentive attitude.

At the preliminary stage, it is best to plan the entire course of the work and to make a drawing, in which the paint is required to detail every node future construction.


as materials is recommended to choose the ones that have a relatively low weight and can successfully withstand a variety of external influences.Some

ready designs to loggias Khrushchev can be seen on the photos, which are available in the article.