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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shelf made ​​of plasterboard - an original and functional solution

Shelf made ​​of plasterboard - an original and functional solution

shelves of plasterboard - an original and functional solution for storing things.

Thanks to their functional and aesthetic qualities, equipped with shelves of plasterboard can be in any room of the apartment.

Many give preference to this material, and there are quite a few reasons: drywall is very flexible, suitable for finishing the ceiling, creating arches, walls and shelves.

He is not only functional, but also very attractive, making it suitable for use in the interior.

If your house is empty niches or non-functional angles, you can close them by setting the corner shelves of plasterboard.

This material is quite economical - you can make the shelves of plasterboard, which was previously used, for example, for finishing the ceiling or create an arch.From the remnants of quite easily possible to assemble the shelf and hang it on the wall.

Observe drywall especially worth it if you do the repairs yourself, becauseeasier material handling and assembly are hard to find.

You can not have the experience or knowledge of repair work on the decoration - it does not matter.

in the plasterboard is no big deal, and it does not require any specific tools.

From the article, you'll learn how to make the shelves of plasterboard with their hands, how to hang and fix them on the walls, as well as some of the design nuances of how to place the shelf in different rooms apartments, that they are the most profitable looking in your interior.

Photo milestones and design options to help you choose which regiment, niche or partition will look in your interior best.


  • Creation and installation
    • frame Making
  • Design and layout
    • shelves and niches in the living room
    • shelves and niches in the kitchen
    • Accommodation in other areas

Creationand installation

below will be given instructions, as well as a photo of work with steps that will help you make the frame and mounting the shelves of plasterboard.

size and density of construction will depend on how you plan to place on it.

shelves are designed for heavy loads - for example, placing it on the TV or music center should be equipped with metal profiles, enhancing their stability.

If the shelf is not planned to put anything heavier than a vase, you can use profiles Rack plan.But in this case, remember that nothing major will place on the shelf is impossible, sinceit simply breaks down.

Therefore, it is better to make the structure stable at once, and not worry that it will fall apart over time.

to make and fasten the shelf, you will need the following tools:

  • screwdriver;
  • shears for metal works;
  • special knife for drywall;
  • punch;
  • suspensions and profiles;
  • fasteners - nails, screws, dowels.

Tools for the job

Since the shelves of cardboard-gypsum sheets can be virtually any size and shape, it is better to take the time and make a drawing of the structure of the future by studying the examples before this ready-made shelves.

addition will look like shelf, its dimensions are reflected in the drawing that will help you calculate the amount of material that will be required to work, and do not spend money on extra meters.

When you understand that it will be placed on the shelves, you will be easier to choose the length and width of the material.

length of drywall can be 2-4 meters, width - 6-24 mm.Naturally, the thicker the material, the greater the load it can withstand.

frame Making

first step is to make the structure of the frame.To do this you will need a UD profile.It is quite narrow, making the construction of elegant and not heavy-handed, also hang on the wall it will be easier.

profile must be installed on the wall and secure with metal or nylon dowels.Places need to secure the frame advance notice in the drawing, so that the regiment was located exactly in the same position as you want, and not turned too low or left side.

To make the frame stronger, you can use the jumpers.

See how it is done, the photo, before you start to build your own frame, asits creation - the most difficult stage of the work, and to make themselves and hang shelves of plasterboard will be much easier.


At this stage you will need screws - withtheir help is necessary to fasten the lower and upper part of the shelves to the frame.The most important thing here - to make sure that the material does not warp and is not broken, so the work should be carried out carefully enough, without sudden movements.

At each stage of the work necessary to check the drawing and photo instructions to avoid discrepancies, asdo it all again will be difficult.

reveal irregularities shelf location, you can use level - use them when installing the frame, as well as the installation of the material.

If the weight on the structure of the drywall assumed considerable, it can be combined with other materials, drywall, metal or glass, for example - as construction becomes more robust.

If you want to arrange the shelves of plasterboard in the bathroom, the scheme of work on them is similar, just be careful when choosing the material: it must be resistant to moisture, and treated with a solution of water and anti-fungus.

color such material blue or green (see photo ) - memorize it, and then you can not go wrong when choosing the material for the bathroom shelf.

Types of material

If you are interested in not only the shelves for the walls, but also the arch or a partition for the living room of plasterboard, then you can do and - work steps will be similar.

First of all, you need to draw a diagram of the structure of the future and to prepare the opening, making it the top straight and flat to make it easier to install the material.After that you can start the installation patterns and material.

Just as shelves partition arch and require the creation of a skeleton, which is made of metal profile.For normal stability of the structure is necessary to make 4 pieces Profile - two vertical and two - horizontal.

When installing the profile do not forget to consider the size of your future designs, and leave between the elements of the profile is about 1.5 cm deep.See photos to accommodate the frame correctly.

Once the frame is ready, set arch.It is bolted to the frame using screws, metal who need a little sink in the sheet to the entire structure rested better, but not too much, otherwise the drywall may break.

When installing, make sure that the distance between the screws is not less than 12 cm. You can see in the video how to make shelves, arch or niche and repeat it in your living room, bathroom or any other room of your apartment.


Design and layout

Plasterboard - very malleable material, so do not necessarily need a standard corner shelves - you can experiment with the size and shape.

developing structure design should come primarily from how organically it will look like in the interior of the room.

shelves and niches in the living room

example, shelves of plasterboard for the living room can be equipped with spotlights, they are usually mounted on the side.This creates a cozy lighting and additional light source that does not take too much space.

great idea would be to make a shelf on the wall built and place it in a niche of the living room - so she takes the empty non-functional at first glance, the place is not at the same time cutting down the size of the room.

no less popular than the shelves, niches are made of plasterboard.Make them no more difficult than the shelves, but can be used more functionally.

example, you can make a niche in the living room, where you can place the TV, or to focus on creating a niche in the bathroom, which can be framed mirror.


shelves and niches in the kitchen

Hang a shelf on the wall it is possible not only in the bathroom or living room, but also in the kitchen or in the hallway.

The kitchen is also good design will look plasterboard with backlight - you can set this in the dining area, and it will give comfort room.

course, to store household items open shelves is not very fit, but to place them on decorative elements, or a vase of flowers - it is quite possible.

Arch with illumination can be an interesting design decision, as well as the boundary between the kitchen and the luminaire.

In this case, the partition is equipped with spotlights on the inside - it's a bit more complicated than placing them on the shelves, but are quite capable of any layperson.

This arch can be placed in the hallway, and serves as a passage to the living room if you want to remove the door.

look at more options, how to make lamps in the niche of the arch and the shelves in the photo.


Accommodation in other areas

niche plasterboard - a great opportunity to make the room visually larger.You can make a great niche - so that they served as a partition in the living room or kitchen.

So you divide the work area and recreation area.

Niches can also be equipped with backlit - then on the one hand it is a solid, just as a partition, and on the other - have a functional shelf for placing decorative items.

make such niche best white, becausehe makes the room visually larger and place in large rooms - such as the living room.

built-in shelves for bathroom fit best, becauseThis room is not so much space.

best to hang a shelf in the corner - it will serve as a repository for the hygiene and the mirror in the bathroom can be equipped, for example, decorative niches, which will serve as a room decoration.

Built shelves suitable not only for the bathroom - you can hang them on the wall in any room where there is a free angle.

in the hallway can be a shelf for shoes (if you do not mind that it will be open), to equip a children's shelf for books and toys in the bedroom or living room - for picture frames and other decorative elements.

Due to the plasticity of the material, it can be used virtually in any space, no matter what version of its location you choose - shelves, arch, niche, or a partition.

Options Design shelves and other structures of this material in the bathroom and other rooms of the apartment, see photo.

Make shelves is not difficult plasterboard with their hands, as is the case with other objects, so if you have not worked with this material - do not worry, the installation of elements of the drywall is much easier than from a tree, or worse, metaland he looks at it very, very impressive.