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August 12, 2017 18:06

Raised in the interior of the window with backlight

Raised in the interior of the window with backlight

Today you can find many ways to interior renovation: replacement of upholstery, decorative partitions, or set the window trim.

Often it is used in the darkest corners of the room, as well as to increase the space and give the house its "highlights".It can also hide flaws make repairs.

Applying false windows become a fashionable trend in interior design, which is run under the force not only designers, but also you can do it with their own hands.

In order to determine the "front" work, it is necessary to deal with the kind of false windows.

Before starting production of the window with his hands, you must surface to which it is attached, make smooth.If necessary, putty, remove all the cracks.

also required to make a layout to "not to lose" with the location.


  • Types false windows
    • Drawn
    • Mirror
    • Ceiling
  • Application in the bathroom
  • Backlight false windows
  • on the facade decoration of the building

Types false windows

false windows are:

  • drawn;
  • mirror;
  • ceiling.


to draw a false window looked more harmonious, pre-cooked sketch.Prepared picture fastened to the wall and framed.Frames are glued or attached to the screws.

sure the frame will need to sand and paint (especially when wood material is used) or simply treat stain and varnish.You can use the photo wallpapers.

main thing to be done - it is right to make measurements.

photowall cost is directly proportional to the selected material (paper wallpaper, silk, etc.).

add trim window can be some of the elements.

It may be curtains, a window sill, on which you can put a few pots of flowers.You can use a Plexiglas top pattern that protects fabric from dirt and add realism.

frames can be replaced with polyurethane moldings, which are also stained in the appropriate color.If you use narrow moldings, then it is possible to make the cover.


The interior of this window will look beautiful,but to mix it with the present will be possible.

Mirror Mirror, primarily designed to expand the space of the house.Make it your own hands can be, it will take a whole leaf mirror or mirrored tiles.Mounted on a painting directly on the wall, pre-aligned.

There are two options, how to make a false window in the mirror.

The first is that the pre-prepared frame with grid simulating the binding.To frame mirror tiles glued.And mounted on the wall the entire structure as a whole.

In a second embodiment, the wall mounted first frame, which is inserted into the mirror.If necessary, you can make a cover with plastic molding in the frame color.

The resulting window should not "burden" curtains, window sill, as because of this lost primary function - increase space in the room.



False windowlocated on the ceiling, looks very beautiful, imitate the sky, add romance.How to do it?

First the suspended ceiling.In the place where the false window niche is to be located.We select the "sky", ieyou need to select a picture (drawing, wallpapers). starry sky, clouds, birds, etc.

Our 'sky' is attached to the recess, situated on the ceiling, with the help of glue.Along the edges of the frame to attach (moldings) and, if necessary, binding.This option box, you can make your own hands.

On the ceiling is often used as the tension cloth with the image of the sky and the flickering illumination, the examples shown in the photo.


Application in the bathroom room

False windows are mostly designed to increase the space, so they can be found in small rooms: bathroom, kitchen.To learn how to do a false window in the bathroom, take a closer look.

Sample windows are shown in the photo.

niche is in the wall, on which the edges of the mounted lamp soft lighting.In this case all the wires have to be removed, carry out additional sealing and protection from moisture.

Because of the high humidity for fake windows used matte surface of the glass.

The interior of the bathroom can be used stained glass, as he was "not afraid" of the temperature difference, water and various chemicals.As an additional shelves can be a window sill.


Backlight false windows

DesignersWe have come up with many ways to diversify the interior of the house.Ready-made false window, you can buy and install them without any extra efforts.

can also take advantage of new developments useful in the interior, for example, end-backlit acrylic.

technology consists in the breaking of light rays scattered by the surface.The light is soft, the eyes are not strained from him.

This light consumes little electricity and can be used at home as a sconce.


Light panels properly called "freymlayt".In the box is inserted picture, poster or photo.You can make additional binder if desired.

Raised screen with backlight can be purchased ready-made and can be made with your own hands.

Please make a box.This will require to take a clear plastic or plexiglass.

protective film from the plastic is better to remove at the end of the work, to avoid unnecessary scratches.

Then do the blank: an image base, cover the walls of the box (4 pieces, respectively), and the bottom wall of the bottom (4 pieces).

prepared materials are collected by means of glue for PVC.To attach the cover to the wall and use the corners to the bottom.

Making window does not end there.

lower part of the box with foil glued to provide a better reflection of light.Along the edges of the box is attached LED strip is indented 4 cm. The solder pieces of tape should be consistent from one coil.

displayed on the transformer, using a conventional "twisted pair".Next, the wires are displayed to the outlet.
On the cover is glued boxes image.On each side of the part is glued to be bent.

Next exterior wall close up dense material, does not transmit light.The cover is mounted on the box after you adjust lighting.

The box set into a prepared niche in the wall, as in the photo.The main thing that the window was flat, not twisted.Slots remaining on the sides, sealed with foam.

frame material can be both wooden and plastic.The use of such windows refreshing interior.


decoration on a building facade

Catching design house, do not forget about the facade of the building in the first place, we are talking about private homes.Modern beautiful interior in the room will not be in harmony with the dilapidated building outside view.

There may be occasions when the room found a sufficient number of windows for good lighting and a rational arrangement of furniture, but the facade of the building with one of the parties may appear "empty".

How to make a false window in such a case?To prepare this niche.Its depth is equal to the depth of the lintel, the bottom of which signs a binding, or is filled with bars attached thereto glass (plexiglass).If

wooden facade, the window simulates the packing casings, glass, use shutters.In the photo - a false skylight.