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August 12, 2017 18:06

Warming of the well caisson

Warming of the well caisson

learn how to insulate a caisson think almost all the owners of the wells in anticipation of winter.

But look at everything in order, starting with what the caisson, in fact, is.

So, the caisson is a cylindrically shaped metal structure made by using welding.

its length of two meters, and the installation of the caisson is carried out directly on the well, after which provides for thermal insulation works, which have been successfully used glass wool, foam insulation, and the like.

Then, finally, the top cover is installed.

What is the caisson?

With it provides protection for the well, as well as water pipes, which is especially important in the conditions of possible freezing in cold weather.

In addition, the installation of the caisson presents another, extremely important advantage.

It consists in the possibility of additional installation of a number of devices, including, for example, filters and equipment, pressure sensors, and the expansion tank, as well as other types of equipment using actual well.

When properly installed caisson, as well as compliance with the proper requirements, you will not only encounter the problem of water freezing in the winter, but also to avoid flooding of the well water with the onset of the rainy season, or during normal floods.

Warming caisson prevents the formation of ice, thus preventing very serious consequences.

By the way, the choice of the caisson is best to stay on the plastic models, which have special shelves for subsequent insulation.


If you do decide to choose a metal caisson, you have to do provide a number of additional points.

Caisson convenient by the fact that it can be used under hozblok, adding to it a variety of tools and equipment.

Suffice it to install it directly on the hinge cover, and then hang up the lock.

If you decide to install a caisson yourself, here, of course, you need some experience, because the matter is quite problematic.

particularly important point is - waterproofing, because it will determine the quality and integrity of the quality of work and then have the well itself.

If the waterproofing is not secured properly, the penetration of water into the caisson will simply not be avoided, and this is provoke a deterioration of all the equipment, the cost of which is to remind you, I think, is not necessary.