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August 12, 2017 18:06

Cleaning the sewage at home

Cleaning the sewage at home

about how to clean the drains in the home, if I have a blockage in general know the people living in high-rise building.

Often the problem encountered at the wrong hour.

At this moment everyone living in the apartment has its own means and methods.

first thing made clear bitter experience of citizens, drainage system needs to operate properly.

Do not throw in the toilet things and objects, including tools for personal hygiene.

At the same time, and with careful use plumbing fixtures sewer pipes clogged and have to deal with the cleaning of them.


  • Causes obstruction
  • How can unclog drains
    • Flushing hot boiling water
    • chemical method
    • mechanical method
    • Cleaning pressure
  • Prevention blockages

Causes obstruction

Mosttotal blockage of sewer pipes arises from the fact that large items fall into them which are stuck there.

For this item clinging debris as a result of such a process forms a plug.We must remember that on the walls of sewer pipes formed build-up of fat.

growth process lasts for years and may cause that the pipe finally becomes clogged.

sewer riser iron covered with corrosive patina inside.Corrosion prevents the free movement of waste and thus contributes to the formation of constipation.

about all the reasons you need to know to prevent their occurrence and to deal effectively with the consequences.

When constipation is formed in the sewer system, then this is followed by a series of serious trouble.To prevent such a development, it is necessary to eliminate the cause quickly.

At home, it can be done in different ways.To do this, first of all, it is necessary to determine the location of the blockage.

Then apply one of the following methods of cleaning:

  • Mechanical;
  • thermal;
  • chemical;
  • cleaning pressure.

If the clogged sink in the kitchen, the first thing is to clear the settling tank siphon.

When standing water in the bathtub and the sink for washing, the cause must be sought in the next section of the sewer pipe.

How can unclog drains

In the living room there are only four sanitary unit - bath, toilet, sink, sink.

Many years of practice shows that the apartment or private home most of sewerage blockage occurs in the interval from the kitchen sink to the riser.Or, at the site of the release of the bath and to the same riser.


himself riser clog less often, and it can be cleaned with special devices and methods.When there is a problem, first of all, you need to determine which clogged pipe on site.

And then make a decision on how to unclog drains.You start with simple actions, which in most cases help.

Flushing hot boiling water

If cleaning of the kitchen is no longer water drains, the reason for this can be a siphon, which is clogged septic tank.The first thing you need to boil the kettle and pour cool boiling water into the drain hole.

In most cases, such an action has an effect.If it does not need to use baking soda and salt.

This solution is made on the basis of: half a cup of baking soda and salt poured into the sink hole and filled with boiling water.There is another way, which is applicable in the home for sewer cleaning.

should use baking soda and vinegar.The sink should be filled with boiling water to pour half a cup of baking soda and pour a glass of vinegar.

You should know that in this way eliminates local blockages.

vinegar or acid contained in special detergents to dissolve grease build-up, which regularly falls into the sump and siphon solidifies there.

Under the influence of hot water and chemically active substances such growths on the walls of the tubes are washed and softened.


This suggests that boiling water can "punch" a little constipation, which was formed recently and is not yet zakamenel.

If the high-rise building clogged riser, then it can only be cleaned with special tools at the disposal of housing and communal services.

chemical method

In the case where cleaning with boiling water brought no result, it is possible to use other, more effective means.

before filling the sink with chemical agents that dissolve fat deposits, it is recommended to remove the siphon and clean the sump.

Rinse siphon parts needed with chemical detergents, observing all safety precautions.The solution should not fall on the exposed skin and eyes.

choosing solutions or powders for sewer cleaning, you need to carefully read the instructions for use.

Some of them have had a devastating effect on the plastic pipes.

Before starting to work on sewer cleaning, you need to purchase personal protective equipment - rubber gloves and goggles.

The second important point is that the chemicals that are used to remove blockages, are acidic and alkaline.Mixing them together can not, under any circumstances.

Chemicals cleaning

When working in an apartment or private house you need to stock up on plastic buckets.Dry agent poured directly into the drain hole and maintained 15-20 minutes pause.

Then you need to pour into a hole several buckets of hot water.If you can not remove the obstruction, it is necessary to use the following method.

mechanical method

chemical method sewer cleaning can be effective when the pipe or riser was a big thing.

It can be used container from under the hair spray or shaving foam.Often sewage system fall cloths for washing floors.

eliminate this blockage can only rope.At the craft store always has on offer this tool for sewer cleaning.

Cable, which has at one end of the handle for rotation, obstruction simply collapses.

To achieve the desired result should be inserted in the free end of the tube and push it to the point where the obstruction was formed.Translational motion of "plug" just breaks.

perform operations on sewer cleaning more convenient cable together.At a private home ownership in this way, you can eliminate any cork, resulting in a tube.

Another thing, when the blockage is formed in a high-rise building sewage system.The pipes in the flat yield procleaning in any situation.

Cable for mechanical cleaning

But if clogged riser, the household methods can not cope with such a problem.To eliminate these blockages used a special device - an ordinary scrap with welded to it "ear."

Scrap down from the top in the riser to the blockage and then back and forth motions hit a traffic jam.

Cleaning pressure

most affordable and common way of sewer cleaning is a procedure using a plunger.Plunger - a rubber cup attached to a bottom of a wooden or plastic handle.

This device has almost every apartment.The principle of operation is based on the plunger hydraulic pressure that pushes a traffic jam.

plunger bowl should have a diameter greater than the diameter of the drain hole.The hole is covered plunger in a bath filled with water above its bowl.

And then made a few moves up and down.Such action is enough to remove the blockage in the sewer.

In the formation of blockages in the sink in the kitchen, you can use a vacuum cleaner, which has a work function of blowing out.

Plunger for drain cleaning

To vacuum cleaner hose better adjoined to the drain, it is necessary to wrap the cloth.Before using this technique, it is necessary to clean the sediment bowl siphon.

In the case where the wiring is made of a sewer plastic pipe, the pressure generated by the vacuum cleaner may leakproof connections.

Based on these features, you need to use a vacuum cleaner with a high accuracy.And so that moisture does not leak to the conductive elements.

Prevention blockages

For people living in comfortable apartments, cleaning of sewerage is considered quite commonplace.When the procedure to eliminate worked, the cleaning does not take much time.

However, everyone knows that it is better to avoid such a situation.

properly organized system allows the use of sewage live without accidents.

Practice shows that any blockage of the tube gradually.Once seen deterioration in water flow, it is necessary to take appropriate measures.

During maintenance work is necessary to clean the sump siphon.Shed for half an hour a sink or tub with hot water.


Another preventive method is to dissolve in a bucket of hot water packet of baking soda and pour it into a tub or sink.

And another way - to fill the drain pack of soda and pour her a glass of vinegar.

reaction of vinegar and baking soda is accompanied by copious foam that dissolves the coating on the inside of the sewer pipe.