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August 12, 2017 18:06

Combinations of purple flowers in the interior

Combinations of purple flowers in the interior

Violet in the interior is not the most popular option, however, often simply because not many people know how to find its combination with other objects, and the room design.

It comes in many colors, making it suitable for any room in your house: they can be painted walls, wallpaper, or buy, or use it for furniture, for example, to buy a purple sofa.

For many, the problem is how to combine it with other colors, and whether to use it, if the room is small.

These and other nuances of the apartment finishing in these colors we discuss in this article and photo options will help you find ideas on how to use this color in its own interior.


  • How to make the walls and ceiling?
    • Making bedrooms
    • Design ceiling
    • Design a child's room
    • Use of the kitchen
  • Purple color for furniture and decoration

How to make the walls and ceiling?

Purple wallpapers in the interior of the apartment can be found infrequently: many believe that such registration would be too dark and "heavy" and has a bad combination with other, forgetting that it has shades of weight: from soft lilac to plum or eggplant.

Saturated bright background use really is not necessary, especially if the room is small, becauseHe is very bright and visually reduce the space.

These wallpapers are usually found only on one wall, the rest of the paste over or color more neutral shades.

Thus, you can not only select one of the walls and make it a vibrant part of the room, but also give a room originality.As it looks, you can see in the photo.


goes well this design with white, yellow, pistachio, bright shades of green, cream and other similar tones that facilitateperception, mute the brightness and thus enable organically fit into the space of the wall.

Making bedrooms

The interior of the bedroom is better to use less saturated colors, becauseotherwise the room will not relax, but rather to excite attention too.

walls of the bedroom you can not just make out a light lilac shades, but complement any décor or light inserts callers that will neutralize its brightness.

If the bedroom is quite possible to draw all the walls in such a form, then the living room is better to dwell on one wall, or on with this shade elements, which can be used in the interior - for example, to buy a sofa or a picture in such a design.


Against the background of a white wall living such things will look very impressive.

But purple ceiling, on the contrary, in the living room can look quite original and becomes the main decoration and design element of the room.

ceiling decoration

If your ceiling drywall, then it can be converted into the design of virtually any shape.

If the ceiling is made up of two parts, one of them can be arranged in a purple version, and the other - in brighter colors.

Of course, such an option will look good only in the event that the ceilings in the apartment are quite high, in another case, the bulky ceiling will visually reduce the space.

However, you can use a similar finish in this case, for example, make the appropriate lighting or a chandelier to hang bright like paint.

Then the ceiling is not bulky, and this tone on a white background would look very advantageous.

See design options for the walls and ceiling of the living room and other rooms in the photo - surely you will find an option that will look good in the interior of your apartment.


Design a child's room

If youwant to draw children in violet tones, it is best to restrict a light violet tones, or stop at the design only one wall, asin a room decorated in the colors too aggressive, it is a long time will be difficult, and your child will get tired.

Combine this design in the nursery can be with other cool colors, such as silver or white, or else make the room warmer finishes in colors: beige, milk and so on, depending on your child's preferences.

If the child is small, it is possible to give up the painting or papering the walls and choose a few pieces of purple design that will decorate the interior: it can be a sofa, a lamp or a bookcase.

If your child is small, it will be good to watch the ceiling, decorated in purple or near his options: he can paint a starry sky - this option will look very unusual and perfect for the nursery.

As it looks, you can see in the photo.


Use of the kitchen

kitchen bright decoration of walls and ceilings are not too popular - try to make this room bright and airy, choosing a neutral design.

You can use it to decorate one wall, especially if the kitchen combined with a living room and a lot of places.Or you can lay tiles, decorated in purple tones, a working kitchen area.

But often such finishes bring the interior of the kitchen with the help of furniture and design elements.


Purple color for furniture and decoration

In small apartments would be wiser not to seal the entire space and the ceiling this brightshade, and add it into the interior through the furniture and other items.

They are, on the one hand, refresh the interior, and on the other - will not affect the size of the room.

Violet in the interior of the bedroom can often be found in the design of the bed.

You can decorate it with a beautiful blanket or quilt, decorated in colors corresponding to the room or pick up small bright sofa, if space permits.

a good idea to look and lighting in this color - with it you can make the bedroom more intimate and set a romantic mood.

better to use subdued light - it can be a sconce or table lamp - then the interior will not look too aggressively.

Other design options of furniture in shades of purple you can see in the photo.


combination is perfect for dishes with white,especially if the kitchen combined with living room.

You can choose, for example, lilac headset, or use the color in some pieces of furniture, such as chairs.Good will look and purple curtains in the interior.

for living it may be heavy curtains of thick rich material with paint, the kitchen will suit lighter materials, bright flower colors, such as purple.

in white and violet tones often trim spaces in a classic style, so do not doubt that even the most simple food will look more presentable with a combination of these colors in the interior.

to the room to look more richly, can be added to the finish as gold and silver - they are also quite well with this hue.

View options interiors kitchen in this color can be in the photo.


to the living room are perfect pieces of furniture in this color.You can buy a bright sofa, lamp or bookshelves - all these elements organically fit into the interior.

Sofa such shades will look good as strict background of a white wall, and in the decoration in loft style with rough brick or concrete walls.

Ideally, of course, use a gray, white or other neutral muted finishes sinceeven the furniture of the bright color will really attract attention, and do not make the whole living room is too bright.

If you want to use some elements of color, as well as making these colors the walls and floor, use muted shades - they are called pripylennymi - they will make the color is not so bright and aggressive.

also alternate between bright colors and neutral, for example, dilute sofa, floor and ceiling white or a large floor lamp light picture.

If you use a lot of elements of the same color, then try to make a combination of different colors to the living room was decorated in different colors, but did not look like a box.

See photos in the article, to competently choose furniture and accessories to decorate the color you want.


combination with elements of child purple - very advantageous variant, because children love all bright and unusual.

If you decide to make a purple ceiling with a starry sky in the nursery, you can add a sofa or purple paint in the color of the cabinet doors.

can draw on it favorite characters or simply patterns, depending on the age of the child.

But try to make it a bright color is not too much, especially if a small room.

combine it with other shades, or zoned area, if possible: looking baby sleeping area in lighter tones, and working and playing - in a bright and cheerful, and there you will come in handy this shade.

Choose a combination of purple with other colors and design design can be in virtually any room, because this color is the set of a variety of shades and find a use for it is not so difficult.

main thing - to consider some simple tips and see a few design options in the photo before you decide what color to choose for decoration.