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August 12, 2017 18:06

Instructions for repair in the bathroom with their hands

Instructions for repair in the bathroom with their hands

Repair of bathroom with their own hands - a topical issue, since at a certain time any room in need of renovation, especially the bathrooms in the Khrushchev.

Any repairs in the bathroom: cosmetics and capital made by yourself, save a lot of money.

However, if for some work enough knowledge and skills, it is better to turn to professionals, because it affects the safety of the use of the bathroom.

also important to choose a bathroom quality materials in order to avoid re-repair, for example, inexpensive tile adhesive entail unpleasant consequences in the form of tiles had fallen away.

for proper performance of work you need to know: how to make repairs in the bathroom.It is also recommended that more in detail all the steps to look at the video


  • Preparation and installation work
  • Repair walls
  • floor repair
  • Repair ceiling

Preparation and installation work

As a rule, cosmetic and major repairs in the bathroom with their hands begins with preparatory work.To perform the repair work the room should be completely free.

will be ideal if the room will only sewage risers and drainage, as in the photo.

Preparing for repair

walls need cleaned of old coating to the concrete base.

Cleaning should be done qualitatively, on the surface should not remain even the smallest sites with the old mortar and plaster.

If we talk about the bathroom in Khrushchev, it may be present box, provide ventilation.

This box can be easily removed and replaced with a box of drywall.

The next step is to install the pipes.Polypropylene tubes are recommended.Polypropylene - an inexpensive material, ideal for the bathroom.

Steel pipes - it's cheap, but they are susceptible to corrosion, so the service life of their short-lived.Getting started with running water.Standard wall or plastered or plasterboard protection.

the presence of the pipe ducts are held closely along the walls without special recesses for the pipes in the concrete, as in the photo.Pipe fixed to a wall using clips.

Conduit Pipe

In the case of plasterboard a snug fit to the walls of the pipes due to the fact that when installing plasterboard boxes reduced space bathroom, and thanks to the dense arrangement of pipes, reducing the area will be minimized.

required for sewage pipes with a diameter of 50 mm.When the device box of drywall all pipes are mounted inside, in other cases does a special recess.

Groove must be such that the pipes can be completely hidden in the wall.After this, the walls are plastered.

sewer pipe in this case must be placed on the bottom, closing the duct along the entire length.This method is recommended for bathrooms Khrushchev.

The next step is very important - wiring.Wiring in the bathroom provides good coverage, and enables the use of various household appliances.

Location outlets, lighting fixtures, switches should consider in advance.If you have a box of drywall all wiring to hide behind it.

All wires must be insulated.To this end, the wires are placed in a cable duct or an insulating sleeve.

If plasterboard box is not included in the plans, such as Khrushchev, the wiring attached to the wall and covered with plaster.

Sometimes you need to make the wiring on plastered walls, in which case you need to make a groove in which the wires are laid, then smeared plaster or alabaster.

detailed wiring in the bathroom presented in the video.


When the room is prepared, piping and wiring ready, purchased all the materials you can start decorating.

Repair walls

Finishing work in the bathroom or start with the plastering of the walls, or with the manufacture of boxes made of plasterboard, which serve as the basis for any design ideas.

Plaster - a cheaper option of finishing in the bathroom.When plastering the wall surface is first primed.Then put up beacons, as in the photo.

Lighthouses for plaster

To this end, the surface attached vertical slats, which will flatten the surface with the use of the rules.

between slats should be such a distance that when aligned along the edges of the right to remain for up to 10 cm strips.

When beacons are ready, you can proceed to the preparation of the plaster solution.For

solution mixed cement and sand, after which the mixture is applied to the wall and leveled rule.If necessary

plaster can be applied in two layers: one layer is applied first, and after drying - second.The next day, the plaster is overwritten in order to remove the irregularities.

main objective is to create a smooth wall surfaces for further installation of the tiles.This method of decoration is presented on video.


Consider the production of a box of drywall in the frame made of metal sheets.To begin with fixing UD profile top and bottom of the walls.

further vertically to insert CD profile with a pitch of 40 cm. Along the CD profile every 50 cm fixed brackets.Profile and brackets are fixed with screws.

At this stage, between the frame and the wall must be placed insulation of mineral wool or foam, as in the photo.

Thermal insulation for gypsum board

frame partitions are performed similarly.Need for UV perimeter main profile and the inner profile as used CV.

When the frame is ready, you can proceed to the skin moisture-resistant gypsum board, which is attached to the profile with screws 25 mm in length.The joints between the sheets must be taped.

Production boxes better look at the video.The box is not recommended for rooms in Khrushchev, having a small area.


next step is facing the walls.For lining the walls in the bathroom, there are different ideas.A great option - tile, which is an ideal option for a room in Khrushchev.

Tiles must meet certain requirements: all the angles should be straight and the surface - flat and perfectly flat.

recommended to use granite, which, of course, it is not a budget for the price, but is more resistant.

begin with the calculation of the number of rows and executing the markup.Laying should start from the second row as the first row is more convenient to stack last.

Top row must be stowed only in seamless tile.

on the walls and the tile glue is applied, and the evenness of gluing necessarily checked level.On the glue can not save because the cheapest composition does not provide a proper fixation.

between the tiles need to install special crosses, which will provide the same joints.The corners of the walls on the horizontal tile should be the same width.

Clay tile is better to choose slow-drying, it will remove errors in the work, without damaging the coating.When the adhesive sets, crosses is necessary to remove and clean the entire surface.

Then you need to make the grout joints with a special solution.The end result is supposed to be, as in the photo.


for walls in the bathroom can beused and other materials: plastic panels, vinyl wallpaper, paint, flexible stone - it will allow inexpensive to implement the most daring ideas.

floor repair

Next you need to update the floor, especially the floor to Khrushchev.For the floor in the bathroom, you can use materials such as tile, linoleum liquid, self-leveling floor.

Ideas floor there are different, you need to choose on the basis of capacity.

self-leveling floor for the bathroom is better to choose a two-: initial filling protects against leaks and the liquid - levels.


to tie in the bathroom are prohibited from using expanded clay.Although this material is inexpensive, but it absorbs water, and this leads to destruction of the screed in the bathroom.

recommended Steklomagnezitovye plate, inexpensive material - almost the price of plasterboard.These boards are stacked directly on the reinforcing mesh, and then put up beacons.

solution screed prepared as follows: cement grade not lower than M400 and sifted sand mixed in a ratio of 1: 4.

water is added in an amount equal to the amount of cement.

also need to add the PVA emulsion - 10% of the volume of water.The cement screed must be dry for 40 days.

From the floor tiles in the bathroom is better to choose the ceramic, because it does not slip when wet.Tile - this, of course, inexpensive, but also more dangerous.


tiles Masonry masonry is carried out similarly to the wall, but without seams.Each tile after installation you need to tap a rubber mallet.

Before we proceed to the floor finish in the bathroom to do waterproofing.Common inexpensive material is not suitable as a film.It takes Akvaizol or its analogues of polyester.

glued joints waterproofing mastic.The material must be laid with an overlap on the wall 25 cm with folds at the corners, then it is possible to produce a new screed or poured floor.

Repair ceiling

To repair the ceiling, you can use a variety of materials, ideas, implementation of which will be discussed below.

first option finishing the ceiling in the bathroom is drywall.Manufacturing technology for the manufacturing of the ceiling is similar to a wall box.Plasterboard zashpatlevat need, and then paint.

Not recommended for ceiling Khrushchev, as the height will make even less.

second option for a budget ceiling - applying putty on a concrete slab.It is ideal for small rooms in Khrushchev with low ceiling heights.

third option - the ceiling trim plastic lining.Mounting is similar to the fastening of the ceiling drywall, metal profile is only replaced by wooden slats, on the example photo.

Laying wainscot on the frame

from the wrong side battens to be processed PVA emulsion.Stacking is carried on a mounting glue or silicone.

For this adhesive is applied to the ridge of the tongue, the surplus should be cleaned immediately.The last two elements need to be laid together.

Before setting glue each board you need to press the rack uprights.The technology finishing the ceiling, you can see on the video.


main condition for when selecting a material for finishing the ceiling in the bathroom is its moisture resistance.However, if you make the ceiling insulation, the condensation can be excluded.

The bathroom is recommended Steklomagnezitovye plate, which is located between the heater.Fasten the sheets with silicone or installation adhesive, glue - an inexpensive option.

Thus, knowing how to make repairs on their own in the bathroom, it is possible to realize any design ideas with a great saving of money.Detail the whole process represented in the video.