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August 12, 2017 18:06

Tips for floor insulation in a private house

Tips for floor insulation in a private house

Many owners of suburban real estate with the onset of winter start to think about how to insulate the floor in a private house, and what kind of material it is better to use?

Creating a country house a comfortable temperature can be divided into several components.

order for the winter season in the interior of the home temperature corresponded to normal, you need to take care of the proper insulation of all its surfaces.

So, special attention should be paid not only thermal insulation of walls and ceiling, but also the ground floor, and think about this point, the best yet in the stage of designing the house.

In case when building a house, this issue has not been resolved, the floor warming should be addressed as quickly as possible.

As a rule, in a private home is most common, or a wooden or concrete floor, each of which should insulate taking into account individual characteristics of the coating, using for that purpose certain materials.

In any case, correctly insulated base will allow to feel comfortable in the house even when the outside temperature is well below zero.


  • basic rules warming
  • Choosing insulation
  • insulation wooden base
  • Thermal insulation of concrete floor

basic rules warming

In the case where a foundation structure of groundwater are at a depth of less thantwo meters, it is obligatory to take care of the regeneration of high-quality waterproofing layer.

only after the waterproofing is arranged correctly, proceed to the formation of rough ground.This is followed by the installation of a suitable insulating material.


insulate both concrete and wooden floors can be Penoplex, mineral wool and expanded clay.

All work must be performed as carefully as possible, and in strict accordance with the conventional technology.

Do not try to save on materials, since the onset of cold weather made work can not give effective results, and it will have to completely remodel.

When designing and building a house for any reason has not been made or floor insulation work was not carried out correctly, the problem should be solved as soon as possible.

In this case, there are two ways out of the situation.

In the first case, to the ground floor can be completely dismantled and then re-laid it, only this time using the appropriate insulation and observing technology adoption.

worth noting that to do so is not only inappropriate, but not profitable in economic terms.

can solve this problem by placing the insulation over the existing base, but in this case the height of the room a little reduced by the amount by which the floor will rise.

In any case, insulation of the floor is an important point that should not in any case be ignored.

Choosing insulation

Even at the stage of building their own home should carefully consider the gender unit in it.

should be given to the formation of both rough and finish the base and do not try to save on it, because misfolded floor can lead to serious consequences in the future.

Types of heaters

In any case, the errors in time have to be corrected, the serious inconvenience and cost.

insulation principle base depends on many factors, including the availability of the basement.If it is present, the work to be more complex and costly.

In the case where the basement is not available, you can do the necessary work in a fairly short period of time with their hands.

and wooden and concrete floors warmed by a similar principle, but certain subtleties and nuances are still present.

Currently the construction market a large selection of building materials that can be used as insulation under the concrete or wooden floor.

Very often the floor in a house insulated expanded clay.

This material has good moisture resistance and durability, but its insulating properties do not have a high efficiency.

Conduct floor insulation is best Penoplex or mineral wool.

Both of these materials in their characteristics and properties, in no way inferior to expanded clay, however, have a higher thermal conductivity.

insulate Penoplex can be almost any type of base, it must be remembered about its low environmental friendliness.

The structure of the floor insulation

At high temperatures, it is able to devote to the atmosphere harmful toxic gases.

In turn, the mineral wool is devoid of these shortcomings, however, has the ability to absorb moisture, which means that for its installation should be mandatory to lay an additional layer of waterproofing.

insulation wooden base

Very often in private homes equips wooden floors that have some design features compared to other coatings.

Before you carry out insulation base, made of wood, recommended compulsory to check its quality and durability.

To do this, carefully remove a few boards and make sure that the state of the lag is in acceptable condition.

If the design of the floor is damaged areas, it is necessary to eliminate all shortcomings, and only then proceed to conduct warming.

First of all it is recommended to equip high-quality waterproofing, for which the entire surface of the base must be tightly lay a special material.

For these purposes, you can use roofing felt or asphalt.They are spread out across the floor surface, the joints and fastened by means of adhesive tape.

After the installation of the waterproofing layer is necessary to equip the frame under the insulation.wooden beam medium size should be used for this purpose.

seated on His nails across the floor space, making it as it were a certain size of the cell at regular intervals.Fitted between the joists so that should lay the selected heater.

So, wooden flooring can be laid expanded clay, and you can Penoplex.

When using expanded clay should ensure the uniformity of its distribution throughout the surface of the base, in turn, when laying the foam space must be sealed joint material.

Next floor surface tightly sutured finishing base.For more information on how to perform the thermal insulation of the wooden floor in a private house, described in the video below.


Thermal insulation of concrete floor

If the surface of the floor in a private house has a concrete base, its insulation is carried out on a similar principle, except for a few moments.

In this case, insulation technology almost nothing is different from the technology of warming of the wooden floor, but there are some additions.

As a rule, in private homes over the rough concrete base is carried out laying finishing floor made of wooden components.

In this case, you need to carefully prepare for the rough concrete layer.For a start it should be thoroughly cleaned from dirt and dust, and do it best with the construction of the vacuum cleaner.

Then on the concrete floor before you put insulation, waterproofing layer is laid out.For this purpose, suitable for both roofing and thick plastic film, and vellum.

floor material to be laid overlapping, thus thoroughly bonding the joints.As a result, the floor must have over its entire area is covered with waterproofing material.

After that, the subfloor evenly stacked and fixed wooden joists.

In the event that the floor is insulated in the corridor, it is recommended to lay the joists perpendicular to the direction of motion.Further, the lag between the space should be laid layer of insulation.

For these purposes, as in the first case, you can use either the expanded clay or Penoplex.

At the final stage on top of a heater is necessary to lay finishing flooring, for which the most different types of coatings can act.

For more information about how to insulate a concrete floor in a country house, described in the video, which is available below.


insulate the floor in a private house, you can not only Penoplex, expanded clay or mineral wool.So, very often equip the floor with electric heating.

This insulation provides an opportunity to further heat the interior of the house, but at the same time increase the cost of utilities.

In any case, the insulation should be carried out based on the design features of the house foundation, and you should see on the rough floor and its characteristics.

Properly insulate the floor of the house is not so difficult, if you follow the technology and perform the work in accordance with generally accepted rules.