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August 12, 2017 18:06

Difficult choice between the laminate and linoleum - which is better ?

Difficult choice between the laminate and linoleum - which is better ?

During repair work, always difficult to make a choice, it's better - laminate or linoleum, a material which is stronger and will not have a negative impact on health.

To make the right choice, you need to know the properties of these materials and how they behave in different environments, read the reviews about them.


  • types and characteristics of linoleum
  • Features laminate
  • Selection of different types of flat material
  • Compare laminate and linoleum
    • At a cost
    • Practicality
    • thermal conductivity
    • aesthetic appeal
  • Fastening material

types and characteristics of linoleum

This is a linoleum floor covering, which is made from natural ingredients: fabric of jute, limestone, wood resin, flour, linseed oil.

But such coverage is very expensive, it is difficult to buy in DIY stores.

what is offered under the name "linoleum" is actually a fully synthetic material, made of PVC.


When it comes to choosing: linoleum or laminate, it is understood it is PVC-coated.

material is divided into three categories.Consider them a little more.

Commercial - the most dense covering, laid in areas that have a high permeability.It has anti-slip effect, therefore, considered to be safe;

Household - it is better to lay only in a residential area, so it is not as stable as commercial.It differs from the commercial that is offered in a wide range.

can choose coverage that mimics stone masonry, flooring, tile or solid color;

semi-commercial - has a density higher than that of consumer.Stack it can be in a residential area, in public buildings.

not suitable for laying in shops, warehouses, for such spaces should choose a commercial.

linoleum Pros:

  • affordable price - to purchase it can a person with any income;
  • has a large number of colors, so you can pick up the linoleum in the room with any design;
  • Stack coverage is easy.Even one person can do the work;
    linoleum has low thermal conductivity, so flooring in the room will be warmer than the other surface;
  • material does not rot, because it contains only synthetic materials;
    has sound absorption;
    has a long service life.

Linoleum has its drawbacks:

  • As part of natural materials is not so inferior in quality wooden parquet and sustainability it is more harmful;
  • linoleum is selling under the weight of heavy furniture;
  • Linoleum, having a low cost, reacts to temperature changes.Thus, at a high temperature deforms the coating and the low - chapt.


laminate Laminate is the second name - "laminate".By the parquet material is irrelevant, since the composition is different.

natural flooring made from natural wood and laminate flooring is composed of several layers: a substrate layer made of MDF, particle board, paper, polymer layer.


Additionally, the laminate can also have other layers that will enhance the properties of the coating.

Divide laminate class durability:

  1. wear - can be installed in areas where high permeability;
  2. for premises, wear resistance below;
  3. waterproof - the edge of the laminate planks are impregnated with a special compound.

laminate has advantages:

  • Available in any price category, it is possible to select the coating cheaper or more expensive, and the laminate will have additional properties;
  • Available in wide range of colors, colors, you can pick up an imitation of wood, sand, ceramics, metal;
  • Very easy to install.Cover is equipped with a special system that allows you to connect the boards "locking" method.

Lows in the laminate are also present:

  • If laid laminate flooring in the kitchen, hallway, its lifespan will be about 5 years;
    material is composed of synthetic components that in comparison with natural, less environmentally friendly;
  • laminate surface can be damaged by sharp objects;
  • If the material is washed frequently, it will be formed on the surface of white spots;
  • If "locking system" joints between the boards are not sealed, so there will be clogged with dirt, sand and moisture.Edge eventually deteriorate, and the coating properties deteriorate;
    laminate afraid of water.If the surface gets a lot of moisture, the coating will have to change.

Selection of different types of flat material

for different rooms will not work the same coating material.After all, the apartment has a room where high humidity, high permeability, temperature extremes.

In the nursery, bedroom, living room as a floor covering is better to choose laminate.It is environmentally friendly linoleum.At the touch of the stuff is very nice.

The interior laminated floor will look stylish, fashionable.Photo coverage options can be seen below.


Kitchen Specialists recommend choosing linoleum.It is perfectly withstands frequent exposure to moisture, the floors can be cleaned often - drawing on linoleum will not be erased.

laminate in the kitchen will last about 5 years, and then have perestilat this material.

in public institutions, where permeability is very high, it is better to prefer linoleum.It absorbs sounds and steps of visitors that will not distract employees from work.

During operation, the laminate can begin to creak, eventually drawing will be erased.

All this will negatively affect the company's image and would entail additional costs for repairs.

on a balcony or loggia, experts advise to lay linoleum.Laminate frost can deteriorate.

It is worth remembering that it is not necessary to choose the cheapest coating material, it can crack from the cold or deformed by heat.

Expert opinion - it is better to choose a more expensive material, with it will not happen.

Compare laminate and linoleum

Both cover a choice must be compared on different criteria.

At a cost

in DIY stores presented plastic surface floor coverings of different quality.Price they are also different.Often the question arises, what is cheaper to lay flooring linoleum or laminate.

Before you decide on the material, it is important to determine the budget for the flooring.Reviews recommend - if you want high-quality, low-cost floor, you should choose linoleum.

worth when selecting the material to pay attention to such property as durability.Depending on how the coating will often subjected to abrasion, selected type of laminate or linoleum.

The higher the class of the load, the more expensive it will cost material for flooring.



Before making a decision about buying laminate or linoleum, it is worth to analyze the effect of not only moisture, but also other factors.

If laid material into the kitchen, then in service heavy, sharp objects can fall to the floor.

They may damage linoleum - through holes spoil the appearance, reduce performance.

In turn, he is not afraid of moisture, in contrast to the laminate.

main condition - to prevent water from entering under the cover.

Otherwise, will develop mold, fungus, are formed on the linoleum waves, hills, cover will have to be completely dismantled.

thermal conductivity

laminate has a greater thermal conductivity than the linoleum.

But you can put on the floor a special layer, which will increase the property from two materials, so at the expense of additional heaters, this property in laminate and linoleum can equalize with the repair work.


aesthetic appeal

Linoleum lookson the floor elegant.With it you can create an imitation parquet made of expensive wood, stone.Such a floor will fit in with any room, even the most sophisticated and costly repairs.

photo you can choose coverage that perfectly fit into the interior.

Linoleum, thanks to the wide range of options and colors, you can pick up to any environment.
When choosing coverage is important to consider the state of the base surface of the substrate.

Linoleum is very plastic material, but it does not hide the elevation of the floor, on the contrary - emphasize.

If irregularities still acute, then linoleum can tear, for use it will not be suitable.

If unevenness in the floor up to 5 mm can be laid laminate.If a damaged plate, it can be replaced.

Thanks to the "locking system" strap can be easily removed, in its place is necessary to lay a new and connect with the existing boards.

main condition - to pick up the bar for the replacement of the same color as the main laminate on the floor in the apartment.


If the damaged part of the linoleum, maintain the aesthetic appearance of the coating will not work.The damaged part of the need to cut and insert in its place the patch.

«Cold welding" will join the seams, but they will be visible on the floor.

Fastening material

no need to use adhesive when installing laminate.With the "castle" of the system is easy to connect with each other.Along the perimeter of the room, he pressed plinth.

Linoleum is also possible to fix the skirting, to lay it on the floor, you can use adhesive.

When wrapping may wonder whether it is possible to lay laminate linoleum.

It is permitted to do, but only under one condition - the coating of linoleum should be in perfect condition, if there was a desire to change the appearance of the floor.

All other reasons for such action do not allow:

  • linoleum so frayed that appeared through the hole;
  • coating swollen;
  • disrupted base coating.

In the case of at least one reason, experts recommend to completely remove the linoleum and laminate flooring laid on the cleaned base basis.

important characteristic of linoleum is its thickness and softness level.On the substrate under the thick material can not be laid laminate - the old linoleum will perform its function.

floor in the room will be warmer, increase sound insulation.

not necessary to lay a new cover on the soft laminate linoleum.Laminate flooring will not last for a long time.

Under the influence of stress Bottom cover will be compressed, part of the laminate will "walk", which will inevitably lead to the emergence and further growth of the cracks between the boards.


There will be clogged with sand, dust.Sami board will publish a creak and sag.After a short time, will have to redo the entire floor.

If the life of linoleum exhausted, but outwardly he appears to be undamaged, the reviews are advised to refrain from laying laminate it.

Old coating must be completely removed, as it eventually will start to keep up the floor, the new coating will deteriorate board.

Each type of coating has many advantages.

to choose coverage for specific areas, should be guided by their abilities, taste, take into account the interior of the apartment, and the conditions under which will be operated by the floor.