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August 12, 2017 18:06

Construction of a septic tank for the toilet in the country and the sump

Construction of a septic tank for the toilet in the country and the sump

To have at least some comfort in the country, you need to think about how to build a septic tank for the toilet at the cottage.

This toilet is the necessary structure, which should be build into the first.

course, it is much better if the toilet is located in the inner part of the living space, but not everyone has the opportunity to build a complete sewer system.

should be noted that a stand-alone toilet at their summer cottage is commonplace, as long as it has been built in accordance with the generally accepted rules and then problems with its operation will not occur.

A prerequisite of such structures is the presence of pit latrines in a separate building.

For suburban toilet best option arrangement will cesspools and toilet directly of the street, equipped with a special overflow.

Usually, for this purpose equipped with a septic tank, comprising two individual tanks.

should be noted that the right equipment for the suburban cesspools toilet can be made with your own hands without assistance.


  • General rules for septic tanks in the country
  • Features Construction
  • Construction of a simple septic tank
  • Construction of a septic tank with the help of concrete rings
  • Tips and tricks

General rules for septic tanks in the country

septic under the toilet, located on the street, working on specific guidelines.It is the physical properties of some substances present in the sewage effluent.

In this case, various heavy residues under the influence of its weight sink to the bottom and remain on the surface of the lungs.The middle layer remains as a result of this only water.


For ordinary cesspits feature is a strong and unpleasant odor.Properly equipped with a septic tank for the toilet in the street, as opposed to the cesspools, does not emit noxious fumes.

In addition, another negative feature of cesspools is a need for their regular treatment, otherwise may appear harmful microorganisms, which, as we know, are the main sources of many diseases.

In turn septic tank, which you can arrange with your hands, do not allow to breed harmful bacteria.

To properly build a septic tank for the toilet at their summer cottage, it is important to adhere to certain conditions.In the first place, it should not be close to equip residential buildings and also at the well.

tube that will go directly from the toilet to the septic tank must be installed below the level of soil freezing.

In addition, a specific facility should be compulsorily fitted with a special hatch and air duct.

All the above conditions apply to cesspools, and therefore their implementation mandatory in any case.


should also be noted that any septic tank should have good durability and reliability, being able to withstand high pressure and to resist various aggressive environments.

Based on these requirements, and should pick up the material of which will be made with your own hands septic tank for summer toilet at their summer cottage.

Features Construction

Before you start building a septic tank for the toilet holiday, you need to decide on the material from which it is produced, as well as its location.

Today, there are a number of different materials that can be made a septic tank in the country.

considered the most optimal use of cubic, but the data set capacity is impractical and expensive for an ordinary suburban toilet.

also a septic tank equips with the help of concrete rings, as well as by pouring concrete formwork solution with setting.

Driving septic tank

can collect a septic tank made of bricks, and in this case the need to carry out brickwork.

choosing the material of which will be made under the cottage septic toilet, it is necessary to give preference to a more practical and affordable.

device septic tank is somewhat similar to the device of ordinary pit latrines, but it has some significant differences that need to pay attention.

place under septic tank is best to determine on a flat and elevated plot, away from residential buildings and groundwater.

Availability erected near the septic tank of groundwater can lead to the fact that drinking water becomes unfit for consumption.

is also not recommended to equip the new toilet at their summer cottage on the site of the old.You should also pay attention to the quality of the soil.

soil under this structure should not be too hard, and do not have to "go."

If you ignore all of these requirements, then after some time the toilet design of the septic tank and can deform and collapse, respectively.

Best of all, if a septic tank will be equipped in some far corner of the suburban area.

Also, before you start the construction of a septic tank in the country with their own hands, should prepare the necessary materials and tools.

Construction of a simple septic tank

Experts recommend at a preliminary stage to make a phased work plan to continue to strictly adhere to it.

is followed to determine the type of excavation, thus it is necessary to take into account factors such as durability, cleanability during operation and the extent of odor on the territory.


a septic pit must have the appropriate size, and its edge is securely fastened, as they will be strong enough to withstand the load.

Next you need to think about the settling of the foundation under the toilet at the cottage.For such a tape construction is best suitable base, which has a high reliability.

Once the base is filled, it is necessary to allow time for complete drying and setting.

When the foundation is completely dry and it will be removed formwork, it is necessary to prepare the bottom of the pit correctly.To do this, in the pit arrange a bed of gravel and sand.

a cushion layer should not exceed twenty centimeters, except that it should be tightly compacted.Further runs of toilet design and installation of the best make it out of bricks.

recommended to perform paneling suburban toilets, both inside and outside.For convenience, this suite can be equipped with a toilet, as well as lighting.

This work does not require any special knowledge and can be quite freely made with your own hands.

Construction of a septic tank with the help of concrete rings

more practical is a septic tank for the toilet cottage, built of concrete rings, which are used for the construction of wells.

This work is the right approach to business can be done with their own hands.Previously should accurately calculate the volume of the septic tank erected.

Further, based on the calculations made, you must purchase the required number of concrete rings.

The best option would be the construction of a septic tank under the cottage suite of three concrete rings in standard sizes.

Septic tanks for toilet garden

The next stage will be digging their own hands excavation required size.The bottom of the pit should be the most tightly compacted, and then form a bed of gravel and sand.

Once the pit is fully ready, it carefully lowered themselves concrete rings.All joints to be formed between the rings must be carefully to cover grout.

After the solution is completely dry, the surface should be treated with a special waterproofing compound.

Next septic tank equipped with a pipe, through which you can then design will produce clean, as well as in the middle of the lower ring to crash pipe, from which all the supernatant fluid will be displayed.

All pipes entering the place it is mandatory to treat the waterproofing and thoroughly repaired.

Next top of the septic tank as much as possible close lid and equipped with outside toilet, which will have to be connected to a septic tank by means of sewage pipes.

Tips and tricks

course, at their summer cottage can be equipped with their own hands septic tank, consisting of several separate tanks, but it is not always advisable.

For suburban his closet, as a rule, equipped like cesspools, while making minor design changes.

In any case, you must pay special attention to structural strength and the ability to effectively resist various aggressive environments.

Also, be sure to provide access to the interior of the septic tank, if necessary, carry out any urgent repairs.

not be neglected during the construction of sewer structures and rules of sanitary safety.


Note that in this structure is likely breeding a variety of harmful bacteria and microorganisms, and therefore, it is potentially dangerous.

septic tank for the toilet should be placed as far away from residential buildings and constantly monitor the level of sewage.

In any case, the construction should be carried out in accordance with standard technology and safety regulations.