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August 12, 2017 18:06

Acrylic liner in the bath : the pros and cons , how to choose and install

Acrylic liner in the bath
  • Technology "bath in the bath»
  • Benefits
  • Disadvantages
  • Determine the size
    • Paid froze
    • measurements with his hands
  • Features selection
  • Assembly, installation

lost their former luster and whiteness, cracked old tub - a truly depressing "to the nines" Even if your bathroom made this one detail can ruin the impression.In addition, the new swimming bath, from which and breathes freshness and cleanliness is much more pleasant.We understand that the purchase of a new bath means there is not always, especially if the front of this large amount was spent on the renovation of the bathroom.However, this problem can be solved by using an acrylic liner in the bath.

Technology in the bath tub

technology "in the bath tub»

acrylic liner is an insert that mimic the contours of the font.He seemed to be "worn" on the bath and fixed it.This - the easiest and fastest way to update the old bath.For the first time the technology "in the bath tub" was used in Europe in the 70s.XX century, but in our country it gained popularity only recently.Bath

insert consists of two layers.

upper layer is made from a polymeric material based on acrylic acid, better known as "acrylic". acrylic today produce many kinds of sanitary ware, because it has proven itself as an inexpensive, lightweight and durable material.

Forms and colors acrylic liners

Products made of acrylic, look great and do not require special care.The only drawback of this material - the fragility, but if you provide good support acrylic products, it will serve you for years to come.When properly installed, acrylic liner fits snugly to the bath, so you can not fear that he will crack under the weight of a person.

insert mount technology

For the production of the second, lower layer of plastic is used, which gives the product flexibility and elasticity.Plastic , moreover, has waterproofing properties, so its use in the production of significantly prolongs the life of the bath insert.In manufacturing, where do these liners, there are several forms of standard sizes, which are cast and acrylic inserts.Modern technologies allow to produce acrylic inserts in different colors. service life of such a product is about 20 years.

The black acrylic insert

Benefits There are many advantages of using acrylic liner.

Bath before and after restoration

Among them are:

  • acrylic liner - this is one of the most inexpensive way to breathe new life into an old bath. Cheaper will cost just paint bath water resistant enamel.
  • It looks great, completely hiding all the flaws of the old baths.
  • is in the bath, updated using acrylic liner is very nice - its surface is flat and smooth, but it does slip.
  • Acrylic holds heat well. Water in such bath to cool down as slowly as in the conventional acrylic bath.
  • Care bath with inset acrylic does not cause any inconvenience. to clean the need to use the most common cleaning agents or ordinary soap and warm water.The main thing - avoid contact with the surface of the bath of aggressive cleaning agents, which is composed of abrasives.
  • With proper care and to the best of gentle treatment, acrylic liner will serve you for a long time - over two decades, during which he will not lose its original form.
  • Acrylic has soundproofing properties, so no noise of running water longer disturb your household members and neighbors.


Among the disadvantages are distinguished:

  • Installation acrylic tabs may require preparatory demolition work , for example, may require the removal of tiles from the bathroom walls.
  • standard forms used With mass production of acrylic liner, so the bath of non-standard sizes and shapes to find an insert will fail.
  • Assuming even the slightest contact with an acrylic layer of chemicals on the basis of acidic compounds, it will be instantly damaged.
  • Despite the fact that the cost of the acrylic liner is not high on its price, you can buy an inexpensive steel bath.
  • After installing between the bathroom and the acrylic liner may remain gap that will have to fill with foam.
  • install a box alone is hard enough , better to seek the help of professionals.
High-quality acrylic insert

Determine the size

first step that must be carried out before buying acrylic liner in the bath - it decide on its size.The size of the liner, of course, will depend on the size of the bath.So, you have two options.

Paid froze

Call a company that specializes in the manufacture and installation of acrylic inserts.Such organizations in any large city there are so many.To send you home master who froze your bath and report all the necessary parameters.Some firms do not go directly to the house and offer a bath to measure yourself according to the instructions of the expert who will guide you on the phone.

measurements with his hands

can also make all the necessary measurements yourself. Arm construction tape, and even better - tailoring meter and measure:

  • width inside the bath. measure only the top (just below the rim).For greater accuracy, measure the rate from two sides - "head" and "feet in the" bath;
  • length inside (also only on the top and also on both sides);
  • length outside (same
  • of time);
  • depth from the drain hole.
Installing the liner specialist
Example baths measurement

Also pay attention to your bath shape - oval or rectangular it.Record the data and go straight to the studio for the production of acrylic liner in the bath.

Features selection

parameters that you need to know in order not to be mistaken with a choice of acrylic bath-insert it - a form of a bath, the size and insert the desired color.Having defined the first two paragraphs, think about colors.You can show imagination, since these inserts manufacturing technology allows to satisfy your every desire.You can choose a color that matches the main color theme from the bathroom, and you can play on the contrast.

liner quality is largely dependent on the manufacturer, so the search for a reliable and trustworthy company to better focus on proven options.Ask around, maybe someone from your environment already used this service and was pleased?In this case, feel free to follow their recommendations.

Production of acrylic liners

Before purchasing carefully examine the option proposed to you.It should be no chips, cracks and distortions, the surface should be smooth, without roughness.Note acrylic layer thickness: ideally, it should not be less than 6 mm.

Acrylic - is not the only material that is used for the manufacture of inserts in the bath.

Some time ago, plumbing market could detect three types of liners:

  • acrylic,
  • plastic,
  • silicone.

Silicone inserts out pretty quickly out of use, as it does not comply with requirements imposed on them.Thus, sales were only acrylic or plastic liners.

In appearance they do not differ much from each other, but the life of the plastic product is significantly shorter.

Unscrupulous companies can set you up instead of acrylic plastic liner, so before buying and starting the installation, inspect the product carefully.

Plastic liner

Assembly, installation

usually acrylic tub liner is installed by representatives of the same company that manufactured it.

If you decide to perform the installation yourself, these tips are sure to help you cope with this challenge:

  • To begin with, once again make careful measurements of the tub and insert.At a certain stage of the installation, if you find a discrepancy, the way back will be gone.
  • Temporarily remove the drain and overflow device, not forgetting to close the front of this hot and cold water.
  • Put the liner into the tub and put on his bumpers layout: probably have to cut off the excess.In some cases it is also necessary to shear the wall tiles and clean decorative rim.
  • Schedule, where they will be in the neck drain and overflow device.
  • Remove the liner and proceed to process the inner surface of the old baths.You can do this by putting a layer of plaster, or ground with using grinder.Such treatment will provide a more reliable coupling of two construction elements.
  • In order to seal, seal the hole overflow and ringed silicone gaskets.
  • on the entire inner surface of the bath, apply a thick layer of mounting adhesive or a two-component foam.
  • Replace the drain and overflow device, and gently place the acrylic liner in the bath.
  • To insert the village as tightly as possible, fill the bathtub with water and leave for a day so.As she settles, treat joint bath with wall special sealant to the bathroom.But just make sure that the surfaces are completely dry you are processing.
  • you are installing plastic edging.In addition to the aesthetic function they provide a tight seal.Try on curbs to the bath rim and mount them on a special adhesive.

After a day, you can enjoy your new bathroom!

prepared tub
Bath with applied foam
Bath filled with water
Sticker curbs
The result of the restoration

So, to refresh the interior of the bathroom without any harm to the family budget, is very easy andjust.Acrylic liner - it's a great way to extend the age of your old bath, without spending a lot of money and especially the effort.With proper care, updated bath so your family will enjoy for decades, without requiring replacement.

About restoration acrylic baths, all the methods and techniques read another article.