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August 12, 2017 18:06

Exotic hammam with their hands

Exotic hammam with their hands

Many are now depart from tradition, and instead build Russian baths hamam own hands.

favored the Turkish baths option to acquire not just a water treatment place, they get a gorgeous opportunity to relax and have a good time.

exotic Turkish hammam has become very popular.

Construction hamam does not necessarily imply its location outside the home.But Turkish bath inside the building must meet all technical requirements.

for hamam in his apartment or country house there are a few areas.

One room is a bath, the other - the technical unit.Under the floor of the hamam spend drains, equipped with the bath water, heating and all other communications.

The sizes and shapes of the bath rooms framework does not exist.A second room for the technical problems can be small.

But it is necessary to fit the filtration system, steam generator and other equipment designed to work in the hammam.

But at the request of, the technical unit can stand and somewhat removed from the bath, at a distance of up to 10 m.

When the control room bath closer Hammam functionality is not affected.Projects hamam inside and outside the building are set out below:


  • What materials and elements to build a hamam?
  • notes arrangement hamam
  • How to Hammam?
  • How useful procedure in the Turkish bath?

What materials and elements to build a hamam?

By purchasing the necessary materials must be handled responsibly.Construction materials for the construction of a huge range of Turkish bath, they are manufactured on the latest technologies.

But we must be sure that the materials meet the requirements, they are durable, water-resistant and tolerate high temperatures.


temperature in the hamam did not rise to the desired markif not thoroughly thought through the heating device.It happens, and water and electric.

These heating types are characterized by their advantages and disadvantages, but they amount to perform their functions.The choice is determined by the preferences option heating bath owners.

Hammam different lighting.It creates a sense of the exotic and bewitching, the room plunges into the atmosphere of the East.

in a humid place electrical appliances and wires must be protected from moisture penetration and have a voltage of 25 volts.

diverse lighting projects that help fulfill the original ideas.

The hammam necessarily the presence of Qurna.Bowl for washing is done in an oriental style, complemented by two cranes, from where it will run hot and cold water.

Qurna - important element of the Turkish bath, hammam furniture fills a special comfort.

Hammam Hammam involves equipping shops and tables for massage purposes.The material is stone, but stone elements baths always create with the heating system.


on the table of standard sizes fit two people.But if the bath room of small dimensions, it contains such a table will not fit.

therefore be enough to equip a small table, which comfortably can accommodate one person.Classical and comfortable massage table height - 80 cm

notes arrangement hamam

indispensable condition which must be met to build a hamam -. To do a heated and an inclined floor.The slope is necessary, so that the water flowed freely.

But at the same time under the floor to install a water seal, blocks the path of an unpleasant smell of sewage.

Sex in the hammam is a three layers.The first - with a concrete screed heating system.Second - waterproofing.Third - over concrete screed heating.

Construction hamam contains one difficulty - the ceiling create a custom form.That is the design of the ceiling do not flat, choosing original form.

reason that accumulate on the ceiling cold condensate droplets falling down on the people in the bath, which can cause discomfort to them.

Ideal - a multi-faceted set of ceiling.

If you plan to relax in the bath for hours, we need quality and reliable ventilation to update the air flow every 10 minutes.You can connect it to the house network, providing a separator.So

ventilation will drain the air from the bath room.

Such a mechanism, like a steam generator produces steam.It functions by a temperature sensor located in the wall at a height of about 2 meters.

Half an hour after the steam generator inclusion in the hammam getting hot and the unit turns itself off.

educated couples are likely to settle quickly.Making steam will resume work on the forced cooling of several degrees of air.


If the room is small, it can be done by simply throwing open the door.But when the room is large, rescue ventilation.The perfect functioning of the hamam channel provides ventilation.

Steam heats the air to a temperature of 45 degrees.They can be controlled from a distance using the remote.Sometimes the steam generator has a system of self-cleaning and flushing water.

This device is durable in service.The steam generator can be broken only in case of wear and tear, are responsible for warming, but they are very easy to replace.

How to Hammam?

process built hamam can be divided into the following steps:

  • erection of walls from concrete blocks, plastering walls and placement of beacons.After plastering the walls arrange materials for waterproofing and thermal insulation;
  • spend in the waiting room for the installation of the pipe and put the washstand mirror which is illuminated.The wall mounted fan;
  • Set steamer in the sauna room, it is better if it will work on the remote control;
  • Warming room with a special glue;
  • Carrying waterproofing.The material repels water and retain heat, can be combined;
  • Blocks insulation plaster putty, and then fasten them to the mosaic formations.Mosaic can replace the traditional Turkish baths marble;
  • Hamam require special lighting.It is necessary to install the lamp, which will withstand the elevated temperatures and do not burst from overheating.Acceptable power lamp - 12 V;
  • this lighting alternative - fiber optic lighting.The wires should be protected from ingress of water.

with the construction phase hamam, calculated on the normal apartments are available on video.

How useful procedure in the Turkish bath?

Turkish bath - a joy for those who can not tolerate very high temperatures.It keeps the temperature of 30-50 degrees.Hydrotherapy treatments can be accompanied by a massage and a guy with a broom made of bamboo.

effect of being in an exotic bath is huge: from the body removes harmful substances, calms the nervous system and improves the function of organs.

According to Turk, high humidity and average air temperatures are favorable for those who do not provide designated heart and digestive organs.

Turkish bath procedure does not exhaust the body temperature is very comfortable, and normalizes metabolism.


This kind of bath is suitable for people with kidney disease and liver, as there is intense sweating and enhanced separation of bile.

Also, the relatively low temperature is well affects the intestines, preventing the development of disbaktirioza.

If you are sick with something, before visiting the baths talk with a physician.Sometimes a visit to the hamam may aggravate the situation with health.

Soreness may increase if you suffer from hypertension, severe bronchial asthma or cancer.

If you maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy relax in a place where it is easy to get rid of fatigue after a long day, the Turkish bath - a perfect opportunity to relax with benefits for your body.