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August 12, 2017 18:06

Jacuzzi Bath : size, which is better to choose an apartment

relax in the jacuzzi
  • History
  • What distinguishes the Jacuzzi from the spa
  • Functionality and benefits
  • Pump and compressor
  • Types nozzles
  • Aero and hydro
  • Management
  • shape and size of a jacuzzi
  • manufacturing materials
  • Tips for choosing
  • prices and what they depend
  • Installation

Jacuzzi - bath with hydromassage.In another way, it is also called the "spa pool".

Today the word absolute majority of the people associated with the word "vacation", "relaxation", "comfort".And it is no coincidence!After all, the very definition of a Jacuzzi is said that this bath has been developed for the prevention of several diseases and recreation.


The creation bath with whirlpool whole world owes the family of Italians who had emigrated to the United States in the early 20th century. The company, founded in 1917, was named after the family name - Yakutstsi ( Jacuzzi), but, thanks to the American pronunciation, transformed into a Jacuzzi. directions of work of the company were the creation of aircraft, and the production of agricultural pumps.Only after more than fifty years since the Yakutstsi family arriving in America one of the brothers - Candido - created a jacuzzi.So in 1956 it was born the first hot tub, and it was established and mass production in the near future.

Jacuzzi Jacuzzi Company

Son younger brother was ill with rheumatoid arthritis and in need of regular massage treatments.Then Candido Yakutstsi decided to equip a bath aeration pump, which would allow to massage the body with a mixture of water jets and air.Subsequently, jacuzzi undergone repeated revision and improvement.Family Yakutstsi issued approximately 250 patents related to the whirlpool. Thanks to their ingenuity, the world was one of the best types of baths, which combined are equally pleasant and useful.


It was once thought that afford the installation of a Jacuzzi can only very wealthy people, but modern manufacturing and materials technology has made a Jacuzzi available to all comers.

Jacuzzi bath medium size

What is different from the jacuzzi spa

This question is of interest to many.Most believe that the jacuzzi have to be "drowned" in the floor, and a hot tub - no.

In fact, the answer to this question is quite simple: the jacuzzi is no different from the spa, including by way of installation.

Jacuzzi - and it has a bath equipped with hydro-massage.

More information about the selection of hot tub you can read in our article about the hot tubs.

Jacuzzi , sunken - hot tub

Functionality and benefits

Candido Yakutstsi created jacuzzi, to help his son in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.Today difficult to overestimate the benefits of whirlpool baths in the fight against diseases of the musculoskeletal system.In addition, jacuzzi have a great psychotherapeutic effect, helping to relieve stress, relax and normalize emotional state.

Jacuzzi for relaxation

Jacuzzi take together often, that helps to strengthen the relationship with your loved one, relax and unload emotionally.

Jacuzzi for two

interaction with the water itself carries positive emotions.Massage influence of air-water streams gives good results in the treatment of diseases of body and soul.

spa treatments

Pump and compressor

"Heart" hot tub can safely be called a pump and a compressor.Without them simply impossible to implement the whirlpool.

In small models whirlpool pump only is often installed.It pumps water into the nozzle system.Due to the air controllers and differential pressure water flow captures air from the atmosphere (ejection principle).The pressure water jets increases.It should be noted that such bath may have a lower cost than models equipped with a compressor, however, the number of adjustments to the flow are restricted. Jacuzzi, equipped only pump more suitable for relaxation and is unlikely to be able to provide effective help in the treatment of serious diseases .

Pump Jacuzzi

best massage result achieves the compressor discharge air is forced into the nozzle.This increases the air-pressure water flow that may extend up to 70 cm, without losing strength massage.

Jacuzzi with air-water flow

special attention when choosing a hot tub should be paid to the state and the quality of compressor and pump.Any damage to the housing or marriage during assembly can cause electric shock (!).

compressor for Jacuzzi

Types nozzles

By type of feed stream nozzles for the jacuzzi are divided into 3 types:

  1. Whirlpool .Through the small openings is supplied with water.
  2. Aeromassazhnye .The principle is the same, only the compressor pumps air which, breaking through the nozzle holes, enters the bath in a stream of fine bubbles
  3. Combined .When the nozzle is supplied through one and the water flow and the air.

From design nozzles depends what kind of will directed the flow of water, with which the pressure he will be fed and at what angle.Each manufacturer has a bath-tub to several tens of different designs of nozzles.For example, in addition to standard nozzles connected to the pipes and the pump system, there are models that produce their own water intake directly from the bath and then throw it in the form of a dynamic flow.

Depending on the area, which will be given to the impact of hydromassage, jets of different sizes. to the back and hips set larger nozzle areas in the neck and a stop arrangement mounted nozzle smaller.

simplest nozzles allow direct flow output.There are also modern models that run swivel and allow you to change the direction of air and water jets.Some companies have developed nozzles that create a vortex mixture of water and air, which improves the characteristics of massage Jacuzzi.

location and size of the nozzles in the Jacuzzi

nozzles Jacuzzi may be made of plastic or metal .The choice of material depends more on your preferences than on the strength characteristics.But plastic injector still has a number of advantages:

  • They do not corrode.If, however, you choose the nozzles of metal, they shall be brass
  • Plastic does not conduct electric current.This quality is especially important for bathtubs made of acrylic, which use plastic nozzles eliminates accidental electric shock due to violations in the operation of the pump or compressor.

For those whose aesthetic taste can not tolerate the type of plastic, may be suitable to use plastic nozzles with metallic color.

water ejection from the nozzles
Combined jacuzzi
composite injector

Aero and hydro

hydromassage in the jacuzzi is carried out according to the following principle:

  • The pump draws water from the bath
  • through conduitpressurized water is supplied to the injector
  • pressure water stream is forced air via compressor (possible entrainment of air through the regulator)
  • Directed water and air flow under pressure exits through nozzles acting on the body.

Nozzles for whirlpool in various models of whirlpool baths are mounted to the wall or in the floor.

Aeromassazhnye nozzles differ miniaturization.Through them in a bath is pumped by the compressor airflow.Air massage in the jacuzzi - it is rather a supplement for relaxation than for the treatment of diseases.Combining aerial and hydromassage in the jacuzzi can be programmed more than 10 massage modes.

back hydromassage
air massage
The position of the body in the hot tub


comfortable use of the jacuzzi is largely dependent on such small details as the remote control.

pneumatic control only serves to regulate the massage intensity.A truly comfortable Jacuzzi equipped with electronic control. With it, you can change not only the flow rate, but also to switch modes of massage, in the bath to maintain the specified level and temperature of the water. Most modern models have whirlpool aromatherapy system, lighting, radio, and television, which are also controlled by the remote.

whirlpool console

shape and size of a jacuzzi

to afford to install a jacuzzi, it is not necessary to be the owner of a spacious bathroom.Today, stores offer a variety of models of standard and corner bath, equipped with hydromassage system.

The minimum size of such baths can be 120x120 cm. For angle models and 150x90 cm. For asymmetrical rectangular baths.

most popular size corner jacuzzi -... 150x150 cm, and a height usually varies from 48 cm to 70 cm

For spacious rooms suitable model hot tub with an oval, round or rectangular font and size from 160 to200 cm. in length and width, which is able to receive water treatment not only one person.

jacuzzi pool

For ordinary apartments are perfect sized jacuzzi bath standard. If you have a spacious bathroom, the size and shape of the whirlpool are limited only by your wishes and financial possibilities.

Jacuzzi interesting shape

Corner Jacuzzi models and models of small size placed in a corner or a wall connection.Large Jacuzzi priority installed in the center of the room.

manufacturing materials

best materials for Jacuzzi tubs are acrylic, methacrylic, Kuar.They perfectly retain heat and are easy to forming, which is especially important when creating complex geometry baths.

Acrylic .Modern polymer material increasingly displacing iron and steel production in tubs.It 10 times lighter than iron , while it is not inferior in strength (!);almost 2 times slower gives heat than iron and does not rattle as steel at a set water bath.It is easy to give in molding and coloring.

acrylic whirlpool

methacryl .Made from polimetilmetakrila granules.Baths from methacryl 2.5 times lighter than acrylic models and 8 times stronger.This lightweight material excellent mechanical and thermal effects, is inert to the action of unconcentrated acids, has high rigidity and strength.Also because it is possible to produce a transparent bath, which is especially appreciated by designers.Thus methacryl has better transparency than acrylic.

hot tub from methacryl

Kuar .This material is also produced from polimetilmetakrila, but with the addition of silica sand fines.Adding sand makes kuarilovye bath among the most durable polymer fonts.This bath is excellent retains heat, however, her weight slightly more acrylic products.And the price of the bath Kuar cost almost a third more expensive than their acrylic counterpart.

Besides Jacuzzi made of polymeric materials, plumbing stores you can find a jacuzzi and a model of cast iron or steel.

Read more about cast iron bathtub you can learn from another of our articles.

hot tub from Kwara


first jacuzzi by family Yakutstsi, equipped only with hydromassage system.Over time, many models have to combine hydro and air massage. Today, manufacturers are implementing innovative systems, for example, ultrasound massage.

becoming increasingly popular, and the combination of whirlpool and chromotherapy. Jacuzzi equipped svetoforsunkami that illuminated water jets specified color.With the electronic control it is possible not only to choose the color, but also to program the intensity and color shift, the frequency of light fluctuations, etc.

backlit jacuzzi

Tips for Choosing

Buying Jacuzzi, preferable to choose a model length is not less than 150 cm and depth of 42 cm to the overflow.In the bathroom smaller settings quite hard to fully relax.

A small jacuzzi

purchasing whirlpool of polymers, note the following points:

  • jacuzzi walls should be at least 5-7 mm.It is particularly important that this option has not been violated in models of asymmetric and complex configuration.
  • The size will depend on the jacuzzi, you will take some water treatment or two.
  • product color should be uniform, without spots, which differ in color and streaks.Defects in color indicate bad faith production.
  • surface products should be smooth, without depressions and roughness, pleasant to the touch.
  • Check mount handles and headrests, quality set of nozzles and their fixation in the bath enclosure.
rest in the Jacuzzi

When buying a hot tub, make sure that the bath will be held in the doorway, and a bathroom Jacuzzi area allow push forward a distance of about 50cm (for maintenance).

prices and what they depend

Pricing in the market Jacuzzi is determined by the following factors:

  • material from which made the jacuzzi
  • bath size
  • Components and power electrical equipment (there is only a pump or pump + compressor)
  • number of modes massage
  • Additional options (music, radio, tv, backlit)
  • bath design

Author's design, of course, is never cheap, and often loud manufacturer's name is reflectedin the jacuzzi cost.

As for the cost, the price for a standard or Jacuzzi corner bath starts with a mark of 25 - 30 thousand rubles.For exclusive model large size can be paid, and 100 000, and can be, and 700 thousand.

Jacuzzi in a luxury hotel


Before purchasing and installing a Jacuzzi, ensure the reliability of load-bearing structures room where the bathtub will be installed.For each model, these requirements are specified in the vehicle inspection certificate, but on average creates a whirlpool filled with a load of 225 kg per 1 sq.m.area.

installing a jacuzzi

Procedure spa installation similar to the following:

  • premises Checking for compliance with technical requirements.Preparing the room.
  • Mounting supply and water drainage systems.
  • Install a water filtration system before serving jacuzzi.
  • Mounting load-bearing frame.
  • Installation baths in the framework regulation on the level.
  • jacuzzi Installation of electrical equipment (pump located under the bathtub, or set the compressor and add. Equipment in the designated place).
  • Connecting hydraulic system jacuzzi water supply and sewerage, check connections.
  • Electrical connection. sure ground !
  • Installing decorative screen.
Jacuzzi with a decorative screen

rectangular Jacuzzi installed at least 6 feet, corner model - by 8 feet must be adjustable in height.

installing a jacuzzi

Any decorative shield covering the bath should provide quick and easy access to the connections.

hot tub installation is slightly different from the installation of a simple bath.