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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to Choose a wooden euro-windows

High quality wooden Euro windows not only provide the house quiet, protected from dust and drafts but also create it in an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.Wood is an environmentally friendly material, it emits a special energy, a nice touch to it and nice to look at him.But most importantly, if for Wooden Euro properly care they will last as long as the plastic.


  • Existing types
  • window designs How to Choose a wooden euro-windows
  • Which breed to choose wood for windows
  • What aspects have an impact on the cost of the windows?
  • Which glass to order for wooden windows Wooden Euro
  • from producer

Existing types of window designs Types

wooden window designs are quite diverse:

  • single window with double-glazed window;
  • windows with separate sash;
  • twin double windows;
  • combo boxes with separate twin-leaf;
  • windows in wood and aluminum, paired with the design;
  • single window made of wood and aluminum.


structure of wooden Euro windows:

  • glazing.It is unlike ordinary glass reduces the penetration of street noise and retains heat in the room.It may contain one or more chambers, which fills with air or inert gas;
  • frame.Profile of timber can withstand considerable loads;
  • seal.Two contour seal is typically installed in the wooden euro-windows - inside and outside;
  • sash.What structure will have shutters, the customer can decide in advance.Here there are different options: some of them are deaf, some - opening.The most common type of mechanism is a swing-out.It gives you the opportunity to open wide the casement or to put on ventilation.

How to Choose a wooden euro-windows

Sincealong with the popularity of this type of windows increases and the demand for them, a lot of manufacturers offer their services for the production and installation of wooden windows.Their cost is quite high, but, oddly enough, it does not guarantee high quality.Therefore, in order to distinguish among the many offers those same windows that do not will lose over time beautiful appearance and functionality, you need to consider a number of criteria by which to judge their quality:

  • Wooden high quality profile.It is impossible to bars, which served as material for the production of profile consisted of a whole piece of wood.They need to stick together from several pieces to ensure the future of window durability and reliability.Also unacceptable use of heartwood, which does not add quality product.Upon visual inspection it can be easily distinguished by the presence of the annual rings.You can not allow the presence of knots or rough areas.
  • The best considered as windows made of wood impregnated with a special compound that prevents fissuring or damage to the material.

Belarus - soon-to- begin - manufacturing - euro windows

  • High windows must have a neat place connection flaps treated properly, is not allowed the presence of not fully hammered nails, sagging, sticking out of the holes of the seal.
  • If you select to take into account all these factors, and by, to carry out regular maintenance, the euro-windows made of wood are able to serve more than half a century.
  • Reliable glazing.The undisputed leader in the manufacture of glass are Germany and Finland.There are more efficient Russian counterparts, but before you make a choice in favor of their need to find out whether they meet all the standards and quality requirements.
  • To ensure minimal penetration of extraneous noise from the street, as well as to prevent the loss of heat during the cold season, double pane windows should be double or triple.It must be protected from water penetration by the treatment of special materials, including silicone.
  • It is desirable that the glass itself had the ability to reflect the sun's rays, but it should be borne in mind that the more of them, the less light will enter the room.
  • suitable accessories.Metal accessories should be reliable and durable to withstand the relatively great weight of the window construction.Wooden Euro, the price of which significantly exceeds the cost of plastic, are usually set with an eye to the long service, so it is essential that hardware operated flawlessly and jamming, ensures tight fixing of the flaps and has not ceased to operate after a few years.
  • question concerning the choice of hardware needed to consider in advance, because without it, even the most expensive and high-quality window will not work.It is necessary to search for information about who is today the leader in the market of window fittings, and who enjoys the confidence of the majority of consumers.

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  • Cheap windows - an occasion guard.If someone offers to save on wooden windows, most likely, it is either a fraud or just not professional.This offer is designed for those people who do not know how many there are wooden eurowindows , well as plastic.Wooden, due to its environmental friendliness and beauty, are much more expensive, so save them, you can only use for the production of low-quality raw materials and cheap accessories.

is advisable to abandon such attractive offers because savings as, ultimately, it may be much more expensive than it seemed at the beginning.If possible, it is better to invest once and then do not know the problem for many years.

Which breed to choose wood for windows

There are several types of wood, which are traditionally used to make windows.They all have different qualities and different effects on their cost:

  • Pine.In the line of wooden windows it is the most economical.Pine is widespread not only because the quality, but also because of its excellent performance.Another indisputable advantage is its availability and costs of different types, which gives the buyer the opportunity to meet with the order in the amount by which he expected, but do not lose as a commodity.Pine box can be painted in any color, this feature can be useful in the design of the interior;

wooden - box - for - garden - in - Zaporozhye

  • Larch.The windows are made out of it, have a very beautiful appearance.Their noble color in combination with bright annual rings creates a very favorable impression, even without the use of any dyes.The larch is much stronger and more reliable pine and oak, although the hardness of oak is superior larch.But it costs half the price of oak.With its relatively high cost of larch pine has some qualities that make it unique.These include its biological stability.Thanks to a special composition of larch resin can not handle antiseptic.In cases where other woods are beginning to rot, it remains intact;
  • Oak.Made of oak wood euro windows, photos of which will not leave anyone indifferent, very aesthetic and famous since ancient times for its beauty and a pronounced pattern of fibers.Oak is considered a valuable breed of wood, so the window of it has always been the privilege of the wealthy.It has a solid, sturdy wood resistant to unfavorable environment.So he can be of different colors, which makes it possible to select him in the decoration of the room.Over time oak wood becomes darker and this adds to its great beauty and nobility.

What aspects have an impact on the cost of the windows?

window Cost can not be a standard, it depends on many factors, including its size, as well as the type and quality of materials used.The list of qualities that make up the price includes the following:

  • type of wood that is used in the manufacture of the profile.Thanks to the quality and reasonable price are the most common window from softwood.More expensive are those types of wood such as oak, beech, larch.Of them produce a luxury box;
  • kind of glass.Its design also affects the cost of the window. Wooden Euro price, which depends on the glass variety and number of cameras, it is better to book double or triple, in spite of the higher cost, becausethey are much more functional than single;
  • quality fittings.The metal from which it is made, the manufacturer, the design of the handles, the reliability of all mechanisms is also increasing the price;


  • installation, which is incorporated in the price of windows.The main thing here is not to make a mistake in the choice of installers and entrust it to those who really is a master of his craft, and operates according to the state standard.

Which glass to order for wooden windows

should separately talk about what kind of glass is better to opt for windows.Recently, a lot of species that differ in strength, the number of the transmitted light, have soundproofing and heat-saving properties.

In this article we will discuss the main and most popular types of glass, which, although they are more expensive than usual, but increase the functionality of wooden windows:

  • energy-saving glass.The fact that in cold winter much heat escapes through the windows.To reduce these losses to a minimum, is applied to the glass with a coating that allows it to penetrate into the room sunlight and retains heat coming from the radiators;
  • sun glasses.In order to achieve the effect of sunscreen on the glass also applied a special coating that is able to reflect part of the solar energy, and the other part to absorb;
  • microfilter glass.They have become a real breakthrough due to the reflection of the sun faces very small, invisible prisms, which are applied to some areas of the glass with the help of new technologies;


  • laminated glass.Laminating process is bonding of two or more glasses special film.Thus, significantly increases window insulation and reflective properties.But the main advantage of laminate is to minimize the possibility of infiltration of criminals into the house by breaking the windows.Even broken glass are held film and remain in the frame;
  • well as on the glass can be applied to special films, which serve to protect them or to impart decorative properties.This coating may be helpful, if no anti-shock capabilities order expensive glass.Glass with a film coating are much cheaper, and although they do not have resistance characteristics that they need to break certain amount of time, which may be sufficient for protection, or the arrival of police.

Wooden Euro from producer

In fact, when all the abundance of interesting proposals is very hard to find a company that produces really high quality wooden Euro windows.their production requires a lot of responsibility.The company must obtain the appropriate licenses and certificates, as well as exactly follow all the rules and technology.

Such an important matter as the manufacturing and installation of wooden windows is better to entrust an organization that not only sells, but also independently produces this type of product.The only way you can be sure that the money is well spent.It is better to go on the advice of several companies in order to form an opinion about the additional services and prices.


to earn a reputation as a firm should hold on the market for at least five years.If the buyer goes to an organization, he can be sure that it will consult and be served at the highest level.Representatives of this organization do not want you to have undermined their long-term work with one unflattering, so they will answer all questions, show production, show clearly the structure of the windows.

the windows should be ordered and wooden window sills, which will give them a finished look.Doing it better at the same time not to get different shades of coloring at separate.

many people have ordered wooden Euro windows in recent years.Reviews of them indicate that as yet no one has been disappointed.