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August 12, 2017 18:06

Finishing stage arrangement - perform finishing the attic

Finishing stage arrangement - perform finishing the attic

Furnish attic belongs to the final stage arrangement of the attic space.

Before you go directly to the finish, we must be clear what the end result you want.

understand the purposes for which you will operate the room, and only then proceed to the choice of materials.

finishing clapboard attic is one of the most common options, because it is a budget material, which in this case is of good quality and light weight.

If finances allow, it is no less urgent is considered finishing the attic tree.

wood used since ancient times, and it is a natural and environmentally friendly material, which is especially important if the house has small children.

also sheathe attic can plasterboard, MDF panels, OSB, or even block-house, which, in essence, is a perfect imitation of wooden beams, but is at the same time much cheaper.

These modern finishes, and are increasingly in great demand and are very common in the market of building materials.

Some decorators even used as a plating space fabric that gives loft space exclusive and original look.

Below you can see how looks ready to finish the attic, photo includes options for different kinds of materials.



  • Room Preparationto finish
  • Using drywall
  • Sheathing blockhouse
  • use of false timber
  • Finish using OSB
  • Total

room preparation for finishing

In most cases the attic is a common attic house thatrebuilt under the dwelling.

Regardless of what options are finishing the attic you will use, it is necessary to spend certain preparatory work before proceeding to the final stage plating facilities.

First of all, a loft should be comfortable to use.To this end, it is important to study not only the different ideas paneling, room design, but also the construction plan.

matter how creative and stylish design has not turned out, if you can not walk around the room without bending down (sometimes attic are low in height), then use the rebuilt attic you will be very uncomfortable.

In this case, if the rake angle of the roof turns too sharp, you can perform the installation sloping roofs.The video below shows an interior view of the attic floor with sloping ceilings.


If in the old days in attics there was no heating, and they are intended exclusively for the lower strata of the population, today the situation has changed radically.

You should always carry out the attic insulation.Central heating can not be laid, but the layer of insulation is simply obliged to be present.

also in the attic with mansard roof is necessary to carry out the insulation, it should be most careful to be just pitched roof, as they are subjected to strong external interference (precipitation, wind loads, the effects of low and high temperatures).Thus

insulation layer must take place not only inside but also outside.Having a double insulation layer protects the attic frost and draft.

Only with insulation finishing the ceiling of the attic should occur.

walls and gables can be insulated from one side only, this will be quite enough.To finish, you can only move in the event that all construction and preparatory works are completed.

Remember that no matter how good the material, if you have made some mistakes in the preparation of the premises, the material can fairly quickly deteriorate (if you do not put insulation on the walls would appear condensation, which can lead to mold and mildew) and allyour work will come to nothing.

And now let's try to spend finish the attic with his own hands, using different kinds of materials.

Using drywall

Finish attic plasterboard produced rather quickly, because it does not require much effort, which is extremely important when the work is done by hand.

If you are a holder of a wooden house with sloping mansard roof, then plasterboard sheathing must first rays, then gables and then the ceiling of the room.

process performance is very simple:

  • first set metal lath (galvanized steel is used mainly);
  • length of the average carcass step is from 40 cm to 60 cm;
  • fixing plasterboard sheets produced every 20-25 cm;
  • depth of the technological gap between the plasterboard and the wall should be at least 5 cm;
  • at the end of all drywall joints using material promazyvayut serpyanku, and after carefully shpaklyuyut.

Finishing plasterboard attic involves the placement of communications for the right material.

wiring in this case is placed in a special metal sleeve that will prevent the occurrence of fire in case of accidental damage or circuit wiring.

The video below shows a detailed process of mounting plasterboard with their hands.


Sheathing blockhouse

a good idea to trim the attic blockhouse, a material with much budgetary MDF and outwardly looks just as good.

some reason believe that the block-house trim only the front part of the house, and this opinion is one hundred percent wrong.

Using block house from the inside, you can create a room with imitation wooden beams.

material has many positive characteristics, and therefore is often used in the design of projects.

Firstly, if you are using a block house for finishing the attic, then on the prevention of mold and dampness will no longer need to worry.

Secondly, with the help of a skin in the room, you can create an interesting design.

Third, if other types of material can be very convenient to use in the attic, then with a block house such problems will not arise.

And finally the attic paneling block-house not only has a positive effect on health, but also helps to create a cozy atmosphere in the room and being in it, you'll get an aesthetic pleasure and settle for comfort.

original design attic with simulated timber is quite possible to create on its own.

Sheathing attic inside paneling block-house is carried out quite easily:

  • panel block house is attached to a wooden crate;
  • thick wooden beams battens must be at least 4 cm;
  • that has good thermal insulation and sound insulation, the panel must be fixed at a short distance from the wall;
  • after mounting material must be covered with the help of primer and varnish.

Before to mount, panel-house block and pieces of a wooden beam must be treated with antiseptic.This will prolong the operational life of materials and protect them from pests and mold.

The video below is removed during installation block house with elements of imitation wooden beams.


use of false timber

Raised timber is not used as often as panel block house, but it is also quite popular as a decoration of the attic floor of a house.

Using this cladding boards, you can create a surface with imitation wooden beams and it will look very realistic.

If you look at this trim from afar, you will not notice any difference between the lining of the timber and the surface of its imitation.

Raised timber has many advantages:

  • it does not appear the crack under the influence of time;
  • material hardly susceptible to deformation;
  • light weight allows the installation on their own without the involvement of additional people;
  • fungi and mold do not occur on the surface of the skin;
  • high thermal insulation properties of the material can save a significant amount on heating the room.

This material with imitation wooden beams also environmentally friendly and is ideal for skin attics used for children's room.

The video below shows an example of the design project of an attic floor, finished trim lumber and plywood.


Finish using OSB

OSB as the material is oriented strand board (ie the plate, in the manufacture of pressed chips which was used).In

thus apply compression-resistant resins which use high pressure and elevated temperatures.

strength and flexibility in RSD is the same as that of the timber, but plate price is significantly lower, which allows you to create with their aid budget design projects.

This RSD does not have the negative qualities that are characteristic of wooden paneling: knots, cavities and curving fibers.

Plates tolerate humidity (slightly expanded), and cutting them into individual pieces is light and easy.

Do not forget that the OSB more than 90% of the wood, so it may well be used as the interior of the attic to the nursery.

Installation OSB easy to implement on their own:

  • frame is erected using wooden bars (bars thus should be perfectly smooth);
  • plate with a smooth edge with an interval set to 3 mm, so that they can expand freely, if the house will increase the level of humidity;
  • plate, on which there are special docking slots are mounted back to back to each other depending on the direction of the grooves and ridges;
  • after the installation of the remaining joints between slabs shed special glue.

After OSB surface can be coated with water-based or oil-based paint.The video below shows the options for attic floors decorated with OSB.



As you can see, finishing the attic with his own hands does not take much effort and time, and the possibility to use a variety of materials.

to create an original and eye-catching design, you can also perform door decor, moldings, cornices, performing them in a contrasting color.

beautiful staircase leading to the attic floor, will also bring a certain flavor to the interior design.

Alternatively, you can paint the surface of the plank attic in different colors, which can, as a contrast with each other, and be performed in one color.

Walls of brick or cinder block can be treated using a universal primer, after the application to hold the starting layer of plaster, and re-primed surface.

to the possibility of a structural top coat plaster.Make a relief you can, using rock dust in the solution.

Finished attic