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August 12, 2017 18:07

Cork laminate - plank environmentally friendly coating with your hands

cork laminate: a few words about the main manufacturers

cork - the material that came to us from Western Mediterranean.In fact, this oak bark, which is removed for the first time only on 25-year life of the tree.The following times can be cut by 9-11 years.From it makes slabs, laminate, granules, support and much more.The leader in the production of cork material is Portugal.It is on its territory there are about 1/3 of all plantations.

also major suppliers are such countries as France, Italy, Tunisia, Spain, Algeria.Leading company manufactures materials of cork - Amorim Group .Well-known brands can be considered Wicanders, Marmoleum, Maestro Club, Ibercork, Corkstyle, Corkart. A major consumer of articles of cork is Europe.

goes laminate flooring, cork has the same structure as a typical laminate.That is, it is multi-layered.Only difference is that used in the process eco-friendly and safe materials.The first and lowermost layer thickness of 1 mm - comminuted compressed cork.The second - a plate made of resin and wood dust.The third - base.Fourth, the front - cork veneer.Over it is applied vinyl or varnish for extra protection.

Cork under the laminate - what are its properties?

Why choose what is best, laminate or cork, if it is possible to combine the two in one.Let's look at the properties of cork.Firstly, is absolutely harmless and environmentally friendly product .It will not start herbicides and pesticides.Secondly, due to its structure it has shock-absorbing properties.That is, the tiles have a spring effect, and it positively affects the joints and spine .

Third, for this material simple and easy to care .Moreover, it has resistance to pollutants such as red wine, coffee, liquid ammonia. And if on top of varnish applied, the coating can be successfully used in commercial buildings.Fifth, it soft and warm floor with high sound insulation. Because it is used for children's rooms and bedrooms.Among the other advantages also secrete durability, water resistance, the coating does not slip and is not electrified.

Laying laminate cork

Before buying coverage and do the installation, many are interested in, it is easier to lay - the typical cork flooring or laminate?In general, any difficulties arise with the one nor the other.Only laminate tiles are connected to each other with a locking means and in no way attached to the base.Before laying the foundation necessary to prepare - Apply leveling compound or attach a chipboard.Then prepare yourself tile.

Pre cork laminate is important to lay out of the box so that he could acclimatise, "get used" to the environment.should be mixed with each other plus tile, since each batch natural pattern can differ.

Then proceed directly to the installation of a "floating" manner.By this system, planks are connected to each other using locks.In the process of laying it is important to leave a small technological gaps along the walls (8-10 mm).They need to cover not further "swell", as it is able to expand with time.