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Street Lighting

August 12, 2017 18:07

Options for lighting the garden path in the country

necessary to pay special attention to the paths in the garden when installing street lighting, asthey serve for easy movement from place to place.Next, we will tell you what should be the highlight garden paths in the country and what requirements need to be considered when selecting outdoor luminaires.

  • basic requirements
  • Options backlight
  • Functional
  • Decorative
  • selection of suitable lamps
  • Examples schemes
  • Useful tips
  • Photo ideas

Basic requirements

Backlight track circuits must meet some basic requirements, namely:

  1. at night, flashlights should highlight the border of the pedestrian zone, a person with a walk accidentally went on a lawn or flowerbed.
  2. lamps must not dazzle the eye.
  3. All lamps and lights should be protected from rain and dust.In addition, the product must be all-season (suitable for use in summer and winter).
  4. Lighting should save energy as much as possible.
  5. Design products should be combined with a garden decor, both at night and in the daytime.

Recommended view vivid video review of modern lighting:

glowing stones in the landscape design
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Options backlight


Functional lighting garden paths used exclusively from the safe movement of ideas on the territory of the country site.It is recommended to apply in this case, low light poles and lights torshernogo type.The distance between the lights shall be such that they do not overlap radii backlight.

Photo street lights on short legs

Also in this case, you can use the street lights, but they will have to act not only to illuminate the garden paths, but also for the general area lighting.

Decorative lighting Decorative garden paths is used much more often.In this case, the lamps not only illuminate the contours of the walking zone, but also make it a "highlight" of landscape design.It is best proven glowing stones in the garden figurines bulbs, LED ribbon, as well as a variety of garden lanterns.Multi-colored glowing stones

selection of suitable lamps

When you are completely finished with the selection of lamps to illuminate the garden paths, you will need to think about what bulbs to use more appropriate.In the category of "Light Sources", we have provided detailed specifications of all types of existing lamps from incandescent and LED ending, so we recommend you to read this material.Briefly, just wanted to point out that the installation of street lighting is best to stop your choice on a light-emitting diode lamps.Their advantage lies in the long service life, significant energy savings, as well as in the bright illumination of the selected zone.


schemes required before installation of lighting, create a project placement of lamps and streetlights.For example, we offer to your attention a few simple circuits lighting garden paths in the country:

Useful tips

We offer to your attention a few helpful tips for creating lighting the garden path with his own hands:

  1. Do not use fluorescent lampsat low temperatures, they will not light.
  2. modern version - solar lamps work best for a country house.Products working by solar energy and thus have a low value.The only drawback is that these lights will not be able to operate all night.After 4-5 hours of lighting will dim or go out at all.
  3. Use motion sensors and photoelectric power.These devices allow to set a specific time turn on the backlight, as well as its operation only when a person approaches the path.Such modern way of control will significantly reduce energy consumption, because lights do not work all night.
  4. Prefer LED lamps and galogenki.These light sources longest service life and bright light output.
  5. important rule - bypass the party cheap Chinese products, becausethey are not only fast will break down, but worsen your garden design uneven glow.
  6. All wires to lay underground lamps, that they are protected from mechanical damage and did not spoil the overall decor.
  7. lighting the garden path and stairs (if present) must be installed in the same style, it is better, even if one and the same theme of lanterns.

Another original idea, which can be used is provided in the video:

lighting fittings into the track in stone
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Photo ideas

And finally I would like to give to your attention some interesting photos of ideas to createlighting track with his own hands:

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