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August 12, 2017 18:07

The filling of the cement floor with his hands.casting technology self-leveling floor

cement floor filler fills Technology

to work did not seem daunting, and the process proceeded smoothly and without unpleasant nuances that you need to follow the basic steps of casting technology.This is important, because the correct execution of works on each stage will depend on the result.

Substrate preparation for pouring cement

This stage is considered the most important of it will depend on the final outcome of your work.For example, you are irresponsible attitude to the surface clean of debris, while the alignment is not strong enough.You get a result that you have worked long enough.An uneven surface will have an effect on the concrete pouring stage - filler weight drained down.

Preparing the ground for self-leveling floor

The bulk of a filler coating is selected from the base of the concrete, which is why it demands a fairly strict:

  • base to do the maximum level;
  • need to neutralize all the cracks and defects;
  • before pouring the floor should not forget the foundation waterproofing;
  • clean the floors of the various debris and dirt, remove oil stains, if any.

The simplest way to meet all these requirements - perform concrete screed on the basis of, trying to flatten it.This will hide all the bumps and everything else on the tie is more convenient to lay the material for waterproofing.

After drying screeds need to produce priming operation.For this purpose, single-component paint more often.It is applied in two layers, and each of them thoroughly dried.When properly applied priming mass on the surface it will be like a big nazhdachku.The purpose of the primer - to create a perfect adhesion to the main fill material.

The primer base for cement self-leveling floor

If after applying the primer start to foam and dark, you need to wait complete drying her a little bit more, up to 24 hours.After drying putty base conducted work that promote maximum alignment surface.

Installation Beacons

After all the preparatory work necessary to undertake consolidation beacons - guides, which will contribute to uniform application of cement composition.Without this you can do, if the floor fill is made in a small square room, but in large rooms can not be neglected beacons.Otherwise, you can not apply the cement mixture evenly.

By installing beacons you get the main area, divided into segments, whereby you can gradually pour concrete solution.Fixed beacons using the same concrete mixture that will be used for the fill.

How to prepare a solution for cement self-leveling floor?

When under beacons froze completely dissolved, it is time to prepare the mixture for casting work.Picking up the pack with a dry mixture, it is necessary to study carefully the attached instructions.In the prepared container pour the required amount of water and fall asleep to the contents of the package.

In order to obtain a homogeneous mass without lumps, you can stir the solution with a drill with an attachment.The solution was allowed to stand for some time, and after making another approach remix.It is not recommended to use a drill at maximum speed, only a small rate will ensure you receive the most high-quality mixture.

process of pouring cement self-leveling floor cement floor

filling technology consists in the fact that for a good result it should be poured in two layers, of which the first layer is called the underlying, and the second - a facial or finishing.

Alignment of self-leveling floor

Fill underlayment helps to equalize the final base, removes all minor irregularities.The result is a perfect finish to the last coat.The thickness of the first layer should not exceed 2 millimeters.

Apply final layer, aligning his squeegee.Thereafter, by filling the area needed to hold the needle roller capable failed all bubbles which affect the quality of the final result.By means of the same roller may be distributed over the surface color.Once the self-leveling floor has dried up, should be sealed with sealant expansion joints.

Needle roller

Decorative self-leveling floor

for decorating cement self-leveling floor can be used polymer "chips" or use another filler that helps to give the floor unusual.Blotches of different colors, leaves, shells, parts of the tree - all these can be used in the implementation of creative ideas.Reception decoration will also contribute to the visual concealment of defects on the surface if suddenly during pouring something went wrong.Decorations placed on the floor, covered with a thin layer of polyurethane varnish.