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August 12, 2017 18:07

Toning flooring and polished - caring for flooring correctly

What do toning parquet?

For several years, tinting parquet - this is a great opportunity to slightly change its color.The change is carried out by toning with special oils, a variety of special varnishes and stains.Oil gives the hardwood floor an attractive appearance and noble shade.

It protects the wood from which the flooring is made from the negative impact of many external factors than prolong its operation.One of the advantages of oils is their environmental friendliness and safety for the environment.

worth considering: oil well tend to be absorbed into the wood, then remove them from the top layer is problematic.This method of tinting does not allow in the future to carry out spraying the coating!

colored parquet lacquer is convenient because if you want the wood can be perelakirovat, changing his tone.Color saturation is easy to control - the more layers of toner composition is applied to the floor, so it will be more intense shade.This coating also protects the wood from moisture and sunlight.When abrasion lacquered surface it can easily be restored.

Save the texture of wood, to make her accent and give saturation will stain.Its distinctive feature of the nail is the ability to penetrate quite deeply into the pores of parquet flooring and emphasize the naturalness of his image.However, a disadvantage in this matter and there, do not forget about it.

fact that the stain is absorbed into the wood evenly.Dense wood absorbs some of its lesser amount than porous. Ignoring this nuance may lead to the fact that your floor will be lighter than you expect.

Polishing parquet - simple and effective

excellent way to update and protect your parquet flooring is not only its toning, but also a thorough polishing.It significantly reduces the degree of wear of the coating and to remove small defects on its surface.polishing technology is quite simple: it is a mechanical action to the floor using a special apparatus or abrasive material.In addition, the use of special formulations intended for the care of parquet - polishing.

Gradually it looks as follows:

  • Flooring subjected to wet cleaning with a special detergent.
  • Remains of cleaning agent are removed with the help of an ordinary clean water.
  • Parquet dries completely.
  • on its surface with a soft cloth or mop to apply a layer of polish.
  • treated floor must dry for 12 hours.

If you want to get more shine after drying parquet flooring processing is carried out again, but in a perpendicular direction!

Quite important is the question of how often should be polished parquet?Experts do not answer this question unambiguously.The fact that the frequency of this type of work depends heavily on his premises and destination load.

to reflect on this fact can result in the following example: in a residential area is processed by coating 1-2 times per year, and at a restaurant or store 1-2 times a month.Polishing can be carried out regularly and unplanned, if there are signs of damage to the flooring.

polish parquet - make choices

For events on giving the floor aesthetic appearance and to protect the surface from damage should be applied wax, which is a special means of care parquet.To date, the sale is a quite a lot of compositions of this type, but most of them are water-based.

Such polishes are safe for human health and quickly dry up.Easy application and fast drying composition can significantly save time in the care of parquet.Today in specialized stores can be easily found matte, semi-gloss, high-gloss polish.The most widely purchased is semi-gloss variant.It contains in its composition of wax and polymers, forming on the floor surface protective film and brilliant.

Choosing polish the parquet, it is necessary to take into account its quality - covered at the factory with UV varnish, it does not allow most of them to lie on the surface quality. That's why before applying the protective agent is recommended to apply it on an inconspicuous and small area of ​​cover to check the adhesion properties.

bit of effort that you put in to care for parquet, little time and cash costs will allow to have in your home is always beautiful, eye-catching and reliable flooring.