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August 12, 2017 18:07

Autonomous sewerage their own hands - to seek assistance from bacteria and reagents

Autonomous sewerage own hands, types

sewage disposal systems The most primitive system is the more civilized relative of sump - septic tank.Form the other, the principle and the content of the same.In general, it is a huge plastic canister (there is something in common between it and the septic tank), under which poking through at least a huge pit;in her capacity safely and buried.On the surface leaving only the hatches through which evacuation is performed later disposal.Is it securely, especially if this is made an autonomous sewer with your hands?Compare with others and find the best option.

addition to storage systems, there are self-cleaning local sewage.However, their choice depends entirely on how active these systems will be used.For example, you are resident in the country, among a fairly large family, and guests have come often.In this case, the most economical and therefore an ideal option - "bacterial" local sewerage.It is fear?In vain, because it is only closed system, stuffed with bacteria that recycle all waste, due to which and there

.Such bacteria are of two types: aerobic and anaerobic.The first well do without oxygen, the latter should receive it in sufficient quantity for the activity.

However, if your sewage system not functioning constantly, which means that your rare appearance on a suburban area, the bacteria can be killed without makeup.In this case it is best to turn to the domestic chemical industry, acquiring a sewage system, functioning on certain reagents.As long as you do not have sewerage system is in off mode, but as soon as it begins to flow wastes, agents receive a carte blanche, and are beginning to break down organic matter.

device battery drainage, principles of action and disadvantages

¬ęBacterial" Residential sewage is more complicated to determine the septic tank.It works as follows: the waste merge into the settler where suspended solids are deposited, then get to the next tank through a special filter, filled with bacteria.There either maintained anoxic environment or, conversely, the air suspension is carried out continuously, depending on the bacterial culture.Already passing through the filter, all the wastes are decomposed into components, and fall into the next chamber for secondary separation of suspended particles and sediment.More may follow another camera with a filter packed with bacteria, followed by the release of waste water into the filter field or the same well, or drains directly fall "on purpose", without secondary treatment.In general, autonomous sewage simple device - a number of tanks through which waste water are run by a pump or by gravity.

autonomous local drainage, based on the reactants, a little bit easier.As soon as the drain, the flow of force sets in motion reagent dispenser will automatically fall into the drain.Mixing the waste reagents immediately begin to destroy them, eventually filled with sewage reagents, once the reservoir is already purified to a certain extent.Then get into the effluents settling chamber, where they are separated from the heavier particles.The final stage is the cleaning disinfectant solution.

disadvantage of reagent sewage is its low environmental friendliness, because the waste water are saturated exhaust reagents at the time of their entry into the field of filtration or filter well.However, this shortcoming is justified infrequent operation of such a system.As for the sewer systems, which operate thanks to the bacteria, their disadvantage lies in the need for continued revenue growth medium for the tiny workers.feeding problem is particularly acute in the sewer systems with dual cultures, otherwise known as AC reactors action.For such filter systems are selected two types of bacteria capable of living in environments rich in oxygen and in the absence thereof, one active form in the first case and the other - the second.In other words, when there is oxygen, some bacteria are working when the compressor is not working - other .The disadvantage of this system is that the bacteria are anaerobic, still feel at the time of feeding oxygen is bad enough, the same can be said about the absence of oxygen in aerobic.As a result, with every change of medium active bacteria are working at half strength, no time to recover from the adverse conditions.

Installation Autonomous sewage in a suburban area

is primarily determined by the location of a septic tank or any other system.It should be taken into account in this basic requirement of health services: sewerage tanks should be located at least 50 meters from the water intake, and it is only in the case of a shallow well drilled to a nearby aquifer.Artesian well at the site implies a much greater distance to the sewer.When a place is defined, we are preparing the pit, which must in all respects exceed the size of the septic tank 20 centimeters.At the same time, the depth to which will be the installation of battery drain, it depends on the point of the sewer pipe exit, which, incidentally, should be held at an angle, in order to eliminate its clogging.

In preparing the excavation is necessary to provide the depth of soil freezing, respectively, increasing the height of the pit walls and ditches for the pipes or insulate the septic tank and drains.

Then begins directly mounting an autonomous sewer for which at the bottom of the pit has to be harvested from the sand cushion (ideally) or from a mixture of sand and cement.The ditch dug between the pits and the home, in addition to the pipe to be laid and compressor hose, if the septic tank is volatile against bacteria livelihood.With regular rising groundwater levels is recommended to fix the tanks installed on the chains in the pit fixture.Also sleep for more reliable fixation of the sewer system on the sides with a mixture of sand and cement (not for nothing that was left by 20 centimeters on each side).Above all, if necessary hiding insulation system, but when the drainage is operated continuously with a constant heat release, this precaution unnecessary.

Do not forget to significantly extend the main burial of the neck to the surface and cover with water tanks, before finally falling asleep septic tank.