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August 12, 2017 18:08

Notification of Debt

Methods of dealing with defaulters of public services.

owners of housing - communal organizations in the fight against debtors use various methods, including:

  • first send a written notice to the debtor of the debt for services rendered by public utilities.If the reaction is not followed, go to the following method.Sample debt notices can be found on the Internet.
  • on the bulletin board located list of malicious defaulters.This measure is intended, first of all, shame defaulter, acting on a psychological level.This is not a very effective method.
  • for each day of delay payment penalty is charged (Article 155 "of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation" of the 14 and 14.1).More laws, the penalty amount can not be charged, so this method is not suitable.
  • the most effective way to deal with debtors is a limitation or suspension of delivery of public services.Notification of Debt

restriction or suspension of the supply of utilities.

After sending notice of the debt and repay it in time, utilities have the right to carry out such a procedure as a limitation or suspension of water supply, heat, light and gas.Under current law, you can disable these services, which do not entail damage to the whole of the common property and do not cause damage to other tenants.Let's order:

Notification of Debt

  • turn off the light of the management company the easiest, because the presence of a tenant house for this procedure is not necessary.After sending the notice of arrears, three days before the trip, by hand, bring another notice.But even the absence of the signature of the debtor does not protect against the fine for repeated connection and 100% of the debt payment.It is sad from a personal experience.
  • cut off the supply of heat, with the exception of citizens who have taken advantage of Article 564 of the Civil Code, and terminated the contract for the centralized supply of energy by setting avtonomku.In the absence of the cold outside, the result of this action, and will not bring, but with the onset of winter cap on the battery would be very inappropriate.
  • off the water, and particularly the possibility of an exception to sanitation is also a very effective way of dealing with defaulters of public services.Not everyone can afford a visit paid sanitary rooms and a constant water purchase.
  • organization of gas supply can also resort to disconnection of debtors, especially effectively in homes with gas pumps.Notification of Debt

How to find out the debts for communal services.

To not afraid to open the mailbox with the notification of debt, you need to check the status of their accounts on municipal resources.Explore term debt and its amount can be in a number of ways:

  • visit housing maintenance management (housing department), whose members give everything you are interested, information about the possible debt.
  • check payable utilities can call on the phone in his control.
  • Internet can also help identify debts for utilities, it suffices to know your code of the payer.

If it so happens that there was a debt on "communal", then it is necessary to try as soon as possible to pay off, and ways to do this there are so many.Notification of Debt