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August 12, 2017 18:08

How and what to close up Stroebe wall


  • 1 Closing cutting grooves for wiring
  • 2 Closing cutting grooves for pipe
    • 2.1 Tips professionals

During construction or renovation, as a rule, there is a need in the padnew pipes and wiring.To do this, the walls and floor are made Stroebe - special channels, which are stacked and heating pipes, sewer and water pipes and electrical wires.In intact Stroebe not look aesthetically pleasing, and the risk of damage increases significantly, so it is necessary to plug Stroebe.The repaired Stroebe wall, and how to choose the mix for putty Stroebe correctly.

Closing cutting grooves for wiring

first step is to define the tools that will be needed for the work.So, how to close up by Stroebe wiring needed:

  1. spatulas (usually taken 15 and 120 cm);
  2. Primer;
  3. Brush;
  4. Building plaster;
  5. plaster solution (eg, Rotband).

Before immediate incorporation Stroebe, you need to treat them with primer.Why do it?The primer is used to avoid further cracks in the plaster and its shedding, because cutting grooves are always a lot of dust, which prevents the plaster to stick to the walls of the devices.

primer should be applied generously large but narrow brush, but to get into hard to reach places, should drench them with primer, making a brush stroke.But it should be done carefully so as not to slap around.

Next you need to fasten the wiring in the usual plaster.The work is done quickly, becauseworking with plaster can be only a few minutes, and it is not necessary to mix in a single large proportions.Attach the wiring must be an interval of 1 meter, so it will stay firmly enough.

now learn how to close up Stroebe.To do this takes a plaster solution and applied with a trowel in Stroebe.Vazhnono follow certain rules.

Firstly, the solution itself should be more dense than conventional plaster.Secondly, the solution should be applied crosswise to walls Grooves, not only vertically.So it is better to stick to the surface and does not create unnecessary mounds.Thirdly, the need to remove excess solution, holding the trowel at a right angle to the outside, where the pen, rather than flat.Thus, the plaster solution engages with the walls Stroebe much better, and it will look neater, asthe solution is not reaching for the spatula.To remove excess solution should be 1-2 times, that is enough.For more information about by clicking on the link you can find a solution.

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We must remember that when working with plaster or alabaster solution is suitable only for 5 minutes.Rotband solution allows to work for 20 minutes.Do not use ready-made solution when it started to set, he had already lost their properties.

Closing cutting grooves for pipe

Putty cutting grooves in the wall of a pipe is done similarly, but instead of plaster can be used polyurethane foam, while they themselves pipes are insulated with a shell made of polyurethane foam or foam for fixing pipes.Thermal insulation of pipes to avoid germs seedlings, and firmly fix the foam tube in Stroebe.In general, the process is as follows: Stroebe cleaned from dust and primed, insulated pipes are installed, then they are fixed foam, and already then smeared plaster solution.

Tips professionals

Summarizing, we should mention a few important items that are sure to observe:

  • Primer. Mandatory when terminating cutting grooves like a pipe and a wiring ;
  • Mandatory fixing pipes and wiring;
  • plastering "herringbone" to the sample in the wall. This will provide a better grip of the solution to the surface Stroebe ;
  • Removing excess solution with a spatula at a right angle.

plaster solution dries, usually within 24 hours.After this time you are ready to finish a painting a wall or ceiling.