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August 12, 2017 18:07

The narrow kitchen - design and interior


Planning In long and narrow room, better to give preference to the parallel arrangement of the furniture, when it is placed on both sides.Stove and sink should be at different walls.Location of the refrigerator has no basic value.

narrow -kitchen- design - and - interior - 1

In that case, if the kitchen is very narrow and has a small area, you can place the stove and sink side by side on one side so that they are in sight all the time.

narrow -kitchen- design - and - interior - 2

third option - U-shaped arrangement.All kitchen furniture is located on three sides.Also, this solution will save space as much as possible.Ideal for compact spaces.

The narrow kitchen - design and interior

Each option has its own advantages, so the choice of plan - a responsible and important step in the repair and design of the narrow kitchen.

Design narrow kitchen

for small spaces operates one simple rule - choose light colors.Optionally, it should be blindingly white.This can be beige, cream or pale gray in color.The main thing - monotone.These colors can make the wall and find the right furniture.However, there is one trick - the lighter shade only the top part can be left, that is, the floor and the furniture may have other colors (for example, door cabinets with dark wood colors and very light body).The narrow kitchen, the design of which will require a bit of effort you will look just fine after all the work done.So, if the upper part, we figured out that dwell on the floor coloring.There are several options:

  • bright floor.On the plus side, you can select the visual space.It is used usually when the room has only one window, then the room becomes brighter.If two windows - the floor will merge with the walls and furniture that eventually starts to irritate.In addition, excessive brightness can only hurt and lack of light can be solved by additional lighting in the form of a chandelier or lamp.
  • dark floor.Very graceful move, as it creates a contrast.But it requires good lighting and a large area.Black color narrows the space.
  • White floor with dark stripe.The transverse strip visually expand the room and will look very impressive.

The narrow kitchen - design and interior

The most important thing to remember - is the creation of lightness of the upper half of the space.To do this, and use lighter shades.The lower portion may be darker.

Location Furniture

narrow kitchen design and its interior does not end on the right choice of color.An important role is played by the arrangement of furniture.Consider a few simple tips.

  1. On the one hand can be placed only tables, and the remaining units on the other.
  2. The narrow kitchen - design and interior

  3. enough space to accommodate the upper modules?Then with one hand leaving only the hood, while the other two will be enough shelves.
  4. narrow -kitchen- design - and - interior - 6

  5. If space allows - will not be superfluous to put a small table or desk.

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It is important that you need to know about planning and interior design of the narrow room.Of course, there are a number of nuances, but they can be interesting and understandable only to professionals.We also have enough osnovopolozhnyh points and tips.Besides, not everyone has the opportunity to do something out of the narrow kitchen is very expensive.